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GST Registration in Ahmedabad:


GST refers to Goods and Services Tax in Ahmeabad which subsumes all tax such as Excise Duty, Sales Tax, etc.GST is the biggest reform in our country, improving the ease of doing business and increasing the taxpayer by bringing in millions of small business to the country. This is done basically to improve the multiple tax system and subsuming them into one which would reduce the complexities. Under this GST regime, all the entities are required to register for GST before starting their business. Entities without GST registration in Ahmedabad cannot claim GST from the customers.


Reasons to register a GST registration in Ahmedabad:


GST is introduced with the view to bring tax reforms in the country by a single taxation system. It has tremendously improved ease of doing business by bringing millions of small businesses in the country. GST registration is important for the following reasons:-

  1. Limited Compliance - GST registration introduced limited compliance to the business. Now, the taxpayers are not required to maintain the business record and they can focus on their business rather than engaging themselves in business complexities. GST registration ensures that the taxpayer has to furnish only quarterly returns.
  2. Limited Tax Liability - GST Law ensures that the tax rate to be charged by the taxpayers is nominal. This enables the taxpayers to focus on their business for maximizing their benefits and yielding better results from it.
  3.  High Liquidity - Once the business gets registered under GST, a person can easily avail funds from various sources like banks, angel investors, venture capitalists and other financial institutions. Banks prefer funding to registered businesses under GST than to any other normal partnership firm or proprietor. A normal taxpayer has to pay output tax on the supplies at a standard rate. Also, he can avail the benefits of any credit of input only when his own supplier files a return online. But, under GST registration, output liability will be nominal and the dependency on return filing by the supplier is also less.
  4. Level Playing Field - GST registration enables the small businesses to offer their products at competitive prices. This helps them to have a better hold on the local market supply by easily outplaying the economies of scale of large enterprises. Thus, it ensures the interest of small businesses by providing a sustainable and competitive market supply.


Why do I need GST registration in Ahmadabad ?


GST registration helps the entities to expand their businesses by removing legal constraints and providing them a number of opportunities. GST Registration is required for the following reasons:


  1.  Become more competitive - Having a valid tax registration helps the enterprise to be more independent and competitive than any other unregistered competitors. It ensures the business to carry out their operations more effectively and efficiently.
  2.  Expand your business online - If a business entity is planning to sell its product online through an e-commerce platform, it requires a unique identification number called the Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN). A person cannot offers its product online through e-retail chains like Flipkart, Amazon,m etc. if his business does not have a unique identification number.
  3. Can take input tax credit - GST registration recognizes the business legally allows it to issue taxable invoices. This helps to expand the business and to make it more competitive because the buyers are now in a better position to take input credits on their purchases.
  4. Can sell all over the country without any restrictions - GST registration ensures inter-state trade. A business registered under GST can easily trade all over the country without any restrictions.
  5. Apply government tenders - Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) is required for many of the government tenders. A person can avail the benefits from those tenders only if he has registered his business under GST and obtained a GSTIN. 
  6. Open a current bank account - GST registration certificate helps to easily open a current bank account which in case of unregistered businesses is difficult.
  7. Dealing with MNC’s - Having a valid GST registration certificate helps the entities to deal with multinational companies.




Process for GST registration in Ahmedabad:


At Company Vakil , you may avail services to get your business registered under The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Law and get your Goods and Services Identification Number.

Experts of Company Vakil can guide you on its applicability and guidelines to be followed under GST for the business.

Alternatively GST registration in Ahmedabad process is online through a Central Govt. portal. Following is the GST registration Process in Ahmedabad and across the country:


  • The applicant will have to submit his PAN number, valid email id and phone number in the PART – A of the GST REG – 01 form on the portal.
  •  After submitting the details, verification of PAN, Phone Number, and Email id is done and the application reference number is sent to the registered mobile number and email id. In the GST REG – 02 form, an acknowledgment is issued electronically.
  • After filing the required details and reference number in PART – B of GST REG – 01 form, the applicant will have to submit the form.
  •  For additional information GST REG – 02 form is required to be filled further.
  • After this, GST REG – 04 form needs to be submitted in 7 working days with required information after receiving GST REG – 03 form.
  •  In the form of GST REG – 06, the registration certificate will be provided.

We at Company Vakil are one of the biggest online platform for GST registration in India.


Advantages and Benefits of GST Registration

Following are the benefits of GST Registration:-

  • Provide input tax credit to customers- Since, the business is legally recognized due to the GST registration, it can issue taxable invoices. This helps to expand the business and to make it more competitive because the buyers are now in a better position to take input credits on their purchases.
  • Take Input Credit - Voluntarily registered persons under GST increase their business margin and profitability by taking input credit on their own purchases and their own services like legal fees, consultation fees etc.
  • Make inter-state sales without many restrictions - GST registration enables the businesses to make inter-state sales without any restrictions. This helps the small and medium enterprises to sell their products online throughe-commerce platform.
  •  Be compliant and have a good rating - GST registration ensures that the business does not require any further registration and helps the business to be compliant and scalable. Entities can easily maintain their compliance rating through GST registration, which helps them to attract additional businesses.
  •  Easy to raise Funds and Loans - Once the company gets registered, it can easily derive loans from banks, venture capitalists, angel investors. Further, the banks and other financial institutions prefer registered companies over any other partnership firms or proprietorship concerns.
  • Proper Accounting of taxes - GST registration helps the entities to manage their taxes on input goods or services. It authorizes the entities to collect tax from their purchasers and utilize the same for payment of the GST due to the supply of goods or services.

Minimum Requirements for GST registration in Ahmedabad:


The minimum requirements(like who can register under GST) are:

  1. Business with a turnover above the limit of Rs.20 lacs(or for others is Rs.10lacs).
  2. Individuals registered under Pre-GST Law(Excise, VAT, etc)
  3. Persons supplying online materials or database access through outside India to a person inside India.
  4.  Agents of the Supplier and Input Service provider.
  5. Persons who supply through e-commerce facilities.


Documents Required for GST Registration in Ahmedabad -


Following documents are required for GST Registration:-


  1. PAN Card of the business or applicant - For obtaining GST certificate, PAN card of the business or applicant is required in order to link GSTIN with the PAN of the business.
  2. identity Proof of the Promoters - At the time of registration, all the partners are required to submit their Pan card as a primary address proof. Also, the promoters can submit a passport, driving license, Aadhaar card or voters identity card as a proof of identity.
  3. Address Proof of the Promoters - Address Proof includes passport, driving license, Aadhaar card or voters identity card of the promoters.
  4. Business Registration Document - The promoters are required to submit proof of registration like incorporation certificate, registration certificate or partnership deed for all types of registered business entities.
  5. Address Proof for Place of Business - If the registered office is on rent, then a rent agreement along with a no objection certificate from the landlord has to be submitted. Also, the copies of electricity bill, gas bill, telephone bill, latest property tax receipt etc. have to be submitted as a proof of registered business address.
  6. Bank account Proof - For the bank account mentioned in the GST application, the promoters are required to submit a scanned copy of the first page of the bank passbook showing a few transactions and address of the business.


TIME TAKEN in registration process

2 Working days

Temporary Reference Number

3 to 4 working days

GST Number

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


I have a VAT or Service Tax Registration, do I need to Apply for GST?

Yes, VAT & Service Tax Registrations have been merged into GST i.e. Goods & Service Tax Registration. Migration from these Old Tax provisions to GST has to be done as Law.


What is GST?

GST is Goods and Service Tax applicable in the country. It’s a Unified Indirect Tax Provision that was made applicable on 1st July 2017 and almost every kind of Indirect Tax i.e. Vat, Service Tax, and Excise has been replaced to only One Tax Provision – GST.


Who needs a GST Registration in Ahmedabad?

GST Registration is needed by every business exceeding the threshold limit of Rs. 20 Lakhs (Rs. 10 Lakhs in case of North Eastern and the Hill States), any business registered under pre-GST Laws (i.e. VAT, Service Tax and Excise) and apart from these there are some special cases too.


What are these Special Cases for Mandatory GST Registration in Ahmedabad?

Special Cases for GST Registration are as follows: -

1. Any business registered under Pre-GST Laws i.e. Vat, Excise or Service Tax

2. A Casual Taxable Person

3. Taxpayers under the Reverse Charge Mechanism

4. Online e-commerce Operators/Aggregators like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

5. People who are Agents of a Supplier

6. People Supplying through an E-commerce Operator / Aggregator

7. Non – Resident Taxable Person

8. Input Service Distributors

9. When a Person Supplies online Information and Database Access or Retrieval Service from a Place outside of India to person in India, other than a Registered Taxable Person.

10. Anyone doing a business that involves inter-state Supplies of Goods & Service [As per the new Amendment Service Providers doing Inter-state Supply of Service is exempted from GST Registration till their Annual Turnover doesn’t Reach the Threshold of Rs. 20 Lakhs [10 Lakhs in the Special States & 20 Lakhs for Jammu & Kashmir)]


What is GSTIN and when do you receive it?

GSTIN is a unique Goods and Service Tax Identification Number and once a business is properly registered under the same, it receives a unique GSTIN.


Is there a penalty for not registering under GST?

Yes, there are penalties for not registering under GST, If a TAX Offender is not paying GST or is doing lesser payment than the actual Amount (due to genuine errors), has to pay the penalty of 10% of the tax amount due and subject to a minimum of Rs. 10,000. If it’s done deliberately by the offender, the penalty would be of 100% of tax amount due.