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GST refers to Goods and Services Tax which subsumes all tax such as Excise Duty, Sales Tax, etc.GST is the biggest reform in our country, improving the ease of business and increasing the taxpayer in Hyderabad by bringing the millions of small business in Hyderabad. This is done basically to improve the multiple tax system and subsuming them into one which would reduce the complexities. Under this GST regime, all the entities in Hyderabad are required to do GST registration in Hyderabad before starting their business. Entities without GST registration cannot claim GST from the customers.



Further, registration for GST becomes obligatory once an entity crosses a turnover of starting a new business of its prescribed turnover. As per the new GST council, the entities in the special category if crossing an annual turnover of 10 lac or above would be required to register for composition scheme under GST. Other categories of entities may register if annual turnover crosses 20lac.

Get the online GST registration in Hyderabad done by Company Vakil



If the Goods and service registration in Hyderabad is done, then the business will be recognized legally as a supplier of goods or services.

That business will be legally authorized to collect taxes from the purchasers and pass on the credits of taxes paid on goods to purchasers or recipients. To have a proper accounting of taxes on the input goods or services the GST online Hyderabad registration should be done

Hyderabad, capital of Telangana state is also known as a city of pearls because of its trading in pearls and diamond. A city filled with monuments like Charminar, Golkonda fort, laad bazaar etc. Hyderabad is also a major center for the technology industry and home for many restaurants and shops. The Telugu film industry based in the city is currently second-largest producer of motion pictures. Hyderabad is the fifth largest contributor to the gross domestic product.



GST registration in Hyderabad can be done online through a portal maintained by Company Vakil. Here, at company vakil, you can register your business in Hyderabad through GST process. It is easily accessible and quick also Goods and Service Tax registration in Hyderabad is an online process. The government also provides  GST Suvidha Providers to help business with the process of registration.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The applicant needs to submit his PAN, mobile number and email address in the part A of the form GST REG-1on the portal.
  2. The PAN is verified on the GST Portal. Mobile number And Email id are also verified with an OTP(one-time password). Once the verification is completed, the applicant receives the application reference number through mobile no. or email address. The acknowledgment is issued in FORM GST REG-2.
  3. Part B in GST REG-1 is required to be filed and specify the reference number. Then the form is submitted after attaching different documents.
  4. If any additional information is required by the portal then form GST REG-3 is issued. The applicant needs to respond to form GST REG-4 within 7 working days of receiving the receipt of GST REG-3.
  5. If the applicant has provided each and every detail in form GST REG-1 and GST REG-4, the certificate is issued in form GST REG-6 for the principal place and also any additional place of business. The applicant who has required to deduct TDS or collect TCS shall submit his application in form GST REG-7 for the process of registration.


The minimum requirements(like who can get GST online Hyderabad Registration ) are:

  1. Business with a turnover above the limit of Rs.20 lacs in Hyderabad.
  2. Individuals registered under Pre-GST Law(Excise, VAT, etc) in Hyderabad.
  3. Persons supplying online materials or database access from outside the country to the nation.
  4. Agents of the Supplier and Input Service provider in Hyderabad.
  5. Persons who supply through e-commerce facilities in Hyderabad.
  6. GST registration in Hyderabad since is an online process can be done in 2-5 working days. Through Company Vakil GST registration online can be done quicker and hassle-free.



The documents required for GST online Hyderabad registration are:

  1. PAN Card of the Applicant
  2. Identity and Address Proof of the Promoters.
  3. Business Registration Document.
  4. Address proof for Place of Business like rent agreement or electricity bill of that place.
  5. Bank Account Proof like the canceled cheque showing the details of the applicant.
  6. Authorized signatory likes the list of partners in cases of partnership firm or list of directors in case of Company.



The advantages of getting a GST registration in Hyderabad are:

  1. He is authorized to collect taxes from customers and pass on the credits of taxes paid.
  2. He can claim Input Tax Credit paid to his suppliers and can utilize the same for the payments of money due to them.
  3. Seamless flow of Input Tax Credit from suppliers to the recipient at the national level.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

2 Working days

Temporary Reference Number

3 to 4 working days

GST Number ( TM )



I have a VAT or Service Tax Registration, do I need to Apply for GST?

Yes, VAT & Service Tax Registrations have been subsumed into GST i.e. Goods & Service Tax Registration. Migration from these Old Tax provisions to GST has to be done as Law.


What is GST?

GST is a Goods and Service Tax applicable. It's a Unified Indirect Tax Provision that was made applicable on 1st July 2017 and almost every kind of Indirect Tax i.e. Vat, Service Tax, and Excise has been replaced to only One Tax Provision – GST.


Who needs a GST Registration in Hyderabad?

Goods and services Registration in Hyderabad is needed by every business in Hyderabad exceeding the threshold limit of Rs. 20 Lakhs, any business registered under pre-GST Laws (i.e. VAT, Service Tax and Excise) and apart from these there are some special cases too.


What are these Special Cases for Mandatory GST Registration?

Special Cases for GST Registration are as follows: -

  1. Any business registered under Pre-GST Laws i.e. Vat, Excise or Service Tax
  2. A Casual Taxable Person
  3. Taxpayers under the Reverse Charge Mechanism
  4. Online e-commerce Operators/Aggregators like Amazon, Flipkart etc.
  5. People who are Agents of a Supplier
  6. People Supplying through an E-commerce Operator / Aggregator
  7. Non – Resident Taxable Person
  8. Input Service Distributors
  9. Anyone doing a business that involves inter-state Supplies of Goods & Service [As per the new Amendment Service Providers doing Inter-state Supply of Service is exempted from GST Registration till their Annual Turnover doesn’t Reach the Threshold of Rs. 20 Lakhs [10 Lakhs in the Special States & 20 Lakhs for Jammu & Kashmir)]


What is GSTIN and when do you receive it?

GSTIN is a unique Goods and Service Tax Identification Number and once a business is properly registered under the same, it receives a unique GSTIN.


Is there a penalty for not registering under GST Online ?

Yes, there are penalties for not registering under GST, If a TAX Offender is not paying GST or is doing lesser payment than the actual Amount (due to genuine errors), has to pay the penalty of 10% of the tax amount due and subject to a minimum of Rs. 10,000. If it’s done deliberately by the offender, the penalty would be of 100% of tax amount due. So its important for you to have a GST Registration in India if you fall under the purview of the same.