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Trademark Renewal In Jaipur Cost With Breakdown


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Government Fee for Individuals and startups Rs 9,700.00*

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Trademark Renewal in Jaipur

Trademark refers to any sign which is used by the businessmen to make sure that their products and services are differentiated from others of the same type. A Trademark can be any sign, design, expression, or even the manufacturer’s name in a stylized font. Basically, any type of written indentation which helps to distinguish the product from others like it and specify that the said product has been manufactured by a particular person or a company may serve as a Trademark.

A registered trademark remains valid for a period of ten years after which has to be renewed. Ideally, a trademark can be kept alive and be used for an infinite amount of time regularly and dutifully renewing it before it expires just for the payment a little renewal fee.

With the renewal of a trademark, the rights held by the owner of the registered trademark continue to operate until the time the trademark expires or is cancelled due to which it is removed from the register of trademarks.

The trademark owners are expected to renew their trademark registrations during a time window of approximately six months before the date of expiration of the trademark. However, the registrar also automatically sends a notice during this time period as a reminder to the registered trademark owner regarding the expiration of the trademark registration and conditions as to the payment of the renewal fees. A trademark can be renewed an unlimited number of times.

Also, any person can renew a trademark as long as he or she adheres to the rules and regulations specified regarding the trademarks under the Intellectual Property Laws. If a trademark has not been renewed even after twelve months from the date of expiration of the trademark, the registrar advertises his intention to remove the said trademark from the trademark register and subsequently removes it. However, during the period of six to twelve months from the date of expiration of a trademark, it can be renewed again on payment of a fine.

We at Company vakil help you with the process of renewing your trademark from Jaipur. Jaipur, capital city of Rajasthan, has a population above 30 lacs. The literacy rate in the city as per 2011 census, is 84.34% where the male literacy is 90.61% whereas, the female literacy is 77.41%. In terms of religious population, Hindus are in a majority (77.9%) followed by the Islam, which is 18.6%. Also, the sex ratio in the city is 898 females per 1000 males.


Reasons for online Trademark Renewal in Jaipur

A Trademark should be renewed because of the following reasons:

  1. The renewal of a trademark ensures that the legal protection of the trademark is continued.
  2. A trademark can be renewed an infinite number of times upon the payment of the renewal fee.
  3. Any person can renew a trademark as long as he or she adheres to the rules and regulations of the Intellectual Property Law upon trademarks.
  4. Any registered trademark is valid for a period of 10 years only and needs to be renewed regularly to ensure that it remains registered.


The Trademark Renewal procedure in Jaipur

The trademark renewing procedure in Jaipur is as follows:

  1. Preparing Renewal Application: A Trademark renewal application has to be made in the prescribed TM– 12 form by the trademark owner or some other person which has been granted the authority by the owner.
  2. Application Filing: The renewal application after it has been prepared has to be filed with the registrar of trademarks.
  3. Required Renewal Fee: For renewing the trademark, the trademark owner needs to file a renewal application with the registrar along with a certain amount as a fee. This fee may vary according to the time frame of renewal i.e. during the six months before the expiry date or during the six months after the expiry date.
  4. Examination and Review: After the renewal application has been submitted along with all the required documents, an examiner checks that the renewal application is in compliance with the provisions of the Trademark Act, 1999.
  5. Publication in Trademark Journal: After examining the renewal application, the applicant is notified about the renewing of the trademark. This is done by publishing all the renewed trademarks in the Trademark Journal which is the official gazette of the Trademark Registry.

Documents Required for online Trademark Renewal in Jaipur

All the documents are required only in the scanned form. You can attach the document in the form after the payment or e-mail it to us on Feel free to get in touch for any query. Following documents need to be submitted:

  1. A copy of the registration certificate
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. ID Proof of the applicant
  4. Address proof of the applicant
  5. A copy of form TM – A


Advantages and Benefits of online Trademark Renewal in Jaipur

The advantages and benefits associated with trademark renewal which the trademark owner receives upon the successful renewal of his trademark are as follows:

  1. Continued Legal Protection: Trademark Renewal ensures that the legal protection provided by trademark registration continues so that no one can misappropriate the trademark.
  2. Trustor Goodwill: When a trademark is renewed, the owner of the trademark gain goodwill and thus establishing public trust with the goods associated with that trademark. This happens due to regular renewal.
  3. Unique Identity Protected: Trademark Registration provides the trademark owner with a unique identity which is associated with the registered trademark and thus no one else can pose to have that identity or own a trademark similar to the one. Trademark Renewal ensures that this unique identity remains protected.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

Frequently Asked Questions Related to online Trademark Renewal in Jaipur


What is Trademark Renewal?

A Trademark expires after a period of 10 years of registration. After this, the trademark needs to be renewed which can be done upon payment of a renewal fee, you can consult Company Vakil for full details about Trademark Renewal in India


When do I have to renew a trademark?

A Trademark’s validity is for 10 years and it has to be renewed after every 10 years.


How much time does it take to renew a trademark?

A Trademark takes around 3-4 days to get renewed (an electronic communication is received from the registry that your Trademark has been renewed for next set of 10 years).


Can a trademark be restored after the trademark’s expiration date?

Yes, a Trademark can be renewed and restored up to next 12 months after the date of expiration, by giving a prescribed fine and fee for the same.


What happens if a trademark is not renewed or restored within its time limit?

The Trademark gets removed from the Register of Trademarks after 12 months from the date of expiration and is available for anyone to apply the same.


Can the original trademark owner file an objection if someone applies for the same trademark after its removal from register due to non-renewal?

No, the Original Holder of Trademark can’t file an Opposition on the Grounds of Non-Renewal.


What is the Trademark Journal?

The Trademark Journal is the official gazette of the Trademark Registry.


How many times can a trademark be renewed?

A trademark can be renewed an unlimited number of times for the payment of the renewal fee.