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In case of an Assignment and licensing in Hyderabad of a Trademark, there is a transfer of ownership from one person to another. A brand or a Trademark owner do transfer of  rights Hyderabad either by licensing or assignment. The Trademarks Act, 1999 provides with both licensing and assignment procedures. In case of licensing, the right continues to be with the owner but few restrictive rights are given to the 3rd party. In case of a registered Trademark, such assignment is recorded in the register of Trademark. A mark may be assigned in thefollowing ways:

1. Complete assignment: In this, the owner transfers all the rights with respect to Trademark like earn loyalties, etc.

2. Partial assignment: In this, the ownership is transferred with restrictions to a specific product like the owner may retain the right to further transfer, etc.

3. With Goodwill: It is an assignment where the owner transfers the right and value of Trademark with respect to the product.

4. Without Goodwill: It is an assignment where the owner restricts the assignee for the use of Trademark for the product he uses. This means that the goodwill attached to the owner’s brand with respect to the particular product already been sold is not transferred to the buyer.

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Online Trademark Assignment in hyderabad refers to the process when the owner transfers the rights vested from one person to another. The main reason for the Assignment is that agreement gives the legal effect to the transfer of Trademark. Trademark can be assigned at any time during the examination of the registration application of the Trademark or after the Trademark has been registered.

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Trademarks are also transferable. Trademark Assignment in Hyderabad means that rights are transferred from one to another person, either partial or complete.  The assignment gives the legal right to the owner to transfer of Trademark rights in Hyderabad. Intellectual Property can be transferred from one owner to another like any other property. In order to Assignment and licensing in Hyderabad, a person must take into consideration the goodwill of the brand name, usage in associated goods or services and also the impact that may occur because of such type of transfer. The timeline plays an important role in Trademark Assignment in Hyderabad particular to are Indian Jurisdiction. 



A Trademark whether registered or not usually get assigned through the authenticated Assignment procedure.Despite the fact, that the Trademark Assignment in Hyderabad can be done by an oral evidence, but a written evidence is always required. The procedure is as follows:

1. An application for the Assignment and  licensing in Hyderabad for Trademark shall be made by the assignor or assignee or both can make a joint request to register the particular assignee as the subsequent proprietor.

2. Form TM-P  is to be filed with the Registrar of Trademark within 6 months from the date of acquisition of the proprietorship. The requisite fee varies accordingly.

3. In case of Assignment without goodwill or of certified Trademark, the direction from the Registrar is required before the expiry of 6 months from the date on which Assignment is made or within the extended period allowed by the registrar.

4. The advertisement of the Assignment should be done n such a way and within such period as the Registrar may direct. A copy of the direction of the Registrar and the advertisement of the Assignment must be submitted to the office to make sure that the directions have been followed.

5. On the receipt of the Trademark Assignment application attached with necessary documents, the Registrar shall register the assignee as the owner if he is satisfied and then its particulars are to be mentioned in the register.   

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The minimum requirement for online Trademark Assignments hyderabad are:

1. The transfer of Trademark rights Hyderabad from owner for assigning a Trademark is recognized only when the Assignment in done for certain consideration.

2. The effect of Assignment of the certificate of Trademark will take place when the assigner obtains the concent from the Registrar of Trademarks.

3. Trademarks have to be assigned together if there is a case of associated Trademark.

4. The valid Assignment must have assignor and assignee.

5.  The permission of certifying authority must be taken if the assignment of trademarks involves the transfer of money outside India.


When the Assignor transfers the Intellectual Property Rights to another person with or without the goodwill,then the assignment of a Trademark occurs. The documents required for online Trademarks Assignment hyderabad are:

1.The Agreement of Trademark Assignment.

2.Identified document of  Assignor and Assignee.

3.Power of Attorney.



The advantages of Trademark assignment in Hyderabad are:

1. With the Trademark Assignment, the owner of the brand will be able to unlock the value of the brand which was one point of time the value on paper only. With this, then, on the other hand, could be entering into the market with an already well-furnished brand rather than building the new one entirely on its own.

2. If any dispute will occur related to Trademark, legal rights will be easily established by the deed of assignment.  Before publishing it in the Trademarks Journal the registrar assures that the checks are in place by examining the validity of the clause in the agreement.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

2 working days

Drafting of deed / Trademark Application

Full Detail

4 working days

Trademark Renewal/ Assignment filling

Full Detail


Q1.What is Trademark Assignment in Hyderabad?

Ans: The Trademarks Act, 1999 provides with both licensing and assignment procedures. In case of licensing, the right continues to be with the owner but few restrictive rights are given to the 3rd party. In case of a registered Trademark, such assignment is recorded in the register of Trademark.

Q2.Why is Trademark Assignment necessary?

Ans: Trademark differentiates the goods or service of one business than to other, it creates a brand image in the mind of the consumer.

Q3.Write the procedure for filing an application for the transfer of Trademark Rights?

Ans: File the application with necessary documents for registration within six months from the date of acquiring ownership, with the registrar.

Q4. Who can use a trademark?

Ans: The registered owner or the transferee of the trademark renewal can use the trademark.

Q5. Is there any restriction on the Assignment of the Trademark?

Ans: Trademark cannot be assigned in the following cases:

   (a) The symbols, logos, text, etc are common.

   (b) Those marks which are already registered.

Q6.What is the difference between the Assignment with goodwill and without goodwill?

Ans: Assignment with goodwill means along with the transfer of trademark, goodwill related to it is also assigned. In case of without goodwill,the only trademark is transferred and not goodwill.

Q7.What does Trademark Transmission mean?

Ans: Transmission of the trademark means passing of ownership of trademark from registered person to another person.

Q8.What is the difference between the categories of complete and partial Trademark Assignment in India?

Ans: Complete assignment means the assignment of ownership of trademark completely, while in partial assignment ownership of the trademark is related to a specific product or service only.

Q9. Who benefits from trademark registration?

Ans: The registered owner, the ultimate customer and the government.

Q10. Can a trademark be applied in black & white, as well as in color?

Ans: Yes, a trademark can be applied both in black & white, as well as in color. But applying for color, it limits you to use your trademark in that particular color only, if you opt for black & white then you can use it in any color.


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