Employment Contract In Bangalore

An agreement between an employer and employee and is the basis of the employment relationship

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Bengaluru which is the official name of Bangalore is the fifth most populous city in terms of urban accumulation. Bengaluru is often called as the “Silicon Valley of India” as it is leading IT exporter of the country. Apart from having various educational and research institutions, it has many defence and aerospace organisations namely Bharat Electronics, Hindustan Aeronautics and National Aerospace Laboratories. Bengaluru is one of the tourists’ hubs in India where many foreign nationals come as flocks to enjoy the various sightseeing places located in it. It is also known for its “Aero show” which is conducted every two years that is definitely a visual treat for the people.

An employment contract (also known as a contract) which is a kind of contract used in labour law for assigning rights, duties and responsibilities law for parties to a bargain. The contract is between an employee and an employer. The contract of employment denotes a relationship of economic law for independence and social subordination between the parties. This agreement can be expressed or implied. It specifies the terms and conditions under which a person consents to perform certain duties as directed and controlled by an employer in return for an agreed-upon salary or wage. Through this agreement, both the employee and the employer owe the duty of mutual confidence and trust, and to make only lawful and reasonable demands on each other. Every employee is under the obligation to carry assigned duties or the employer's instructions to the best of his or her abilities. The employer is under the obligation to protect the employee from harm or injury, and make fair compensation for any loss or damage resulting from any job-related accident. Get your Employment Contract in Bengaluru drafted with Company Vakil, without stepping out of your house.



The most common elements of any employment contract include the following.

  • Terms of Employment
  • Employee Responsibilities
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employment Absence
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Nondisclosure Agreements
  • Ownership Agreements
  • Assignment Clauses
  • Employment Opportunity Limitations
  • Grounds for Termination


  • Salary, commission, or wage that is agreed upon by both parties.
  • The duration for which an employee is required to work.
  • The responsibilities a worker is expected to perform in the course of employment.
  • Confidential statement
  • A contract stating the control and ownership that is to be retained by the company over every communication in cases employees are involved in handling email, social media, websites etc.
  • All benefits that form a part of employment including perks, insurances, leaves, allowances, etc.
  • The inclusion of a non-compete agreement which states that when an employee will leave the job, he will not take up jobs to keep a check on future competition.



  • In most cases, employees are required to sign a contract that specifies terms of the employment.
  • It documents their salary, start date, benefits package etc.
  • In case a relocation package/ signing bonus are offered, the requirements of repayment are stipulated in case an employee terminates employment prior to a certain date.
  • Noncompete and nondisclosure clauses may be included in the contract.
  • An employee is expected to sign only if he is ready to work and can remain committed for the job. He is expected to not engage in a job search any further and reject any future offers that he may receive.
  • Once an employment contract is signed by an employee, the process of an employment contract in Bengaluru is over.



  • An employment contract Bengaluru clearly defines an employee’s job, responsibilities and benefits. It helps in preventing any confusion related to the job.
  • It also ensures that legal remedies are available to both the parties in case one of them breaches any condition of the contract.
  • The agreement allows a high level of specificity regarding the details of the employment. It allows both the parties to negotiate the terms under which they are willing to cooperate with one another.
  • The written document also serves as evidence if necessary.
  • The employment agreement Bengaluru is important for fostering a positive relationship between employee and employee.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

2 to 3 working days

Drafting of Employment contract according to your need



Q1. What is the total time taken to draft an employment contract in Bengaluru?

Drafting an employment contract in Bengaluru usually takes 2-3 working days.


Q2. What is an Employment Agreement Bengaluru?

Employment Agreement Bengaluru is a necessary instrument while hiring any employee or consultant as it defines and addresses all the terms and conditions governing employment comprehensively plus the rights and duties of each concerned party to it.


Q3. What are the common Points included in an Employment Contract Bengaluru?

Common points included in an employment contract would be Breakdown of Salary, Notice Period, Date of Joining and Non-Compete Clause.


Q4. What are the benefits of an Employment Contracts in Bengaluru?

Following are the benefits of having it:-

  1. It minimizes the Risk by protecting the rights of both employers and employees.
  2. It sets the expectation of an Employee psychologically and creates a sense of respect for the terms mention in it.
  3. The contract defines the responsibilities and expectations of both the Parties.


Q5. Is it necessary to have a written contract of employment? 

There is no legal requirement to have a written contract of employment. However, in most cases, it is sensible for businesses to provide a written contract of employment before the employee starts work which will contain additional clauses necessary to protect the business


Q6. Are employment contracts the same for part-time employees?

Yes. Part-time employees have the same rights as and are entitled to be treated no less favourably than full-time employees.


Q7. Can an employee change the terms of an employment contract?

If there is a right reserved to amend the terms within the contract, the employee can alter the terms of the contract, provided he is not acting in an arbitrary or unreasonable manner.


Q8. How soon after employing, the employer has to give a statement of particulars?

The employer has to provide a written contract within two months of the employee starting the job.


Q9. Who are the parties to an Employment Contract Bengaluru?

The employer is the party which is hiring and paying individuals or organizations to perform work on the employer’s behalf. Employers are responsible for controlling and directing the work performed. The employee is the individual or organization who has been hired and paid to work on the employer’s behalf.


Q10. What is the difference between an Employment Contract and a Service Agreement?

Service Agreements are used to hire service providers or independent contractors, not employees. A Service Agreement is limited to a specific project or time period. Employment Contract in India are used to hire employees.