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Trademark Registration in Chennai


Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu . It is located on the Coromandel Cost of the Bay of Bengal. It is known to be one of the biggest  economical , cultural and educational center of the country . Chennai is having the third largest expatriates population in India. It is also one of the largest municipal economies of the country . It is also selected as one of the city for the smart city out of the 100 cities under the smart city mission. The premier engineering Institute of India INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHONOLOGY , MADRAS is also located here


Trademark Registration in Chennai

Trademarks are the symbols which provide for an identity for the business or the entity they are associated with, a trademark conveys what the associated entity stands for and what it entails. A trademark has to definitely fall into the parameters as prescribed by the Trademarks Act, 1999. A trademark ensures for the exclusivity of the enterprise, and niches out the functional operation and occupation. Online TM filing in Chennai is extremely essential since without the registration process, it wouldn't be recognized by the concerned Intellectual Property Organization and it wouldn’t be protected either. The process of TM Registration in Chennai  is an absolutely lengthy and complex one, which usually has a lot of steps involved; hence it is important to be very cautious while registering for a trademark. Further, the trademark should also fall under the various parameters that have been very clearly defined for registration and representation, a trademark has definite sizing (8cmx8cm) which it shouldn’t exceed as provided under the Trademark Rules, 2017. Trademark Registration in Chennai is a relatively progressive topic in India, so its well-backed technologically, and one can register their trademark online, but given that they haven't been in use previously in any of the domains or else this would lead to a Trademark Objection. Hence, it's definitely crucial to understand the minuscule nuances of TM Registration in Chennai before applying for it.


Reasons to register for Trademark Registration Online Chennai

Trademark registration in Chennai has gained a widespread popularity in the realm of businesses and especially with the new emerging businesses, not only does a trademark distinguishes the business from the other contemporaries, and gives exclusivity over the usage of the trademark. The other reasons that can be enumerated for TM Registration in Chennai  can be listed below as follows:

  1. A trademark is an intellectual property – A trademark is a very valuable asset to the company because it's considered to be a commercially valuable asset, which only grows monetarily with time. The reason that it is commercially calculated as an asset is that it's an intellectual property.
  2. Validity – A TM Registration in Chennai  is valid for 10 years, after which it has to be duly renewed with the concerned authority, but for the period of 10 years the applicant who is applying for the trademark registration has full and unquestioned rights over the trademark that is in question.
  3. Protection against use by an external party – None of the third parties other than the ones associated with the TM application in Chennai can use the registered trademark without permission if done so then it would result into unauthorized use of the trademark which is not lawful in the eyes of law.
  4. Exclusive rights with the applicant – The applicant who has applied for the trademark has full rights over the trademark, which cannot be questioned by anyone once it has been ratified by the Trademark Authority. The absolute usage of the trademark rests with the applicant himself.
  5. Cheap & Easy Registration – An attorney who is well versed with the provisions and requirements of the trademark, or any third party service who specializes in the Trademark Filing in Chennai , can be hired in order to get a trademark registered. It is absolutely hassle-free and convenient and is very beneficial for the registering applicant in foresight.


Process of Trademark Registration Online Chennai

Trademark Registration in Chennai follows a very simple yet detailed procedure, while registration of a trademark the applicant has to take care of the minutes of the things so that there is no room for correction, or else it would result into an objection of the Online TM filling in Chennai . Company Vakil provides for services related to Online TM filling in Chennai, the experts follow the directions and apply for the same in a very careful manner, hence its always recommended to get registration done through experienced experts who are familiar with the facets of trademark registration. However, the process of Trademark Registration in Chennai can be understood as the following:

  • Trademark Search – Its very important to see that the trademark one is willing to get registered, isn’t already in existence, because this will lead to an objection, eventually into a rejection of the trademark. Hence, the applicants definitely need to search the trademark in the designated protocol.
  • Filing of Trademark – Herein the trademark is filed with the concerned authority, the trademark registrar who is responsible for ratifying the trademarks which come across. The trademark is filed along with a particular application and duly attached with a fee amount.
  • Designation of Allotment Number with Codification – Once the trademark registration application reaches the registrar, the registrar designates an allotment number to the application which is useful for future references and for notification of the registration status of the application, wherein the application is also put across for Vienna Classification, which is based on the differentiated components of the different marks.
  • Examination of trademark - The trademark is examined after the trademark has been classified under the Vienna Classification, then the registrar examines and scrutinizes the application with great detail, if it finds a problem or any discrepancy with the application or trademark, then it is sent for objection if not then it is ratified.
  • Publication of the Trademark - Once it has been ratified by the concerned authority, it is ready to be published in the Trademark Journal, once the publication is done and completed by the authorities, it automatically attracts the rights that are to be vested in the applicant pertaining to trademarks.
  • Completion – Winding up steps by the authority, it issues a trademark registration certificate to the applicant which completes the whole registration process formally and the applicant can finally exercise all the rights vested in him by the completion of Online TM filling in Chennai


Minimum Requirements of   Online Trademark Registration in Chennai

The minimum requirements that are to be kept in mind while registering for a Trademark Registration in Chennai can be understood as the following, it’s important to note that these are the essentials that are to be kept in mind while Trademark Registration in Chennai .

  1. Particulars of the trademark and applicant -  The trademark that is in question to be registered and the applicant who is registering the trademark, should furnish all their necessary details which would include (Name, Correspondence details, details of the company or any other important particulars if required by the authority)
  2. Trademark Originality – The trademark that is to be registered should be fully authentic and original without which the trademark cannot be registered if it has been plagiarized.
  3. Fees & completion of documents – Before applying for the registration of the trademark and sending it across to the examiner it's crucial to check whether all the necessary documents have been provided for and are complete, and this has to be attested with the fee as prescribed.
  4. Power of Attorney – Though, it is not mandatorily required to be submitted during registration, hence it can be submitted later. But it's a requirement to be fulfilled for a successful TM Application in Chennai

Documents required for Online Trademark Registration in Chennai

The following documents are required while Trademark Registration Online Chennai with the authority, the essential documents are –

  1. Filed in form & Fee – The form that has been so prescribed to be filed for registration of a trademark has to be duly filled, along with the attested fee that is required, the form should be filled in totality without leaving any scope of a discrepancy to arise.
  2. Logo –The logo is the identification mark of the trademark has to be provided, this plays an important role as this has to be original and authentic
  3. Identity Proof of Applicant & Business – The applicant has to provide proof of his particulars mentioned in the form, along with a concrete identity proof and has to provide a proof of his business as well.
  4. Power of Attorney – A power of attorney is required to be attested as it helps in delegating duties, and authorizes the use of the trademark.


Advantages of Trademark Registration Chennai

There are numerous advantages of Online  Trademark Registration in Chennai, which can be understood as the following:

  1. Exclusivity – It gives an exclusive right to the applicant to use the trademark freely, as it gives it a legal recognition and protection, from any third party. Any other external party which uses the trademark would be considered unlawful, and hence it would attract legal repercussions.
  2. Universal Protection – A trademark is universally recognized and hence the trademark cannot be misused in any part of the world without prior permission and authority. It safeguards the applicant from any sort of an infringement within the domestic territory or outside the domestic territory.
  3. Creation of Commercial Asset – A trademark is a commercial asset, and also the identity for the applicant's business entity. Over a period of time, it starts reaping monetary profits for the applicant and becomes the brand identity over time.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Trademark Registration


Is online registration available?

Yes, Online Registration of Trademarks is available. Most of the registrations are done online itself


Where can one search for trademarks?

Trademarks can be searched online on the official site of Government Portal.


Which form is to be filled?

The Form TM-A under the Trademarks Act, 1999, has to be filled. 


Till when can an objection be filed?

An objection to a trademark can be filed within 18-24 months on a publication of the trademark Registration in India


What is the validity of a trademark?

A trademark is valid for 10 years, after which it is subject to renewal.


Is the trademark protected outside India or the Domestic territory?

Yes, a trademark is protected universally.


Can a company name be protected under the Trademarks Act?

Yes, a company name can be protected under the Trademarks Act & Companies Act.


Under what provisions is the trademark registration governed?

Trademark Registration is governed under Rule 10 & 11 of the Trademark rules.


Can a power of attorney be attested later?

Yes, a power of attorney can be attested later, not necessarily with the trademark application.


What is the additional fee of furnishing power of attorney later?

There is no additional fee to be attached while submitting the power of attorney later.