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The  Trademark is a sign or logo which identifies a particular product. It basically distinguishes the one product from another. When an outsider looks at a business, they first look at the trademark where the identity of the product or services lies. In India trademark are registered under TradeMarks Act, 1999. It aims to provide registration and better protection for the services and also prevents fraudulent marks. TradeMark registration is a type of Intellectual Property protection, in which a word or symbol used by a business is distinguished from other symbols or words and registered which make them unique.

Online Trademark renewal hyderabad must be filed before its expiration. The registration is valid for 10 years. After which it can be renewed from time to time. In case the proprietor fails in renewing the application, then he shall lose all the protection that comes with registration. A request for renewal is filed before 6 months from the actual date of expiration.

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The online trademark renewal hyderabad is required because:

  1. If it is not renewed then the brand name will be removed from the TradeMark register.
  2. Non-renewal will only let you initiate the proceeding for passing off the suit and not the infringement proceeding against the infringer will be allowed.
  3. If non renewed it will decrease the value of the Intellectual Property assets.
  4. It hampers the right of all the people to whom the Trademark owner have assigned or licensed it.



The Trademark registration is a kind of  Intellectual Property Protection, under which a word or symbol being used by one business to distinguish it from other goods or services provided by that business. If the same product is originating from a different business then Trademark protects that also. This is the benefit which will continue if the Trademark is renewed from time to time.



The Trademark renewal procedure in hyderabad is:

The Trademark renewal application hyderabad should be filed within six months before the expiry of the term. Before the Expiration of the term, the Registrar will send a reminder notice to the Registered owner of Trademark for its renewal. If the registration is obtained as per the conditions then Registrar can renew the trademark from the register but if one misses the deadline for renewal request then it can be filed within 6 months after expiry of registration. The Trademark renewal in Hyderabad can be done in 2 ways:

  1. One can fill Trademark renewal application hyderabad to change ay sign or word in the existing Trademark.
  2. Other is renewal without a change.

The trademark renewal application hyderbad form for renewal is TM-12. It can be made by the registered owner of Trademark or agent authorized by him. You can take help from the professional also for online Trademark renewal  and seek help understanding Trademark renewal procedure hyderabad. Filing of trademark renewal in hyderabad extends protection for another 10 years. It must be renewed again before expiry. It is important to check the status of the application continually and take the required action until the registration of Trademark.

The Trademark Journal is an official gazette for the publication of the Trademark. If the Examiner accepts the application, then it is advertised in the Trademark Journal. While advertising the 3rd party can oppose the Trademark but this process is not available in case of renewal. Once the Trademark is renewed, the owner of the Trademark will get the certification of renewal, thus marking his continued ownership on the particular Trademark.

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Requirements for online Trademark renewal hyderabad is:

Every registered Trademark has a validity of 10 years, and if you want to use it after 10 years then you have to get it renewed otherwise the particular Trademark will get removed from the Trademark Journal. Online Trademark Renewal hyderabad  is needed so as not to lose the brand protection. The best prerequisite for the renewal is that the Trademark must be registered then only it will be renewed, otherwise not.


The documents required for the Trademark renewal procedure hyderabad are:

  1. A copy of the registration certificate of the business.
  2. A Power of Attorney provided by the applicant.
  3. An ID and Address Proof of the applicant of the business.
  4. A Copy of Trademark form TM-1.



There are many benefits of online  Trademark renewal hyderabad such as :

Its important that a professional file for the renewal of the Trademark application just to ensure that the mark is properly protected. A professional will definitely file a professional application by going into the aspects of Trademarks Act,1999. The advantages for renewal of Trademark are:

  1. Filing for Trademark renewal in hyderabad will extend the protection by another 10 years. It must be renewed before expiry.
  2. Trademarks Act,1999 provides legal protection to each owner. In case of infringement, only that owner can file a case whose Trademark is registered. Registered owner can get the online Trademark renewal hyderabad.
  3. If the Trademark is non renewed then it will decrease the value of the Intellectual property assets.
  4. With the renewal, the brand name will be continued otherwise it will be removed from the Trademark Journal and also it will hamper the right of people to whom it was assigned.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

2 working days

Drafting of deed / Trademark Application

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4 working days

Trademark Renewal/ Assignment filling

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Do Trademark have expiry dates?

Ans: Trademark has validity of 10 years and need to be renewed before the expiry period.


How can a online Trademark renewal hyderabad be done?

Ans: Trademark can be renewed by filing application of renewal within six months of expiry of deadline.


What are the grounds for removing Trademark from the record of Trademark Journal?

Ans: Trademark can be removed on application to the Registrar in a specific form on the ground that the mark was wrongly existing on the register. The Registrar also send Notice for removal of a registered trademark on suo moto basis.


When can an infringement for Trademark be filed in India?

Ans: Infringement for trademark takes place when violation of the exclusive rights granted to the owner of the trademark, takes place.


What is the value of Registered Trademark as compared to Unregistered Trademark?

Ans: A registered trademark Renewal in India provides  a bundle of exclusive rights to the registered owner, including the right to exclusive use of the mark in relation to the products or services.


How long does a Trademark registration last?

Ans: A trademark registration lasts for 10 years.


What are the documents required for the renewal of Trademark?


  • Form TM-12 is to be filed with aplication for renewal.
  • Copy of Logo (Optional)
  • Signed Form-48.
  • Udyog Aadhar Registration Certificate.
  • Incorporation Certificate or Partnership Deed.
  • Identity Proof of Signatory.

What happens when a Trademark is not renewed on time?

Ans: The owner of the trademark has to apply for renewal with the prescribed fees within six months from the expiry, otherwise the trademark would not last.


Define the difference between registration and renewal of Trademark?

Ans: Registration of trademark means registering the trademark for the first time with the registrar, whereas renewal of trademark means renewing the trademark at it's expiry.


What is the cost of renewal of Trademark in India?

Ans: The cost if renewal of trademark in India is Rs 9000