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Bengaluru is known by various names such as Garden City, Silicon Valley, Tourists hub, IT hub etc. People hailing from different parts of the country are seeking this city as their ambition booster due to its wide business opportunities. With the increasing establishments of industries, Bengaluru is experiencing high rivalry among the industries that are similar in their nature of business. Therefore, registration of trademark has become inevitable for the owners of the goods or services to prevent illegal use of their brand etc. Once the trademark is registered, it is also important to renew the trademark for the protection and rights under the Trademark. Get your online trademark renewal Bengaluru without stepping out of your house at Company Vakil.

Trademark registration is a type of intellectual property protection. It is used by a business to distinguish its goods or services from other similar goods or services originating from a different business. The registration of a trademark is valid only for a period of 10 years. After which, it has to be renewed from time to time. Trademark renewal helps the owner preserve those rights which are only available to him or his business. Failure to renew leads to loss of all the protection and rights that come along with the registration of the trademark.  Trademark renewal must be filed before expiry of the mark. Online trademark renewal Bengaluru is done at Company Vakil by emailing your documents to them and they do the rest.



If a trademark is not renewed, following are the consequences-

  1. The brand name is removed and no longer exists in the Trademark Register.
  2. The right to sue or initiate proceedings against the infringer would no longer be available.
  3. It also affects the right of those people who have the right or license to use your trademark
  4. Value of assets also decreases.



Request for trademark renewal application Bengaluru has to be filed within six months before the expiry of registration.  The registrar sends a notice before the expiry of the last registration of a trademark as a reminder to the registered trademark owner regarding the expiration and its renewal.  If the renewal is not done as per the prescribed conditions, the Registrar can remove the trademark from the trademark register. Renewal can be done either with a change in the existing trademark or without any change.

Company Vakil helps one avail services to get their trademark renewed through online trademark renewal Bengaluru. Experts of Company vakil also guides the applicants on how to get their trademark renewed and also about the trademark renewal procedure (Bengaluru) relating to it.

  • Firstly, the trademark renewal application Bengaluru has to be filed in Form TM-12. The said application can be made either by the registered owner of the trademark or any agent authorised by him.
  • A notice is required to be sent to the proprietor by the Registrar after the restoration of the expired trademark regarding.
  • The same is then required to be advertised in the Official Journal.
  • After the advertisement, the Registrar calls for objections, if any, against the renewal.
  • If no objections are raised, the trademark is restored for next 10 years by the registrar.
  • In case any objection is raised, a hearing is conducted by the registrar between both the parties, and then a decision is passed as to whether the trademark is to be restored or not.


  1. Form TM-12: This application is filled when the renewal process is within the prescribed time. No surcharge fee required in such cases.
  2. Form TM-10: This application is filled in case the renewal process is completed within six months before the expiration date. In this case, a renewal fee is applicable.
  3. Form TM-13: This application is filled when the trademark is removed from the register of trademarks. The renewal and the restoration process take place within six months to one year after the expiry of the registration. Renewal, as well as registration fees, are levied to the applicant.



For online trademark renewal Bengaluru, following documents are required-

  1. A copy of the registration certificate
  2. A power of Attorney
  3. ID proof of the applicant
  4. Address proof of the applicant
  5. A copy of TM-01.



  1. Renewing your trademark revives one with all the benefits that one gets after registering the trademark.
  2. Firstly, it gives back the protection that the trademark receives and deters others from using your trademark. It also provides the remedies to the victim.
  4. The owner of Registered Trademark gets back the exclusive right and sole ownership of the trademark.
  5. It helps maintain the trust and goodwill among the customers in the market.
  6. It protects the brand against unfair practices and infringement by other competitors in the market.
  7. Registering a trademark grants the trademark owner receives exclusive nationwide ownership of the mark.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

2 working days

Drafting of deed / Trademark Application

4 working days

Trademark Renewal/ Assignment filling


1. What is a trademark?

Trademark means any sign capable of being represented graphically, and of distinguishing goods and services of one undertaking from those of another.  A trademark may consist of words, figurative elements, letters, numerals or the shape of goods or their packaging. It is an intangible asset. It is also an indication of the origin of goods and of their quality. It helps in distinguishing goods of one firm or brand from that of another.


2. For how long is the renewal of a trademark registration valid?

A trademark renewal is valid for a period of 10 years. The procedure for renewal has to be done at least six months prior to its expiration.


3. What is the benefit of a trademark renewal in Bengaluru?

One can continue to avail the benefits of the trademark by renewing it after it expires.


4. Can the renewal of trademark be filed after the expiry of trademark registration?

Yes, a trademark can be renewed even after the expiry of trademark registration but the same may extra fees and documentation.


5. Within how much time, application for renewal of trademark has to be filed?

Application for renewal of trademark has to be filed within 6 months after the expiration.


6. Can a renewed trademark be removed from the register?

A renewed trademark can be removed from the register on the filing of an application to the registrar with relevant grounds. It can also be done suo moto by the registrar.


7. What is the restoration of a trademark?

When the renewal period has lapsed and no application was filed before the expiration, then the proprietor can apply for restoration of the trademark. Such an application is required to be made within 6 months to 1 year after the expiration of such registration. Form TM-13 has to be filed for the same.


8. What is the consequence of failure to renew a trademark?

If one fails to renew the trademark, then he/she loses all the legal protection that comes at the side of the trademark.


9. What if somebody else applies for registration of the expired trademark?

In case a third person applies for registration of the expired trademark then the proprietor has to file an objection against the third party who has applied for registration of the expired trademark.


10. What if the prescribed renewal fee is not paid by the proprietor or his authorized agent before the expiration of the last registration of the trademark?

If the prescribed renewal fee is not paid by the proprietor or his authorized agent before the expiration of the last registration of the trademark then the Registrar may remove the mark from the register and advertise so in the official journal.