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about us


Company Vakil is one of India's largest and most trust worthy cloud-based Legal Services platform, i.e. owned by CV Legal Tech Services LLP. The platform dedicated to help budding Entrepreneurs as well as Startups to easily commence and grow their respective Business, at a much affordable cost.

We started with only one mission in mind i.e. to make Legal Affordable, Simple and Accessible for all and we have been quite successful in achieving that. Our basic aim has always been to provide the best possible quality at the most optimum price to our concerned clients.

As its truly stated that “Client is the King” and we completely abide by it and always keep it as our first priority, but being part of the legal fraternity we can’t let go of the fact that has always been the stated truth of Land i.e. “Law is King of Kings”. So here at Company Vakil, we have a saying that “OBEY THE KING OF KINGS” and the other Kings & their things get obeyed by default.

We are here to help an entrepreneur or a startup in their legal and regulatory requirements, and to always be as a companion, a friend and a Consultant all throughout their business lifecycle, offering support at every stage to ensure the business remains compliant and continually growing.

When we launched our range of Legal and regulatory services we took a pledge that any Legal service we offer via our platform will be provided in the most efficient and cost affective manner to our clients, also there would be no compromise on quality, they would be provided with a consultation from some of the best Legal Consultants in the world. Believe us, we have maintained that pledge till date and will continue to maintain it all throughout.

Our Team

Our ever growing team of young, diligent and hardworking professionals is our biggest asset. We espouse diversity, as our team consists of experienced professionals having knowledge into various fields ranging from Legal (as in Advocates and Lawyers), advance accounting (as in CA, CFA & CS), engineering, science, architectural, finance, economics, MBA degree holders.

Company Vakil is owned by CV Legal Tech Services LLP, where we only believe in team effort as the key to growth and success. We believe designations do not differentiate any of us and everyone on the team plays a vital role in achieving our shared dreams and ambitions.



Company Vakil started with the simple idea to make a One Stop Business Solution platform that caters everything from Legal Services to secretarial services to Chartered Accountancy services and all of it is accessible to everyone on their fingertips. To accomplish our mission we are building the largest one stop business services platform in the world with a range of services from brand protection to incorporation to tax filing. In short the basic Idea is to help you hustle and remove the Hassle.

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We utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver the highest quality of financial, accounting and legal services through the internet. We understand the importance of technology in achieving our mission of delivering affordable business services. Hence, we continually experiment and implement the latest in technology to improve our processes and customer satisfaction.

Company Vakil is built on one of world’s best Platforms. It is even SSL Protected which helps us secure all the transactions done via our platform. The technology and scale of our development makes Company Vakil platform safe, reliable, scalable and trust-worthy.