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Long Terms Service Agreement Pune


Earlier known as “Poona” , it is the 8 largest metropolitan city located in the centre of Maharshtra. It is also famous for being birth place of Meher Baba , a spiritual leader. It is the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Savitri Bai phule college which is second largest college of the country is located here, It is also famous for the Osho International  Meditation Resort. It also attracts many tourist as it consist of various tourist places like  Aga Khan palace, Shaniwar Wada ,Raja Dinker Kelkar Museum, Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park etc. It is also one of the largest center for learning  Japanese.

E- Commerce basically means all the transactions that are done online. There are several models in E-Commerce like a – Business to Business Model, Business to Consumer Model, Consumer to Consumer Model etc.

The relation between E-Commerce websites and their consumers is governed by a Terms of Service agreement which an E- Commerce website should have enlisted.They should not be very technical in nature, but should also not be similar to any other website.

They are recommendatory and it is not required by law.


Why do you need Long Term Service Agreement Pune / Terms and Conditions agreement Pune?


  • PREVENT SPAMMING: The content of the website can, through the Terms and Conditions be banned from further spamming or abuse.
  • OWNERSHIP OF THE CONTENT: The logo, content etc. of the website can be informed to be owned and protected by law as content owned by you and your website and no one else.
  • TERMINATION OF UNDESIRED USERS: Any user found to abuse or spam any material on your website, can be informed of termination in such case and that no such notice would be required from your end since it was already mentioned in the Terms and Conditions.
  • LIMITED LIABILITY: In case there are any irregularities or inconsistencies in the content of the website, the owner of the website is not directly liable.
  • LAW: The Terms and Conditions specify the law of the country that will be followed in all disputes related to the website.

Minimum Requirements/ Clauses Required in a Long term Service Agreement Pune.

The following are strong suggestions, but as Terms and condition Agreement Pune are unique to each website and e-commerce concern there is no specific requirement to the same:

  • Disclaimer of Warranties: This entails the user’s sole risk while operating or using the particular website.
  • Limited Liability: The owner is not directly responsible for any of the inconsistencies or irregularities in the content of the site.
  • Indemnification: In case of any loss, the user or whoever responsible to the detriment of the website shall indemnify to that loss.
  • Privacy: This is related to protecting the user information.
  • Agreement is Binding: By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you agree to be bound by all the clauses mentioned.
  • Others: This might include, termination, governing law, dispute settlement etc.


Process of Drafting a Long Terms Service Agreement Pune / Terms and Conditions Agreement Pune

Company Vakil takes care of all the queries related to drafting and implementing a Long Term Service Agreement Pune / Terms and Conditions Agreement Pune page for your website.

The requirements stated hereinabove are recommendatory, and it is up to the website to custom design the terms and conditions for their own website, however, the following are the steps that must be followed to have a successful terms of Long Term Service Agreement Pune page:

  • DO NOT COPY: The content should be original.
  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS GENERATOR: There are several services that provide the website owner with a list of terms and conditions suited for their e-commerce website. Company Vakil helps you in doing so.
  • LEGAL HELP: It is also recommended to take help from legal personnel or have your Terms and Conditions reviewed by an Attorney.
  • ENSURE CLARITY: The terms of service should be clear and crisp with an “I Agree” button at the end or a “Dismiss” option to make sure that the user is given the option to either fully consent to the clauses given or completely disagree with them.

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