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Online Company Registration in Jaipur


With the increased focus on self-employment and growing smaller businesses, it is advisable to get your company registered. The process is governed by the Companies Act, 2013 and provides for the incorporation of different kinds of companies. A private Limited Company registration is the most prevalent one in Jaipur. These include but are not limited to:

  • Sole proprietorship

There is only one owner and he/ she have the exclusive rights over the company. This person can employ people in the regular course of business but possess sole ownership.

  • Partnership

A partnership with two or more people can be registered with clear details of rights, liabilities and investments of each partner. It could be a general partnership or a Limited Liability Partnership depending on facts, circumstances and will of the partners.

  • HUF

A Hindu Undivided Family can claim incorporation that provides it with legal standing and certain rights in the course of business.

  • Privately limited company registration in Jaipur

This is the most popular kind of company registration and is all the rage, especially among startups. The company has directors, employees and shareholders with a large scope of growth.

  • Section 8 company

This is company registration of a not for profit organization.

Company registration acts as an indicator of the legitimacy of the company and making sure it is at par with all the obligations. It is important to register your company under the right type to make sure you derive all the benefits meant for you as well as protects your company. A registered company gets benefits under various government schemes aimed at boosting trade and small businesses.


Our team of highly skilled and experienced experts at Company Vakil can help you attain your company registration hassle-free. Contact us through our website today or walk into our office for a consultation.  Now the registration has been made even more accessible by launching it online. A private Limited Company registration in Jaipur ensures various benefits to your company including compliance with current laws and procedures. Jaipur is famous as the ‘pink city’ and is the capital of the Royal Indian State which is also known as Rajasthan. Jaipur is the largest amongst all the cities in Rajasthan. The city was ruled by the king of Amer, Raja Jai Singh II, who in 1727 laid the foundation of this city. It is believed that the name of this city is derived from the name of Raja Jai Singh II. Most of the buildings in Jaipur follow a uniform scheme of pink color. This is the reason for Jaipur being known as the ‘pink city’.


Reasons for a private limited company registration in Jaipur

There are various reasons for obtaining a privately limited company registration in Jaipur. Although we have listed only a few below, you have to keep in mind that a company registration in Jaipur ensures your legal compliances are up to date so you can continue business with ease.

  • Separate Legal Entity - A registered company has individual legal standing that provides it legitimacy, which is the basic demand of the business. A private limited company is an identity. This helps in the expansion of business and cross-referencing easy for the company. A legitimate company has various rights which it is entitled to get protection for.
  • Credibility - A registered company has credibility, which provides legitimacy to its existence and makes sure there are no doubts as to the origins of the company. A credible company has easier and faster transactions with buyers, vendors, suppliers etc. Company registration makes sure the company is recognized and helps is the propagation of business on a larger scale.
  • Protection - A registered company is entitled to protection in various cases. The rights of the company are ensured and depending on the kind of registration there is various kind of protection provided to an incorporated company.
  • Funding - An incorporated company has easier access to funding in various ways depending on the kind of incorporation and makeup of the company. Company incorporation in Jaipur involves easier and efficient access to funding to ensure smooth functioning.
  •  Perpetual succession - A private limited company is guaranteed perpetual succession. This ensures the continuation of the company no matter what circumstances. It puts people’s faith in the company’s future. Even if members, directors leave or declare bankruptcy, the company continues to function.

There are various other benefits of the process, especially under a private limited company registration, which will be listed further. For all your company registration needs, contact company Vakil with ease.


Why I need Online company registration in Jaipur


A company registration ensures access to all the government subsidies and programs. It goes a long way in ensuring that your company has legal standing. It is easier to get funding if you are registered as this guarantees to the investors and the buyers that you are a legal entity of true standing. Company Incorporation in Jaipur makes sure that people can put your faith in you. It helps build your name, brand, structure and future. A private limited company registration in Jaipur guarantees that your entity stays secure in various ways. It makes sure you get validation and identity in the market for easy access and relationship building. Guarantees like no liability of personal assets in case of limited liability partnerships, perpetual succession in various types, guarantees that you are a front-runner in the arena.

A company registration makes sure that your company has legitimacy and can hence work without any hassles in the market. A privately limited company registration ensures various advantages. The company registration makes sure you can access various benefits meant for you, especially if you are a small company. There are vibrant schemes aimed at developing the economic sector, prominently in the case of small companies. If you are a startup, contact us for incorporation to help grow your company. The three-year exemption in tax is among one of the many government policies aimed at developing self-employment.  If you are a registered company, it makes sure that you are a front-runner in schemes, policies and other such plans for boosting economic growth.



Process for company registration in Jaipur Online

Company Vakil provides some of the best and most affordable services for Company registration and further corporate needs in Jaipur. The process for registration of the company is summarized as below:


  1. Relevant Documents - SPICE, which stands for Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company electronically, has done away with a cumbersome process by launching an online platform to progress the process. It is an integration different steps into one single form to simplify things like of DIN i.e. Directors Identification Number (DIN), individualistic name, digital signature certificate etc. A PAN is automatically appointed to the company for ease, which is late sent to the company via official mail.
  2. Directors Identification Number (DIN) - It is a unique identity and helps in verifying a company. It is a unique identification which legitimizes the company registration and is part of the process. A DSC is required before this.
  3. Digital Signature Certificate - This is a unique identity to the company, which makes sure a company has an individual standing. This DSC ensures that transactions can happen easily, identity is proven and that there is access to information without doubt to legitimate owners.
  4. Incorporation - If all the documents check out, the company is officially registered.
  5. PAN - A PAN application is automatically spread into motion as an incorporation certificate is applied for. This makes sure there are legitimacy and transparency to the transaction of a company. PAN is mailed to the company’s official address after the company registration.


Contact Company Vakil team to incorporate your company and get various benefits. You can do so by email, phones or reach us out at our regional centres.

Minimum Requirements for Company Registration in Jaipur


There are many benefits to company incorporation in Jaipur and this leads to the growth of business and the economic sector. A business has to be lawful with lawful means. A privately limited company registration in Jaipur comes tethered with the brighter future. It cannot be illegal in any sense and only the company registration can take place. The company must also possess a unique name that guarantees its individuality. This name will be the one that the consumers will associate your company with and hence has to be selected with careful thought before company registration. The company name is one of the key elements to any company.  A number of shareholders are another aspect of the company registration. A clear number of shareholders of the company (with no limit of the percentage) have to be shared. There should be directors on board of the company instead of a private limited company who have to be mentioned during incorporation. DIN of a minimum number of Directors has to be mentioned to provide authority. There has to be at least one resident Indian director.

Documents like Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), Aadhaar number, Directors Identification number etc. have to be provided for further verification. MOA and AOA, which have been discussed in the next section, are also to be submitted. These act as the backbone or skeleton of the company and its working, ensuring a clear path for paving the future. The company should have an official address and other legitimate details for correspondence to receive a company registration.


Documents required for company registration in Jaipur


For company incorporation in India, an application for registration should be submitted to the registrar of companies with the following documents:

  • Memorandum of Association - It defines the objectives of the company to figure out what they wish to achieve. It lists down how the company will near its goals. It can be said to be the constitution of the company. It lays down what the company sees itself and aspires to be.
  • Articles of Association - An article of Association is focused on the rules and regulations by which the company will be governed. It ensures clarity on how the internal affairs of the company will work and the objectives of the memorandum of association will be achieved.
  • A declaration - A declaration signed by an authorized expert guaranteeing compliance with all the statutory provisions and laws has to be submitted. This makes sure there are no violations and business can carry on smoothly. It assures investors too.
  • List of Directors - A list of all the designated directors has to be submitted for company registration. Correct provisions according to the type of company have to be complied with and necessary details submitted.
  • Personal Details - Personal information of directors, secretary and all other instrumental people has to be submitted. This includes DSC, Aadhaar information, Residence proof etc.
  • Correspondence details - The company’s official address, contact details etc. have to be provided to further share all the details.
  • Company Vakil, with our legal experts, can guide you through this process. Contact us today for the same.


Advantages & benefits of company registration in Jaipur


  1. Unique Identity -The privately limited company registration makes sure that the company is provided with a unique and legitimate identity. This helps in providing credibility to the company and a brand value.
  2. Many tax exemptions in the Special Economic Zone - There are different kinds of tax exemptions available to the company set up in Special Economic Zones to further the object of businesses.
  3. Tax incentives for the IT sector -As India garners a name in the IT arena, there is an increase in the amount of investment, which keeps getting higher. To help in this IT boom, the government has provided various incentives to the IT sector in terms of tax.
  4. Treaties with Foreign Countries - This is a huge help for the companies that work globally. Company registration helps in business expansion overseas and an increase in profits. There are various treaties surrounding double taxation with various countries that help in it.
  5. Government programs, subsidies etc. - There are various government programs, aimed at developing self-employment in our country. These are provided to registered companies through subsidies, schemes, policies etc.
  6.  Other Tax Exemptions - There are direct tax exemptions provided to private limited company registration in Jaipur depending on the kind of registration attained.
  7.  Simpler Process - The new process is simpler and easy along with time-saving. It is aimed at encouraging startups and small countries to incorporate. A privately limited company registration is now hassled free. The whole process can now be done online and without much hassle.
  8. Funding - A privately limited company registration leads to easier access to funding. There is better access to investors and shareholders who can now easily put faith in the company.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

1 day


1 day


5 to 7 days


5 to 7 days


FAQ's about Pvt. Ltd. Company in Jaipur


●       Can a startup be registered in India?

Yes, it is advisable to do so since it makes sure you are legitimate. This can be done under the private limited company. Contact Company Vakil team for further queries through email, phone or personal correspondence.


●       Can a foreign national be a director in an Indian company?

Yes, by acquiring Director’s Identification number in India. This is a unique identity and will help in registration of the company as authorization of foreign national as a director.


●       Are there any exemptions to incorporation?

Yes. These include tax exemptions in various forms like direct tax and startup initiative.


●       Who registers the company?

The registrar does so. The registration can be obtained online now.


●       What is a benefit to foreign investors?

The foreign direct index (FDI) has helped boost various industries.


●       How can DSC be obtained?

DSC can be obtained online by following the relevant procedure with the concerned authority.


●       How much tax bracket is given to startups?

A tax holiday for three years is provided to startups to ensure smooth functioning and time for setting up a growing business.


●       What is a Nidhi Company?

A Nidhi company is one that accepts deposits and lends the same on demand to those in need. Only the members can deposit money here and it works for the mutual benefit of the members.


●       Is it compulsory to register a company in Jaipur?

No, it is a voluntary process but one that is highly advisable. It helps your company attain validation and reap benefits under various schemes.


●       How long does the process take?

The whole process has now gone online and takes very less time to complete. Contact us to make it simpler and get more details. We will provide your company registration with ease.