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The contracts in India, whether offline or online are governed by the India Contract Act, 1872 read with section 10A of the Information Technology Act, 2000. The relationship which exists between the E-Commerce Companies and Customers are governed by the “License Agreement” or “Terms of Service Agreement”. It is important that every e-commerce Company has a set of some terms and conditions which could be easily found on the official website. These terms and condition should be different from the other e-commerce websites. If these conditions are copied then it will cause a breach of copyright protection of that website.

Hyderabad is often referred to as Hi-Tech city and is one of the fastest growing cities of India. It is also a IT hub if India and many companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Dell, Nokia, Amazon, Ikea, Accenture have established their offices in hyderabad. It also is the house for lengthiest flyover in India. P.V.Narasimha Rao elevated express corridor 11.6 km makes the lengthiest flyover in India. It also has the south India's best museum called has salar Jung museum having more than 40,000 collections form all over the world.



This long term service agreement hyderabad is not mandated by law. But having Terms and Conditions agreement hyderabad gives you a right to terminate the access of the users who do not use it or of the users who abuse your website. Having an long term service agreement hyderabad will dictate how different aspects of transactions you hold, to inform the users about the payment terms, about the shipping policies if the Company is dealing with selling products, to inform the users about the refund or return policies.



Terms and Conditions agreement hyderabad are the rights and obligations of the business and the Customers. It is important because of it the source of interaction between the customers and the business employers. One must understand the Terms and Conditions before entering or contracting with the E-Commerce Company.  These conditions confirm what is intended and what is prohibited by the site. Since every website is different, so custom drafted rules are necessary to protect the business. A privacy policy is a statement that discloses how a customer’s personal information will be protected on this site.


While drafting Terms and Conditions agreement hyderabad following things must be kept in mind:

  1. Nature of the product and Services.
  2. Copyright and Trademarks.
  3. Payments.
  4. Guarantees and Warranties.
  5. Termination as in how a user can terminate his business.
  6. Governing Law means which country laws are governing the agreement.
  7. Provisions for the changes in the agreement.

So, one must have a brief understanding of the above topics before finalizing a Terms and Conditions Agreement. There can be many ways:

  1. If in doubt copy the Terms and Conditions of from some other website which has the same kind of business but always refrains from doing this.
  2. A person can hire an attorney for making an agreement for the Terms of service Agreement hyderabad. An Attorney will have a necessary knowledge of which clause to include and which not. Hiring an Attorney will be costly but it will not create any hustle an bustle in the Long term service agreement hyderabad and Company will not have to suffer.
  3. There is also a Generator for the Terms of Services Agreement hyderabad available. These generators are available online and they generate the agreement when the Company provides them with the guidelines.
  4. Get the online terms of service agreement hyderabad done by companyvakil for quick and hassle free service.



The minimum requirement to have the Best long term service agreement hyderabad are as follows

  1. The “Terms of Service” should be presented in a clear format and must be read by the customer. If the Customer agrees to all the Terms of Service then he can scroll down and click on the “I Agree” button.
  2. The Customer must be given an opportunity to save or take a print out of the Terms of Services so that he cannot be manipulated by altering the conditions of the service.
  3. The Terms and Condition should beat an identifiable place so that the customer could read it with ease.
  4. It is advised that the important condition should be laid down in such a manner that it can be understood by the layman easily. The Condition like “limitation of liability clause”,” arbitration” should be placed near the “I Agree” button so that if the customer scrolls down the whole document then also he can have a look of it.
  5. In case there is a change in the terms and condition then it should be intimated to the customer in all the possible ways so that the Customer can accept it or reject it. Websites like LinkedIn, Google, Twitter notify their user by a popup window at the top of the website and the user is required to read it and take the action by clicking on “ I Agree” or “ Dismiss” button as per his suitability.
  6. The E-Commerce websites should in the process of every transaction direct the Customers to the Terms and Conditions
  7. attached to it.
  8. If the E-Commerce industry is involved in selling commodities then they must have “Shipping and Return policy” as a part of their Terms and Conditions. Return of the Commodity creates a need for the refund of money also. They can refund it directly in the account of the holder or in the particular online shopping application so that it can be used later by the Customer. Return of money should be done as early as possible.



The  advantages of long term service agreement hyderabad are:

  1. If a user is abusing your website or mobile application then you can terminate their account through the “Termination Clause” they get to know their account may be terminated if they abuse your service.
  2. If users can post content on the website or any other application you can remove them if it infringes your Copyright. Your Terms and Conditions will inform the users that they only create the content for which they have a right. For example Google Play Store, Facebook, etc.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

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Terms of Services


Q1. How does an Electronic Signature work in a Terms of Services Agreement hyderabad?

Ans: Electronic Signature is used to verify and authorize electronic agreement related to terms of service.


Q2. What are the terms of  long term service agreement hyderabad?

Ans: Terms of Service Agreement in India mention the Conditions on which the services are being delivered, all online businesses portals need this Terms of Services to be defined.


Q3. What is the privacy policy?

Ans: Every online business portal has a Privacy Policy, it defines what will be and what won’t be done with the user’s information.


04. Why are Terms of Service Agreement and Privacy Policy needed?

  1. It is important to have them to place limitations on what can be done and what can’t be done with the user’s Information.
  2. It is important to specify what information is collected and if its kept confidential or shared or sold to others
  3. It is important to intimate your customer regarding the Terms and Condition of services they are being delivered.
  4. It is mandatory for E-commerce Websites to have them.


Q5. What is the need for Terms of Services Agreement?

Ans: Terms of Service Agreement  is required to clear the terms and condition between both the parties.