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Company Vakil with help of technology simplifies the process of registrations in India with our Unique Trademark and Company Search Tool. Company Vakil believes in complete transparency in price, process and time consumption. Company Vakil follows the likes of famous Just in Time process to deliver services on time without a hitch.

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Bristolux a Trademark by company vakil CA, CS and Lawyer
Cedo a Trademark done by company vakil Attorneys
YS Events a TM filed by Company Vakil experts
Flitpay a brand applied by Company Vakil’s Expert Chartered Accountants
Jass Records a Brand application by Company Vakil Experts like Advocates, CA ’s and CS
Mad Over Marketing a Trademark applied by Company Vakil’s Legal Experts
Speed Records a Brand and Company formed by Company Vakil
Plan my Place a TM applied by Company Vakil
TRB a Trademark filed after Trademark Search and ROC Company Search
Decoarte a TM application made by Company Vakil’s Lawyers, CA’s and CS