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Pvt. Ltd. Company Registration in Delhi NCR

Company Registration in Delhi is managed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs under the Government. An office under the Nation's Ministry, known as the Registrar of Companies, is responsible for the Company Registration in Delhi. The Registrar of Companies is concerned with the administration of the Companies Act, 1956 and the Companies Act (Amendment), 2013.  A company is a separate legal entity and is treated as one by the Companies Act. A Company as defined in Section 3 (1) (i) of the Companies Act, 1956, legally  means, a company formed and registered under the Act or an already existing company. This term ‘already existing’ means a company which was formed and registered under any previous Company laws. There are different types of business structures and it is important that while doing a Company Incorporation in Delhi, a person should have the basic knowledge of different structures like Sole Proprietor for small merchants, Hindu Undivided Family when joint families work together, Partnership Firm when people work together for profit, Private Limited Company with high turnover and so on. The form of business structure is a criterion in Company Registration in Delhi and it will also determine the amount of income tax which needs to be filed, and it will also support the company to become legally compliant, and above all, investors will be attracted to a company which has been able to become legally compliant by being self-aware of its business structure.  Registration of a company  will help a company to work in its full efficiency as registration will put a company under the right business structure, helping it further to meet objectives and targets important to get success.


Reasons to Register your Private Limited Company in Delhi

Reasons to do Company Registration in Delhi can be plenty, earlier registering a company used to involve a long and tiresome process but now with the rise of the Internet and platforms like Company Vakil it has become easier. The difference of opportunities between unregistered and registered companies will give enough reasons for a company to be registered. Firstly,

  • A registered company will not have to think a lot before taking risks to improve and to give a boost to their business because of the presence of limited liability protection that is, no person will be made personally liable for the losses this saves a person from the risk of losing everything because of the business and allows a person to take risks accordingly. Every business has a risk of going into losses, but with registration, a person will not deter from taking risks to boost his business.
  • Secondly, when a bank account has to be opened for a business, it is very difficult to show with proofs about the existence of the company.
  • And thirdly, when it comes to funds for the business, it is preferred by banks to give loans and financial assistance to companies which are registered. Moreover Delhi is the Capital of the Country and the third largest city of the World. It is the political centre of our country and also the second largest metropolis in our country. It is a city that entwines the old traditions with Modern lifestyle. The city is the largest Commercial Centre in Northern part of the country and also the largest Centre for Small Scale Industries. The city reflects the traditional architects with influences from Mughal and British including monuments like Qutub Minar, IndiaGate, Rashtriya Bhavan, Jantar Mantar and so on.. This is an apt location to register your Company.


Why I Need a Pvt Ltd. Company Registration in Delhi?

It is required to get proper business funding help from banks because banks prefer to help those which have proper Company Incorporation in Delhi.

  • A company will always require a bank account to manage the money with which they are involved, for an unregistered company to get a bank account involves a lot of hassles, because there are fewer documents to show as evidence for the company’s existence, tax registrations etc will have to be used to establish its existence. But when a company is registered, it will have no issues to prove its existence and it will be easy for the company to create a bank account for its own benefits and usage. Because when a company is registered it is approved by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and it also gets a certificate of Company incorporation in Delhi.
  • When a company has to deal with transferring or sharing of ownership of a business, it is difficult for an unregistered company. Because an unregistered company does not have defined assets and liabilities, hence when transfer or sharing of ownership of business is talked about, the unregistered company becomes a hurdle. When a Private limited company Registration in India is done, it is easy to transfer or share the ownership because a registered company defines the assets and liabilities, and makes the company a legal entity in itself.
  • Also, when a company incorporation Delhi is done, the businessmen always want to boost their business which also involves a lot of risk-taking decisions, if a company is unregistered, then the person himself can also become personally liable leading to his loss as well, if any unfortunate instance happens then the risks of losing everything also can occur. However if a company is registered then personal liability does not arise.

Steps to Incorporate your Private Limited Company in Delhi NCR

Process for Company Registration in Delhi involves four major steps.

Starting with the

  • Step 1, to acquire a Director Identification Number (DIN), as the name suggests, it is the process by which a director should get his identification number. As per the Companies Act, acquiring a Director Identification Number is compulsory for a person who wants to be or is a director. There is a form for DIN called the DIN-1 form, it can be easily found on the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The completion of DIN-1 form has to be done with some applicable fees, then the DIN-2 form is filled which intimates the company, DIN-3 form intimates the Registrar of Corporate on the DIN. Lastly, the DIN-4 form is used to make any changes that need to be updated like contact number or any other personal details.
  • Step 2 is to acquire Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) this is to ensure the authenticity of digital signatures in documents which have to be electronically submitted. There are agencies appointed by Controller of Certification Agencies which approve and provide with the Digital Signature Certificate, this needs to be updated.
  • Step 3 is to create an account on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs portal it will help in transactions etc. Step 4 is finally the application to register the company it needs inclusion of details like the name of the company, the address, information on the company directors, managers and secretary.

Minimum Requirements for Pvt. Ltd. Company Formation in Delhi NCR

The pre-requisites to register a company includes many things :-

  • Starting with TAN card, TAN is Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number, a ten digit alphanumeric number and is important for businesses as it is used to deduct or collect taxes on payments made by them.
  • Secondly, PAN card is important PAN being Permanent Account Number is again related to income taxes. There are documents which have to be furnished according to the needs of the Company and the business they are involved in. If required the company should have documents displaying their approval to obey the Shops and Establishment Act, or documents related to foreign trade, or documents related to software technology parks, or approval of RBI for the investment of foreign companies.
  • It is also necessary that DIN forms are filled, and the Director of the Company has a Director Identification Number, which is a compulsory affair. Digital Signature Certificates is also necessary and an essential because only then will document submitted electronically  be held valid. This certificate of the authorised signature should be obtained from Controller of Certification agencies or agencies appointed by them like TCS, NIC etc. It will be held invalid if the sign is not approved and will be held illegal if a false sign is used. The last requirement is to create an account on the portal of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs it will help in course of online payment, and transactions.



Documents required for Pvt. Ltd. Company Registration in Delhi NCR

Documents required for Company Registration in Delhi includes a variety of documents, listing all the needed documents below.

  • First, Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number, then the Permanent Account number, documents which are related to the business of the company.
  • Then when a company is to be registered, there is registration of company name, address, directors, manager and secretary. For this  requires few forms, starting with Form 1-A and Form 1. Form 1-A  is an application for the company name whether it be to find out its availability or to change company’s name, after filling of this form, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs will provide with four suggestions, out of which one has to be selected. Form 1 is for application of the same name which has been chosen in Form 1-A. Form 18 which has to be filled for the address of a new company or if there is a change of an address of a previously established company.
  • Form 32 is for notice of director, manager and secretary’s appointment, if the establishment is new then it is for their new appointments and if it is a previously established company then when a new director, manager or secretary is appointed then this form also has to be filled. When these forms are filled then the Ministry of Corporate Affairs sends a notification with respect to confirmation of approval of the company’s name, address, manager, director and secretary.


Advantages and Benefits of Company incorporation in Delhi NCR

Advantages and Benefits of Company Registration in Delhi are a lot, these advantages become a reason for registration of the company. 

  • Firstly, it is an advantage to the person who takes risks in business, because there is a provision for limited liability protection, the liability does not reach personal levels, it only limits to business. This ensures that the person taking risks does not and will not have the fear of losing his personal property.
  • Registration of Company makes it easier to create bank accounts, ask for funds, easy transfer or sharing of business because registration gives a certificate of authorisation, that is a legal proof of existence and the assets and liabilities are a part of the legal entity which is the company, because registration of the company is certified by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • When buyers deal with businesses, they obviously want businesses which have been registered by the government, because it gives the buyers a kind of surety. When buyers have to select companies for tender or for any other purpose, they prefer selecting companies which have been authorised and certified by the government.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

1 Day


1 Day


5 to 7 days


5 to 7 days


Frequently Asked Questions-


Q.1. Whether registration of companies has been legally made compulsory in Delhi NCR?

Businesses can be made functioning without registration but Companies will require registration in Delhi. There are also a lot of benefits which come along with registration hence registration should be always done.


Q.2.What are the Documents necessary for Company Registration Delhi NCR?

Documents like Director Identification Number are required date of birth, occupation, photographs, and copy of passport or any other document which can be used for photo identification.


Q.3. Who can become a director?

A director has to fulfil some criterions like he/ she has to be an adult that is, should be above the age of eighteen, and should be able to provide all documents, and there is no limitation when it comes to nationality.


Q.4. Who validates the Digital Signature which is required for electronic agreements?

Digital Signatures are compulsory to be validated by the Controller of Certification Agencies (CCA) or other agencies which have been authorised by the CCA. Only then can documents safely be submitted electronically.


Q.5.When does the validity of DSC get expired?

Digital Signature is validated by the Controller of Certification Agencies (CCA), this validity lasts for one or two years and this after expiration will have to get renewed.


Q.6.What is the duration of validity of a company’s registration?

A company’s registration can be made valid as long as annual compliance is regularly filled. If it becomes dormant then it may be struck off after a reasonable time period, but can still be revived within 20 years.