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MSME Registration in Hyderabad Cost With Breakdown


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Government Fee for Individuals and startups Rs 1,899.00*

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MSME Certificate or Udyog  Aadhar Certificate is a type of identity card which is required for any startup of a business for micro, small and medium enterprises under the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Act, 2006. Prior to this, the sector was defined by the Industrial Development and Regulation Act, 1951. It consists of a 12-digit number unique id number. It gives legality to any form of business enterprises or for opening a bank account, GST registration for claiming any incentive from the Government.

Earlier UDYOG AADHAR was known by the name of  SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES CERTIFICATE (SSI Certificate). Earlier there was no online registration for this kind of scheme. But now with the development of technology this scheme registration is made online. To promote the ease of registration this online work is done by the MINISTRY OF MSME (MEDIUM, SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES).

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Reasons for udyog aadhar registartion hyderabad are :very

A large chunk of enterprises in our country are still not registered but Ministry of MSME provided an ease to the Udyog Aadhar registration in Hyderabad. After registration, these enterprises can avail the benefits under the schemes of State/ Central Government. Hence at present filing, the Entrepreneur Memorandum-1/2 has been abolished and the new scheme UAM (Udyog Aadhar Memorandum) came into being.



The need  for  udyog aadhar registartion in Hyderabad are :

In recent times, for the boosting of small-scale industries in the country, the government has initiated a Udyog Aadhar Scheme. Earlier for registering and getting SSI registration or MSME registration, the person has to go through a lot of paperwork. But now with the development of societies and technologies, the online scheme has also come in a process which requires the filling of the form online and then the enterprise of the industry get registered and then they can avail a lot of Government benefitted schemes like subsidies, loan facilities, etc. 



Procedure for udyog aadhar registartion hyderabad is as explained further:

Earlier in SSI or MSME registration in Hyderabad one has to go through lots of paperwork but now it has been changed to an online form where a person has to fill 2 forms namely Entrepreneur Memorandum-1 and Entrepreneur Memorandum-2 instead of different types of forms offline.

There is Udyog Aadhar memorandum which is the MSME registration in hyderabad form wherein MSME certifies its existence and provides mandatory information such as bank account details, etc. After submitting this form, an acknowledgment form is released to the email id of the applicant who has registered with the unique Udyog Aadhar Number. Here, no documents’ proof is required as it is a self-declaration form. One must know the procedure as follows:

  1. The SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) has to fill a form whether offline or online. For online filing of a form, they can consult Company Vakil
  2. Individual registration must be done for different types of industries.
  3. In this form, the MSME has to self-certify its existence, details of bank account, activity, ownership, etc.
  4. During the udyog aadhar registration hyderabad process, the individual needs to provide his all self-certified documents as required for this online MSME registration in Hyderabad.
  5. This udyog aadhar registration hyderabad is free of cost.
  6. After filling all the details of the form and upload it then the online MSME  registration in hyderabad number would be generated and mailed to the email id as given in the UAM (UDYOG AADHAR MEMORANDUM) which contains the Udhyog Aadhar Number.

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The minimum requirement for Udyog Aadhar registration Hyderabad is that most importantly the person must have the Udyog Aadhar Number which is of 12 digits.



Aadhar number- This 12 digit number is issued to the person by the government.

Name of owner/promoter- There is UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), which is the agency of Government which has implemented this Aadhar scheme. So, the name provided on your Aadhar Card should be used.

Business Name- The name of the legal entity should be used. For example, one person may have more than one business so they all must be registered for a separate Udhyog Number but with the same Aadhar Number.

Type of organization- It may be the Business entity, Manufacturing Business, legal entity, Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, Self Help Group, Partnership, etc.

Address– Address of the business including the mobile number and email address.

Date of commencement-It is the date on which the person has started the business.

Previous registration details, if any- Here the applicant has to enter the previous MSME registration, if any.

National Industrial Classification Code- It should be entered from the National Industrial Classification handbook. This handbook is available on Google.

No. o person employed- It is the total number of people employed in the business startup or any other form of business.

Investment in plant & machinery/equipment- It is the amount of money invested in terms of machinery and equipment by the business.

District Industry Centre- Details of the DIC nearest to the business should be given if asked.



The following are the benefits of udyog aadhar or MSME registration in hyderabad:

Every scheme has one benefit or the other. Likewise, this Udyog Aadhar registration hyderabad is provided free of cost by the Government and it can be registered online through the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Following are the benefits:

  1. The applicant will receive financial support in showcasing their products to the foreign enterprises.
  2. Any Business enterprise or Manufacturing sector enterprise is free to open a bank account anytime and anywhere.
  3. It will also allow the businesses to avail for Government financial benefits schemes.
  4. It will also allow the applicant to go for Government Subsidies.
  5. Udyog aadhar registration in hyderabad a unique ID which gives your identification proof anywhere in the country. It is like the small paper version of a person himself.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

1 to 2 days

MSME Certificate

1 to 2 days

Udyog Aadhaar Certificate



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