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Trademark Objection in Jaipur

Trademark refers to any sign which is used by the businessmen to make sure that their products and services are differentiated from others of the same type. A Trademark can be any sign, design, expression, or even the manufacturer’s name in a stylized font. Basically, any type of written indentation which helps to distinguish the product from others like it and specify that the said product has been manufactured by a particular person or a company may serve as a Trademark.

A Trademark is registered by filing an application for trademark registration with the Registrar of Trademarks. The Registrar of trademarks has a right to approve or reject any registrations applications which come to him. When the registrar rejects an application he does so by raising objections against it. The objection contains the points pertaining to why the particular trademark cannot be registered. Such objections are mentioned in the Trademarks Examination Report which is issued to the applicant after the application is processed.

When such an objection is raised for a trademark registration, the applicant has the right to reply to the objection. The trademark objection reply in Jaipur has to contain answers and justifications as to why the mark should be registered in the favour of the applicant along with all the case laws, facts, evidence and documents and all the supporting evidence, if any, which are to help in the matter.

If the examiner is satisfied with all the evidence and arguments in the reply to the objection and finds all his concerns answered to, he may lift the objection and then the application is published in the Trademarks Journal before it is registered.

It is recommended to employ or take help of an experienced professional in order to reply to the trademark objections as they are familiar with and have expertise on the related trademark laws and case laws pertaining to the matter. This way they are able to file the reply in a better and more effective way of raising the chance of success.

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Reasons for Trademark status Objected in Jaipur

When a trademark registration application is filed with the registrar of trademarks, an examiner examines the proposed trademark and if he finds some problems with that he raises and issues an objection against the said trademark application known as Trademark Objection. There are two reasons due to which an applicant might receive a trademark objection. They are based on the type of the objection he receives. Those are:

1. Procedural Objection: The examiner raises a procedural objection when there is some sort of technical faults or errors with the trademark registration application filed by the applicant such as goods not falling under the applied class, or any such type of error. These types of objections can be resolved by correcting these objections.


2.  Substantive Objections: Substantive Objections are received by an applicant when there is some issue related to the application which triggers the Section 9 and Section 11 of the Trademarks Act, 1999 which contains the absolute and relative grounds of refusal of registration respectively. Substantive Objections are to be removed by filing appropriate replies to the objections establishing the distinctiveness of the trademark and reasoning as to why the trademark should be published.


Process for Removal of Trademark status Objected in Jaipur

There is a proper procedure for the removal of trademark objections. It is advisable to follow the proper procedure assigned and to employ an experienced professional so that the trademark objection can be removed properly and with efficiency. The steps involved are:

1. First and foremost, the objection raised by the registrar must be carefully read and all the aspects related to it should be properly analyzed. This should be done in the way so that there is no misunderstanding related to the objection as these misunderstandings can lead to the reply to the trademark objection being wrongly filled.

2.  The second step involves drafting of a trademark objection reply in Jaipur, raised by the registrar. The necessary components of a reply are:


  • The answer to the objection along with the case laws and all the supporting documents stating as to why the trademark must be registered.
  • The affidavit of Usage which shows that due to the longtime use of the mark to denote or represent the goods or services, the mark is now considered to be associated with the goods.
  • It is recommended to employ an experienced professional for the purpose of drafting the reply who has proper expertise and knowledge regarding the matter.


3. The drafted reply once complete has to be filed online on the trademarks registration site portal.

4. If the reply is found satisfactory by the examiner and he thinks that all the concerns raised in the objection have been addressed to, he allows the application to be published in the Trademark Journal, before it is registered.

Documents Required for removal of Trademark status Objected in Jaipur


All the documents are required only in the scanned form. You can attach the document in the form after the payment or e-mail it to us Feel free to get in touch for any query.

The documents required for the purpose of removal of a trademark objection are minimal. They consist of a properly drafted reply to the trademark objection which must be accompanied by the following:

  1. The answer to the objection along with the case laws and all the supporting documents stating as to why the trademark must be registered.
  2. The affidavit of Usage which shows that due to the longtime use of the mark to denote or represent the goods or services, the mark is now considered to be associated with the goods.
  3. A supporting document which proves that the mark is distinctive and can hence be registered.
  4. A Power of Attorney has to be submitted along with the form for answering the objections


Advantages and Benefits of Appropriate Reply to Trademark Status Objected in Jaipur


Trademark Objections should be taken seriously and they should be dealt with in the proper manner. A Trademark Objection is raised by the examiner while examining the trademark registration applications. It is the duty of the applicant to reply to the objections raised by the examiner in the earnest and in the proper way.

When a trademark objection is properly addressed by the applicant by drafting an adequate trademark objection reply, in Jaipur, addressing all the concerns raised by the examiner, with the help of an experienced professional, the objection may get lifted and this benefits the applicant greatly.

There are two main advantages of a proper and appropriate trademark objection reply in Jaipur – likely clearance of the objection, and protection of the brand.

If the reply to the objection is properly drafted and is able to address all the concerns and provides enough evidence and supporting documents to prove the uniqueness of the trademark, the chances are high that the objection may be removed and the application is then reconsidered by the registrar.

An appropriate reply to the trademark objection results in the lifting of the objections upon the trademark application and thus protects the applicant’s brand. It is because the people have been seeing the particular trademark being associated with some goods or services and now the trademark has become a symbol of those goods and services alone. This saves the applicant from having to file a new application and thus start the whole reputation building ordeal with a new sign, mark and slogan.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Trademark status Objected in Jaipur


What is a Trademark Objection?

It means a refusal to a Trademark by Examiner through the issue of an Examination Report for the Trademark Application.


What is a Trademark Objection Reply?

Trademark Objection Reply is a response to the Objections raised by the Examiner in his/her report.


Is there any difference between Trademark Objection and Trademark Examination?

There is no difference; they are one and the same.


Is there any difference between Trademark Objection and Trademark Opposition?

Trademark Objection is raised by the Examiner of Trademark Registry whereas Trademark Opposition is raised by a 3rd party (at the time when Trademark is advertised in the Journal).


Is there any time limit to reply the Trademark Objection?

Trademark Objection has to be replied within 30 days from the publication of Examination Report.


Why is it important to fill a Trademark Objection Reply?

A trademark Objection reply is filed to waive off all the Objections raised by the Examiner, by listing down all the reasons, facts and evidence against such Trademark Objection.


What will be cost incurred for filing trademark objection reply with Company vakil?

A well-drafted reply for trademark objection in india can be filed through Company vakil’s competent professional team at a reasonable cost of Rs 3,500.