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Patent Registration In Pune


It is the second largest Indian state in Maharashtra which was earlier spelt as Poona . It is a metropolitan city with latest and high techonology  and is a place with lots of academic hubs . Savitri Bai phule college which is second largest college of the country is located here, It is also famous for the Osho International  Meditation Resort. it also attracts many tourist as it consist of various tourist places like  Aga Khan palace, Shaniwar Wada ,Raja Dinker Kelkar Museum, Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park etc. It is also one of the largest center for learning  Japanese.


A Patent is given to the creator of a new or novel invention. The patent gives the holder of such patent a protection to prevent their invention from being used in a particular territory without the permission of such holder.

The elements that need to be fulfilled according to the Patents Act are, that such an invention or creation should be:

  • Should Be New
  • Have an inventive step
  • Should Be Novel
  • Must Have an Industrial Use


Advantages of Patent Registration Pune

  • There is a huge advantage to the inventor that first registers the patent as such a person can be the owner of the exclusive rights to that invention.
  • When the patent has finally been registered, for a stipulate period of time till the patent exists, the holder of the patent has the right to do whatever he/she wants with the invention. They can amend, modify and utilise it in any manner they wish to.
  • A registered patent can also generate income when it is publicised as the holder can ask for revenue for using the invention they hold the patent over.
  • The holder of a patent can also sell the patent, generating huge profits.


Process of Patent Registration Pune .

Patent Registration is a fairly detailed process and should ideally be done with the help of an expert. Company Vakil is your one stop destination for all queries related to Patent Registration in Pune. The following are the steps and the bare minimum requirements that need to be fulfilled :

  1. Collecting information about your Invention – All the information such as the area of invention, way of functioning and the advantages associated with the invention need to be clearly laid out.
  2. There should ideally be diagrams as well as figures and charts explaining the functioning of the invention ( to be included in the Patent Application).
  3. In the Patents Act 1970, certain inventions are non patentable, the applicant should make sure that his invention do not belong to such a category. ( examples are- frivolous invention, no particular change, a discovery of already existing fact etc. )
  4. The next most important step is to actually ascertain if your invention is patentable and no such patent already exists.
  5. Now you can draft an application.
  6. Now comes the publication stage, after the application has been filed after 18 months of such effort, this application needs to be published.
  7. A Patent Application for the patent e-filing Pune is only examined when a Request of Examination (RFE) is submitted to the Patent Controller which is forwarded to the Patent Examiner, who makes a check of the requisite criteria of all the specifications mentioned in the application. This is also called Patent Prosecution. He prepares an Examination Reports with all the objections or clarifications required.
  8. The applicant can then respond to all the objections so as to prove the truth of his/her claims and the novelty of the patent asked for.
  9. IF all the objections are cleared by the Controller of Patents office then the grant of the patent is notified in the Patent Journal which gets published.

Documents required for online Patent filing Pune.

  • Application Form.
  • Complete or Provisional specification of the invention asked for in the Form for e-filing Pune
  • Drawings and figures to explain the invention (if required)
  • Power of Attorney
  • Fee attached (cheque or Demand Draft)
  • Abstract of the Invention

TIME TAKEN in registration process

Frequently Asked Questions-


What constitutes as an invention?

An invention that was not known before, and to an expert in that particular field such invention was not obvious.


What is the term of a Patent?

Patent Registration in india Protection lasts for 20 years.


What is complete and Provisional specification in the online patent filing Pune Application form?

If only basic research is done, then the specifications can be partial as well containing basic information about the invention. This has to be followed by a Complete Specification within 12 months.


Does the Patent Act 1970 provide global protection of your patent?

No, only in India.


Can Publication of Patent application be made before 18 months under patent e-filing?

Yes, with a payment of requisite fee.


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