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Government Fee for Individuals and startups Rs 4700.00*

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*Including stamp duty. For companies government fees is Rs 4700.00
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“Trademark” is a sign used by businessmen or traders to differentiate their services and goods from others. A sign may include anything from a label, slogan, title, color, word or a heading etc. It indicates the origin of trade and is an effective tool of marketing for highlighting the services and goods of a trader. In India, for registration of a sign, it should also be capable of being expressed through graphic representation that includes pictures, words or both. Other significant factors for registration of a trademark in our country are as follows :

Trademark registration are legally recognized and derive their legitimacy from the Trade Marks Act 1999.

The Act allows for registration of trademarks that are used or that will be used by an owner to indicate his identity and draw a connection between him and his goods through these marks and confers the right to exclusive use of such marks.

A Trade mark is registered generally for a time period of Ten years but is renewable according to the rules of Trademarks Act, 1999 after payment of a required sum of money that is prescribed.

It is necessary to renew a trademark by filing an application for the same within six months from date of expiry of the last registration of the mark.

Register your trademark in India with Help of Company Vakil’s Expert Trademark Attorneys



The Act provides an exclusive right to the owner to protect his goods and services against the fraudulent use by other persons. Trademark creates a monopoly over these products and is a right against the world. These laws deter and prevent others to use similar or identical marks in relation to the goods and services. It gives the owner to mark his goods or services before anyone else can.

The trademark law aims at two main objectives:

  1. The trademark protects the customers from any kind of confusion and deception by identifying the origin of particular products as distinguished from other similar kind of products, and
  2. The goodwill of the owner of the products is retained with the trademark thereby protecting his business.


Reasons for Online TM Registrations in India are as follows:


  • Valuable Asset:
  1. Trademark helps to distinguish a company’s goods or services from its competitors.
  2. Registration of trademark and giving a brand value to the same helps a company to stand apart from its competitors and helps gain attention of its customers.


  • Protects against unfair competition:
  1. In today’s world, there are lot of fraudulent activities where companies tend to copy and duplicate its competitors’ goods or services to earn profits.
  2. Registration helps a company to protect itself from such unfair use of goods or services by its competitors.


  • Protects investment in advertisement and social media platforms:
  1. Advertisement is one form which helps the public to be informed about a particular product.
  2. It is important that the goods or services are registered when companies resort to advertising their goods or services. This way no competitors can claim the goods or services advertised to be their own.


  • Trademark registration has a lifespan of 10 years and can be renewed:
  1. Trademark registration is not only easy but it is cheap also.
  2. The registration of such trademark is valid for 10 years and it can be renewed again on its expiry of 10 years. After the trademark is registered, there is no kind of fee to be paid during these 10 years.


  • Trademark is an important communication tool:
  1. Trademark enables the customers to differentiate between goods and services on basis of the quality and their desire to select a particular product.
  2. It gives a reputation to the goods or services that a company offers to the customers. Customers can relate to the goods or services with the help of trademarks.


  • Unregistered trademark may spoil a company’s brand reputation:
  1. When a trademark is not registered, there might be a possibility that the competitors can use a similar mark or identity of a particular company.
  2. If a company registers his trademark, it will stop its competitors to use a similar mark for his goods or services. The company will create a legal protection for his goods or services through registration. This protection will hold good against all other competitors.


  • Unique identity:
  1. Trademark gives a unique identity to a company’s goods or services. It helps them distinguish its goods and services from the goods and services of its competitors. This unique identity helps the company to give a brand name to its products and stand out in the market.
  2. Trademark helps the customers differentiate between similar goods and services in the market due to the unique feature provided by the trademark.


  • Provides for legal protection:
  1. The registration of trademarks creates a legal protection for the goods and services of a company. When competitors infringe another company’s products, then such a company has the right to sue or take action against such infringement.
  2. This right to sue and take action against its competitors is only possible when a trademark is registered.


  • Trademark makes hiring easier:
  1. A company is recognized through the goods or services that he offers to the people. When a company has a goodwill, employees are motivated to work with such a company.
  2. It creates employment opportunities and the company has an access to wide applications for employment.


  • Registration brings Ownership:
  1. Registering a trademark helps a company ‘own’ his trademark. He can enjoy all the rights of ownership that comes along with registration of a trademark.
  2. A company cannot ‘own’ a trademark if he doesn’t register it.


  • Sale of registered trademark:
  1. A registered trademark becomes an asset for the company. A company can sell his trademark to another only when it is registered. This cannot happen when a trademark is unregistered.


  • Trademark can bring out high sales and profits:
  1. Trademark helps a company to make his goods or services known to the public. This helps people to differentiate between other products. This way a company’s sales increases and he gets more profits.


  • Registration gives nationwide priority:
  1. When a trademark is registered, a company can have access to those geographical limits where he has not conducted his business. It gives a right to obtain registration if foreign countries as well. This would not be possible if the trademark was not registered.
  2. This registration of trademark can help a company not to allow others to use his trademark in other geographical limits.


  • Registration prevents cybersquatting:
  1. Cybersquatting is a measure where people register well-known brand names as internet addresses or domain names with an aim to resell them at a higher profit.
  2. Registration of trademark prevents the rightful owner from such fraudulent activities and gives the domain name to the rightful owner.


  • Undisputable Trademark:
  1. Once a Registered Trademark is used for a long period of time, it cannot be cancelled and it becomes valid. The trademark is secure and does not attract any litigation expenses.
  2. If a trademark is unregistered, there are chances that his trademark may be cancelled and it may have to face litigation expenses.


  • Registration of Trademark can be hypothetical:
  1. Immovable properties are used as security to obtain loan facilities. Similarly, only registered trademarks can be used as security to claim loan facilities.



  1. It is recommended to engage in a trademark research concerning relevant classes before applying for its registration to avoid the possibility of another similar or identical trademark that might have been registered for which an application has been submitted.
  2. The person claiming Ownership has to file an application for Online Trademark Registration or file it physically at the Trademark Registry’s office that is closest to the place of business operation.
  3. The registrar examines the application and ascertains the distinctiveness of it by ensuring it is not in conflict with the pending or already registered trademarks and issues an examination report.
  4. The trademark Journal publishes the application before or after its acceptance.
  5. A third party may oppose the registration within a period of three months which might be extended maximum to one month.
  6. The registrar has to register trademark in a case where the opposition decides in applicant’s favor.
  7. The registrar has to issue a Trademark Registration Certificate to the applicant on registering the Trademark.



Applicant has to furnish his Full name and address in the application and mention other details such as specifying whether an Individual i.e. a Proprietorship / Small Business / Startup or a Partnership / LLP / OPC / Pvt Limited and then giving a description of goods & services, with their respective Trademark Class Nationally and Internationally is given. Other specifications to be included is what type of Trademark Application is being done i.e. is it for a Wordmark, Device (i.e. a Logo), 3D mark, a Figure, A character, a Sound or a Color identified by the Goods and Services.



  • For filing new applications there are prescribed forms depending on the nature of application such as Form TMA, TM-P, TM-M, TM-R etc. Fees: is Rs.2,500/- onwards
  • For filing form TM-0 for a notice opposing the published application in Trade Marks Journal. Fees: Rs. 2,500/- onwards
  • For filing form TM-R to renew a trade mark which is recognized. Fees: Rs.9, 000/- For filing form for surcharging a belated renewal. Fees. Rs 5,000/-
  • For filing form for restoration of a removed mark Trademark Government Fees: 5,000/-
  • For filing form TM-M to apply for a registered trade mark’s rectification Fees: Rs. 3,000/-
  • For giving details of entries in Register Fees: Rs. 900/-
  • Preliminary advise of the Registrar as to the Trademark registration of a mark .Fees: Rs.900/-.
  • For filing of Form for requesting copyright search and issuance of certificate. Fees:, 5,000/--



A registered trademark is useful for businesses and also benefits the consumers in a number of ways such as:

  • Right to Exclusive use
    It enables the proprietor to exclusively use the mark for his goods and services. In case his trademark is used in an unauthorized manner, he retains the right to sue in case of infringement of his right and powerful remedies are granted to him by law.
  • Right to Hypothecation of a Registered TM
    One can pledge a registered trademark as security to avail loan facilities.
    Right to enjoyment of Intangible Property
    it symbolizes and creates an intangible property that is identifiable in the eyes of law. It indicates the goodwill or reputation of a product.
  • Right to License a Registered Trademark
    A license of trademark is capable of being recorded on trademark register. This enables the licensee to imitate legal proceedings in case his rights are infringed upon.
  • Right to Assign a Registered Mark
    One can transfer it, unlike a common law trademark, which is transferable only with the business because it derives its goodwill from the business and the two are not severable.
  • Right to deter the Mark
    It acts as a deterrent to other businessman to not use similar trademarks in connection to services and goods offer by its original owner.
  • Useful in proceedings
    Registered trade mark may be used an evidence for validation of proprietorship rights attained by registration.
  • Right to use the word Registered or “R”
    It also helps the consumers to make a rational decision while buying goods by searching for good brand names of their choice and avoiding the ones that gave them a bad experience.


All the Documents are required only in scanned form, you can attach the document in an online form or email it to us on Feel free to get in touch for any query.

  • Name and Copy of your Brand’s Logo / Mark ( if you are getting a trademark on logo )
  • Power of Attorney / Authorization Form : TM-48 ( We will provide it to you )
  • Information Sheet to be filled with basic Information required for e filing of Trade Mark Application (We will provide the information sheet)
  • An Affidavit, in case the name or mark to be trademarked is already being commercially used by you or your business.
  • In case of International Trade marks – A certified copy by applicant stating its use etc.
  • If an application for Trade Mark has already been made in other countries, a list of these countries with the date is required.
Online Trademark Application information sheet

Trademark Application Information sheet

You will receive an information sheet after the payment is Successful

Trade Mark Registration Certificate

Power of Attorney - for Trademark eFiling

You will receive a copy from us.

Board Resolution for company trademark

Board Resolution for Trademark Registration Online

Only required in case of company, we will prepare it for you.

WHAT Do YOU GET after online trademark application in india?

TM Acknowledgement for Trade Mark filing in India

Trademark Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement issued by the Trademark Registry of India

Trademark Receipt after eFiling of Trademark

Trademark Receipt

A Receipt issued by the Indian Trademark Registry

TMA Form by Trade mark Registry

TMA Form

TMA Form issued by the Trademark Registry

TIME TAKEN in trademark registration process

2 to 4 working hours


3 working days


12 to 24 month

TRADEMARK REGISTRATION – Indian Government Process ®


We are India`s one stop tech legal registration platform aimed on making legal registrations efficient and affordable to end user, i.e. individuals, entrepreneurs or business owners.

Company Vakil with the help of technology and experts such as lawyers, Chartered accountants, company secretary makes registration error-free and seamless.

We provide variety of services such as Company registration, trademark registration, trademark renewal, SSI Registration, GST registration, IEC Code Registration etc. Get your TM Registered in India with help of Company Vakil experts today.



Legal Experts at your Fingertips – At Company Vakil all your TM Registration queries are handled by experts at every stage, we have a team of lawyers, chartered accounts and company secretary to help you till your Mark gets Registered in India.

Money Back Guarantee – Company Vakil believes strongly in Customer satisfaction, and all our associates and professionals make sure you are provided with all the information required at every stage. Yet if you are not satisfied with our Trademark Filing Consultancy we shall refund you the money.

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What can be applied for a Trademark Registration?

You can Apply for Trademark Registration of a Word, Device (Logo), Symbol, Design, Shape, Label, Combinations of Colors that can be represented on a Paper Graphically and Specific Tunes or Sounds. Everything stated above should be unique and distinctive to the Trademarks of others.


What cannot be Trademarked?

When a Trademark is Deceptively similar or identical to an existing Registered or Applied Trademark, that Trademark can’t be Registered.


What are Trademark Classes?

There are total of 45 Trademark Classes defined by the Trademark Registry, they are a division of various types and forms of Business Sectors having various goods and services and a Trademark is to be applied and register in your work Specific class only.


What does TM symbol on an Applied Trademark Stands for?

The moment a Trademark is applied, the applicant is gets a Provisional Trademark i.e. TM next to their Trademark word, Device etc. its considered as a warning to the potential infringers that the Trademark is under the Process of Registration.


What does ® Symbol on a Trademark Stands for?

® Symbol on a Trademark is used when the Trademark Application has been approved and got registered with the Trademark Registry. It is a Registered Trademark in India.


What is a Trademark Name Availability Check?

Trademark Name Check is a pre requisite before filling a name in trademark application, it is important to check if the name you wish to trademark is not already registered in the database of trademark registry. We at company Vakil provide a free search tool for it.


How Accurate is your Trademark Information?

Our Trade-Mark Data gets updated every week for an accurate trademark registration in India, Our database is in sync with the database of trademark registry of India.


There is already a Similar Trademark applied in my relevant TM Class?

Not an issue we can create a Unique Combination of words and Logo for the same and apply it in your relevant class we call it a Composite Mark Strategy, for any queries you can contact us.


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