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First of all, before getting into the trademark registration in Hyderabad one must know What is Trademark? So, let me make you understand that a trademark is a sign or logo which identifies a particular product. It basically distinguishes the one product from another. One must often get confused between the patent, copyright, and trademark. The patent is a limited property right regarding the invention of the machine or chemical composition. Copyright is the protection of original work of author including literary works, novels, music, etc. One basic difference between the three is that patent and copyright are limited in duration but the trademark has no limitation. It lasts forever.

When an outsider looks at a business, they first look at the trademark where the identity of the product or services lies. Trademarks are registered under Trade Marks Act, 1999. It aims to provide registration and better protection for the services and also prevents fraudulent marks.

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Reasons to register for trademark registartion in hyderabad are:

  1. Protecting a trademark is very important. If another Company is using a similar name or design for the product then this will cause the confusion among customers and it will ultimately dilute the brand.
  2. If the brand is not registered and the other person uses the same name or logo then one has to redo all the business cards, stationery, etc. The person has to change the domain name also.
  3. In this process changing name or business because the other person is using that, it will cause confusion among the customers and you will lose your customers.
  4. Without trademark registartion in Hyderabad registration, one could not expand outside the original business.
  5. If anyone else uses your registered TradeMark, then he will be considered as a willful infringer, and you will be entitled to monetary damages.



Online TradeMark registartion on hyderabad is must. If you do not have registered a TradeMark and there is other who is a registered owner of the same or substantially similar mark, that owner will have an indefinite period and he can sue you for infringement.

Federal registration is very much necessary as it serves a constructive notice to the country that you are the owner of the particular Mark even if that business is not nationally spread.



  1. Before the beginning of TradeMark registration in Hyderabad process, the trademark professional must have a thorough research of the trademark database. This search will provide information about the identical or similar trademark if any other is using that.
  2. After the search is completed, trademark application in Hyderabad for the same is filled before the Trademark Registrar. The application must be made in a prescribed manner and submitted along with the fee of the process. The trademark application in hyderabad must contain the logo or trademark, owner’s address, description of the goods and services, trademark used date.
  3. After the filling of the application, a trademark Application  in hyderabad Allotment Number is given. It can be tracked through Online Trademark Search Facility. On obtaining the number the owner can affix the symbol with the logo.
  4. Vienna Codification: The  Vienna classification or Codification os established by the Vienna Argreement(1973).Hereafter the trademark application, the TradeMark Registrar will apply the Vienna Classification to the trademark based on figurative elements of marks.
  5. Once Vienna Classification is completed, the TradeMark registration online hyderabad application will be allotted to a TradeMark Officer In the Registrar Office. The officer has the ability either to apply for TradeMark Journal Publication or reject the application. In cases of objection regarding the application, if the Officer is not satisfied by the justification and reject the application then the trademark applicant has a right to appeal to the Intellectual Property Appellate Board.
  6. This TradeMark Journal is published at weekly intervals and contains trademark that has been accepted by the Registrar. Objections are allowed to be raised within 90 days, if anyone found any problem regarding any trademark.
  7. If any TradeMark is opposed by any 3rd Party, a hearing will be headed by TradeMark Heading Officer. Then both the opposing party and the trademark applicant can present their evidence before the Heading officer and he will determine whether to accept or reject it. Any Appeal will go to the Intellectual Property Appellate Board.
  8. Once there are no objections or oppositions for the particular TradeMark, the TradeMark Registration Certificate will be prepared and sent to the Applicant. Now the TradeMark owner has an exclusive right to enjoy the TradeMark.

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The following are the minimum requirements for Trademark registartion in Hyderabad.

Once a trademark/logo search for a particular product is completed, the application must be filled for online Trademark registration hyderabad with the Trademark Registrar. It is filled in that office which has jurisdiction. This online Trademark registration hyderabad must have the following information:

  1. logo or trademark.
  2. Owner’s address.
  3. Classification of the trademark.
  4. Trademark used since date.
  5. Description of the goods and services for which the owner is availing.



The documents are also required along with the Trademark Application for Trademark registration online in Hyderabad. Submission of these documents is necessary. non-submission will reject the application of trademark. Documents required to vary by the category of the applicant.

  • TradeMark Registration online hyderabad Documents For An Individual
  1. -Trademark Questionnaire/PAN cardr /Passport.
  2. -Power OF Attorney(POA).
  • TradeMark Registration Documents For Private Limited Company/ Limited Liability Company
  1. -TradeMark Questionnaire.
  2. -Board’s resolution.
  3. -Power Of Attorney(POA).
  • TradeMark Registration Documents For Partnership Firm/Hindu Undivided Family/Trust/Society
  1. -TradeMark Questionnaire.
  2. -Power Of Attorney.

Apart from all these logo/brand name and tagline(if available) is required. The logo must be given in jpeg. Format.



It is not compulsory to register a trademark but at the same time, it is obvious that there are benefits of registering the trademark. The Advantages/benefits are:

  1. A registered trademark identifies the product/services separate from others. It gives a unique identity to the product.
  2. It protects the commercial goodwill of the owner of the trademark.
  3. By registering the product, it protects the consumer from buying the inferior goods.
  4. In case of infringement of the trademark the owner has the right to civil and criminal remedies but not this with the unregistered trademark. For infringement in unregistered trademark, the owner has the remedy of filing of a suit of passing off.
  5. Registration gives the owner an exclusive nationwide right to use the TradeMark.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

2 to 4 working hours


3 working days


12 to 24 month




Q1. What makes a good Trademark?

Ans: The core nature or principle of the term, logo or slogan used as a trademark, is the factor which makes it a good trademark.


Q2. How is TradeMark registered in hyderabad?

Ans: The application for registration of a trademark is to be filed with the trademark registrar, in a prescribed form along with the prescribed fee.


Q3. Can a 3-D TradeMark be registered ?

Ans: As per Indian Trademark law, the 3-D trademark is eligible to be registered. This means 3-D Trademark can be registered.


Q4. Does the registration of TradeMark in one country protect the rights of the owner in the other countries also?

Ans: No, registering the trademark in one country protects the rights of the owner in that particular country only. To get protected in other countries the owner is required to get his trademark registered in those countries too.


Q5. What is the validity period of a particular TradeMark?

Ans: The validity of a particular trademark is 10 years.


Q6. Can a trademark Renewal application be filed ?

Ans: Yes, a trademark renewal application can be filed.


Q7. What is Collective Mark?

Ans: Collective mark is a trademark for the whole industry, which could be a specific logo, a term or a slogan.


Q8. Can sound be registered as a TradeMark ?

Ans: Sound either with musical notes or without words are covered within the purview of Trademark.


Q9. Can a Domain name be registered as a TradeMark ?

Ans: Domain name can be registered as a trademark, eg Amazon


Q10. Can a  Foreign Proprietor register a TradeMark in Hyderabad ?

Ans: A foreign proprietor can register their trademark in Hyderabad.