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Everything You Need to Know About- GST Registration In Pune

Now here we will know about GST Online Pune.

The GST Act  brought about types of Goods and Services Tax in Pune (IGST, CGST) and GST registration in Pune which replaced the archaic system of various taxes on various stages of production with just one general tax to be levied in Pune.

All people engaged in any sort of economic activities are supposed to be registered under the GST Act as “ Taxable Persons “. Such person is required to register for GST in the state he is conducting business in.

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Why should I Register for GST online Pune?


Apart from it being mandatory for all taxable persons there are numerous advantages linked to being Goods and Service Tax Registration in Pune:

  • You are recognised by law as a legal entity supplying goods and services.
  • The system of GST Accounting leads to a proper record of Input Taxes etc, which help the business in eventually calculating the final GST due.
  • It becomes legally recognised for businesses to share their tax burdens with their consumers.

Some interesting facts about the city Pune

it is known to be the cultural capital of Maharashtra It is the second largest  located in the center within the state of Maharashtra . It is a metropolitan city  and hub of academics and is having various central government running institutes including National Defence Academy , The Armed Forces Medical College and The film And Television Institute Of India . Agriculture is a significant component that contributes towards the economy of Pune. It has many historical temples and tourist visiting places. It is also famous for the Osho International  Meditation Resort. Although Marathi is the state language but along with Marathi pople speak Hindi as well as English


Company Vakil is your one-stop destination to navigate through GST Registration in Pune and avail all the above benefits.


Process of GST Registration in Pune.


To register for goods and service tax in Pune the following procedure is followed.


  • Form GST REG-01- Part A of this form contains the details like – PAN Number, e-mail I.D. and so forth to be submitted via the GST Portal-
  • After the approval of all the above details, an Application Reference Number is sent to the given E-Mail ID and contact number.
  • Form GST REG-01- Part B of the form shall contain the necessary documents as well as the Application Reference Number received.
  • If in addition to the above if in case additional information is required then a GST- 03 Form will be issued and within a week of receiving the same the requisite information shall be given in GST- 04 Form.
  • If all the information submitted in GST- 01 and GST- 04 Forms is deemed satisfactory then the confirmation of registration certificate in Pune is issued to the applicant in the form GST- 06 for the principal state of business as well as other additional states the business concern functions in. If the information provided is not satisfactory then a rejection certificate is issued to the applicant in the form of GST- 05 Form.

Documents Required for GST Registration in Pune


  • In the case of a company, the proof of identity and address of the Directors, and in the case of a partnership, the proof of identity and address of the Partners.
  • Any utility bill as address proof of place of business.
  • A cancelled cheque showing bank details, IFSC Code, Account Holder etc.
  • Any proof of establishment of the business concern like the Memorandum of Association/ Articles of Association/ Certificate of Incorporation.
  • PAN card of the business concern.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

2 working hours

Temporary Reference Number

Full Detail

3 to 4 working days

GST Number

Full Detail

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Taxable Person under GST Act?

Any business with a turnover exceeding R. 20 Lakhs, any person registered under the earlier ( VAT, Excise etc) amongst others are Taxable Persons for the purpose of the GST Act.


Can a person not liable to be registered under the Act to avail the benefit of GST Registration in Pune?

Yes, and he/she shall be treated as a registered person under the GST Act.


Who is Casual Taxable Person?

Persons who supply goods frequently in a GST applicable area, but do not have a fixed place of business are Casual Taxable Person for the purposes of the GST Act.


Are Non- Resident Indians applicable under GST Act?

They are to be treated as Casual Taxable Person under GST Act.


Are there any exemptions from the GST Act?

Yes, Agricultural Produce, Reverse Charge Goods and Non- Taxable supplies need not be registered under the GST online Pune .


Upon registration, what is a person who is viable for TDS or TCS supposed to do?

Such person shall fill the GST- 07 Form.


What if a person who is not registered Under GST Act claims Input Tax Credit?

A person not registered under the GST Act, cannot claim Input Tax Credit, or Goods And Services Tax GST Registration in India