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CHENNAI : It is the capital of Tamil Nadu and is located in the eastern India. It is one of the biggest economical , Cultural and educational centers of India . The  Quality of living survey also state that  Chennai is the safest city in India In the year 2015 it is also ranked to be the 43rd most visted city in the world. It attracts various tourist as they are having Chennai Central , Marina Beach , Madras High Court , TIDEL Park , Ripon Building , San Thome Basilica , Kapaleeshwarar Temple etc.


When the GST bill had been introduced in India, it had sparked innumerable debates throughout the name and also had replaced the old taxation system in India, it had replaced the service tax, sales tax etc., and had submersed into one uniform system of taxation, known as GST i.e. Goods & Service Tax. Hence, a business which has an annual turnover exceeding the threshold of 20 Lakhs per annum, should mandatorily update their GST number with the concerned authorities. The main motive behind introducing GST is ‘one nation, one tax’ hence GST is a singular & comprehensive method of taxation, though it has received a lot of flak from the opposition and has become a trending topic, the fact that it aims at the greater good of simplification of taxation system in the country cannot be possibly overlooked. The GST Act had been enacted keeping in purview the regulation of taxation system in the country. Furthermore, the GST registration by the suppliers or the businessmen helps in establishing a trade relationship that is free from any sort of geographical tax barrier. The government has kept the interests of all the communities in the country and has special thresholds for lesser developed states that of the North Eastern States or Himachal Pradesh, their GST registration threshold has been set at 10 Lakhs Per Annum. GST Registration in Chennai has hence taken shape into the Indian Taxation System and Economy, with advantages and reasons why should one opt for GST Registration in Chennai


Reasons for Goods and Service Tax Registration in Chennai 

There are several reasons why one should opt for GST registration in India, except for the fact that it seeks to unify the taxation system of India. The reasons for getting a GST registration are as follows:

  • Collection of taxes from Consumers – Once the GST registration process has been duly completed the supplier can collect taxes from the consumers directly, and it would be authorized in the eyes of law since he would be registered in the concerned records.
  • Input Tax Credit – After the GST registration process, the input tax credit can be actively claimed, and hence can use this for the due/balance taxes from his end.
  • Issuance of Invoice – Post registration of GST, the invoice of GST can be actively and voraciously be issued to the other party since there is an allotment of a unique GST number, which helps in generation of invoice receipts.


Process of GST Registration

GST Registration in Chennai is done in order to receive a GSTIN (Goods & Services Tax Identification Number) through which the business holder and supplier can reap the benefits that the GST has to offer. specializes in registration and operation of GST Chennai ; the experts are well versed with the provisions of Goods and Service Tax Registration in Chennai which minimizes the scope of any shortcomings in the application. The procedure of getting GST Registration done at the government portal can be elucidated as the following:

  • Logging in to the GST Portal: The first step to getting a GSTIN is to make an account in the government GST Portal, which has two options one for taxpayers and one for GST Practitioners, the business holders have to proceed using the former.
  • New GST Registration in Chennai  Details – The Part A of the form is filled, wherein the details for new registration are filled including the name and address of the business, PAN details of the business, and other important credentials as required.
  • TRN (Temporary Registration Number) - When the Part A of the form has been duly filled, the business holder proceeds with the Part B of the form, before that he gets a TRN, which gives the status of the application, after which the person has to again log in to the GST Portal to fill in the Part B of the form.
  • Filling Part B of the Form – Part B of the form is a little complicated and comprehensive in nature, there are 10 categories that have to be filled. Part B of the form basically requires filling in of details and furnishing additional documents as required including – photos, bank account details, proof of business, additional places of business operation etc.
  • Submission of Form & Verification – At this stage, the form has to be submitted, and has to be verified by the applicant using an EVC or DSC, which helps in obtaining the ARN which is Application Reference Number, for checking the status of the GSTIN application for future references.


Minimum Requirements of Goods and Service Tax Registration in Chennai 

There are certain pre-requisites that the business operator has to abide by in order to get a successful GSTIN registration done, which are as following

  • Minimum Turnover Threshold – There is a provision of minimum turnover threshold which the business operators have to meet in order to be eligible for getting a GSTIN, companies with a turnover of over 25 lakhs per annum have to apply for a GSTIN, however, this limit is relaxed up to 10 lakhs per annum for certain states. However, others can also register for a GSTIN; it’s preferred by those who had been registered under the act prior to the enactment of the GST and E-Commerce Suppliers, etc.
  • Registered Business Name & Address – The business for which the GSTIN is being obtained should be registered within the provisions of the Companies Act, and should be authorized to carry out their business or else the registration will be considered void.
  • Business Documents – The GSTIN for whichever business operation is being sought should be having all the documents required including partnership deed, AOA, MOA etc.

Documents Required for Goods and Service Tax Registration in Chennai 

There are certain documents that are required in order to get Goods And Service Tax Chennai successfully done; the documents so required for GST registration are as follows:

  • PAN Card of the Applicant – The PAN Card is one of the most essential documents that are required of the applicant, who is applying for the GSTIN. This helps in furnishing the tax records of the applicant.
  • Proof of name and address of the business – The business for which the GSTIN is being registered for has to furnish proof that would help in establishing its authenticity, which can be done by providing any sale agreement, partnership deed etc.
  • Proof of Identity and Address of the Applicant – The applicant who is the owner of the business has to provide his identity proof, which can be the Aadhar card, election card etc., along with an electricity bill or gas bill in order to furnish proof for correspondence details.
  • Bank Account Details – These bank account details of the business help in tracking the transaction history along with the capital formation of the business, for which the GST is being registered.
  • DSC of Authorized Signatory – The digital signature certificate of the applicants, who are applying for the GST Chennai . This helps in the verification of the application form that has been so filed.

Advantages of GST Online Chennai

GST Registration has a huge array of advantages and benefits that can be reaped by the supplier, apart from being a unique and individual taxing unit, the advantages of GST Online Chennai are as follows:

  • Input Tax Credit – The registered GST companies can take input tax credit, which is when the tax is applied on the outputs, then the tax on the inputs can be variably reduced and then pay the remainder, as credit.
  • Interstate sale – The GST registered operations don't have to apply for taxation unit in every state they are planning to sell, the GST is universal in nature and helps in removing discrepancies that may arise due to interstate sale or business operation.
  • Less Tax Liability – GST Registration in Chennai provides the composition dealers the benefit of less tax liability and high working capital, for which they need to check on the composition scheme as available in the GST portal.
  • E-Commerce Registration – The E-Commerce websites have an easier registration procedure in the new scheme of GST, as compared to the previous provisions of taxing methods.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

2 Working days

Temporary Reference Number

Full Detail

3 to 4 working days

GST Number

Full Detail



1.      What is the Aggregate Turnover Threshold for the North Eastern States for GST Registration?

The Aggregate Turnover Threshold for the North Eastern States is 10 Lakhs.


2.      Can an unregistered entity collect GST?

No, an unregistered entity cannot collect GST Registration in India


3.      Is a PAN card necessary for a non-resident applicant to get GST registration?

No, a PAN Card is not necessary for a non-resident applicant, the non-resident applicants have to abide by certain other parameters laid down in the act.


4.      Can the GST Online Chennai be revoked or canceled?

Yes, a GST can be voluntarily revoked and canceled.


5.      Can the previously registered applicants in the old system of tax collection be automatically transferred to a GST Chennai registered applicant?

No, there has to be a fresh application that needs to be filed.


6.      Does GST have special dispensation for EOUs?

No, there is no special dispensation for EOUs.


7.      What all particulars should a GST invoice contain?

The particulars to be mentioned in the GST Invoice are given in Section 31 of CGST Act and Rule 46 of CGST Rules, 2017.


8.      What is an ISD?

ISD stands for Input Service Distributor


9.      What is ITC?

ITC stands for Input Tax Credit


10.  What all does the ITC cover?

ITC can only be used for concerns regarding the commercial use in the business and not for any personal or miscellaneous use.