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Terms Of Service Agreement

Terms of Service Agreement is used in commonly used in every kind of mobile app or website that one is developing such as Android apps, blogs, or simple websites. It lays down guidelines and rules that are to be followed by its visitors or users to get the benefit of a mobile app or a website. It is not required in law that one has to set general rules and guidelines in the agreement for his website, mobile app etc.

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What is term of service

It is a legal agreement that must be agreed to by the users to access or use a website or an app. It is similar to a Terms of Use or a Terms and Conditions agreement and is also abbreviated as ToS or TOU and TOS.

Process to make a long term service agreement in Mumbai

  • It is important to have such an agreement but one needs to keep in mind that these are legal agreements and are enforceable. Terms of Services that can be made enforceable is dependent on one’s mobile app, website and a lot of other factors including one’s app/website design, business model, etc. 
  • It depends on what one is interested to cover or on what he wants to put a ban, industry in which one operates, his business model, and on all these basis, Terms of Service may exclude or include more rules. 
  • When more than 1/3rd Party is involved in one’s mobile app or website making it complex, one can split the legal agreements to make users understand well the agreements with which they are bound. 

Why long term service agreement in Mumbai needed?

This type of agreements enables the service providers to set important guidelines for their customers/ users/ visitors irrespective of the kind of medium or platform one is using, such as:

  1. Users can be informed about the website, the logo, its content, etc. and that it is the property of the service provider and has the protection of copyright laws. 
  2. Users may be informed that they have the choice of disabling their account in case users create an account with them and disabling access to the website in case of any abuse such as if others spam. 
  3. It enables the service providers to also set community guidelines if their mobile apps or website is used by consumers who know how to create content and share it with other users. Such guidelines may include restricting users to share or upload any content that is not theirs. 

4.    To make users aware of how they can use the content you’ve created or use the content other users created on your website/mobile app.

  1. It helps in giving directions to users regarding how they have to use the content of those providing the service or other users using the website.

Advantages and benefits of long term service agreement in Mumbai

Terms of service are rules by which one must agree to abide in order to use a service. Terms of service can also be entirely a disclaimer, especially regarding the use of websites.

The Terms of Service Agreement in Mumbai is mainly used for legal purposes by companies which provide software or services, such as browsers, e-commerce, search engines, social media, and transport services.

The terms of service agreement are a legal document that contains certain terms and conditions which are to be followed by the user using the website. The Terms & Conditions are displayed on the website and they can be seen easily as they are put up in a noteworthy section of the site.

The terms of service benefits in the following ways: -

  • This makes the customers and visitors of the site aware of the legal restrictions on the use of information available on the site.
  • This helps in restricting the use of information and any other sensitive data or details displayed on the website.
  • It facilitates defining the privacy policy and accountability of the organization. It creates public awareness.

Documents Required for long term service agreement in Mumbai

All the documents are required in scanned format only and you can attach the document in the form after payment or email it to us on documents@companyvakil.com. Feel free to get in touch for any query related to this.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

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Terms of Services

Full Detail

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1.    What are Terms of Service agreement in Mumbai?

The Conditions on which the services are being delivered is Service Agreement, all online businesses portals need this Terms of Services to be defined.

2.    What is the Privacy Policy?

Each and every online business portal has a Privacy Policy which defines what will be and what won’t be done with the user’s information i.e. it assures the user that their information would not be misused.

3.    Why are Terms of Service Agreement in Mumbai and Privacy Policy needed?

1. It is important to have them to place limitations on what can be done and what can’t be done with the user’s Information.

2. It is important to specify what information is collected and if it is kept confidential or shared or sold to others.

3. It is important to make your customer aware regarding the Terms and Condition of services they are being delivered.

4. It is mandatory for E-commerce Websites to have them.