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Government Fee for Individuals and startups Rs 4,700.00*

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PUNE : It is the second largest city in Maharashtra which was earlier spelt as Poona . It is a metropolitan city with latest and high technology  and is a place with lots of academic hubs . Savitri Bai phule college which is second largest college of the country is located here, It is also famous for the Osho International  Meditation Resort. It also attracts many tourist as it consist of various tourist places like  Aga Khan palace, Shaniwar Wada ,Raja Dinker Kelkar Museum, Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park etc. It is also one of the largest center for learning  Japanese.


What is Online Trademark Registration In Pune?

A trademark is a basic tool of recognition like a “brand” or “logo” that can be used by an organisation to distinguish their product from their competitors.

Trademark Registration helps you get your brand/logo/tagline registered so that other competitors cannot use the same. It will also help an organisation protect their investment in their brand or logo as it is alsoan intangible asset.It is advised to get a trademark registered, as merely registering your organisation will not prevent the use of your intangible asset by other competitors.

The benefits of having a trademark or a brand name are innumerable such as- identifiability of goods and services, advertising the goods or services, and also it can serve as a statement and reason for affiliation with the organisation.

There are various kinds of trademarks that can be registered-

  • a Product Trademark,
  • a Service Trademark,
  • a Collective Trademark ( registered in the name of groups or organisations) and a
  • Certification Trademark ( which help people judge the quality of the products or service)


Why should I go for Trademark Registration in Pune ?

Trademark Registration provides exclusive advantages under the Trademarks Act, 1999. They are as follows:

  • Exclusive right of use throughout the country.
  • Protects goodwill.
  • Protects the name or brand from being used in a similar way.
  • Recourse can be taken to the Trademarks Act,1999 in case of infringement only upon registration.
  • Gives transferability to the trademark.
  • Since India is a signatory to the Paris Convention, holders of Trademarks may also protect their trademark internationally.


Process of Registering Trademarks in Pune.

The first recommended step is to select a trademark agent. The trademark holder is required to apply through an attorney or an agent. All the nitty-gritties from the searching to the processing to the finalisation of the trademark will be looked after by this trademark Agent.

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The following are the steps that are to be undertaken for Online TM Filing in Pune.

  • Upon completing the above step, an application is required to be filed with the Trademark Registry of India Government Portal.
  • The Registry then issues an official receipt with the filing date as well as the application number. The status of the application can be viewed by the applicant by merely entering the application number allotted on the site for TM Registration in Pune :
  • The Indian Trademarks Office then reviews the application and checks for any signs of similarities with existing trademarks.
  • If no objection is raised then there is no formality left to be fulfilled in that regard, but in case of objection a formal written response is to be formulated and submitted and in some cases, even an Interview/ Hearing is held to prove the acquired distinctiveness of the Trademark for TM Registration in Pune.
  • If the claim of the applicant is accepted a Letter of Acceptance is issued and the Trademark is issued in the Trademarks Journal for anyone with an opposition to raising their valid concerns. If within 4 weeks there are no issues then the trademark is registered and a Certificate of Trademark is issued.

Once the trademark is registered then the exclusive right to it subsists for a total of 10 years, subject to renewal.

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Documents required for Trademark Registration Online Pune

The documents requireddiffer from one organisation to another . However, the primary requirement for all is a soft copy of the trademark.


A proof of identity is all that is mandatory, in addition, if there is a requirement, the Business Registration is also to be provided.

  • FOR LLP:

A proof of address of the company and a Certificate of Incorporation.


The only requirement is the Partnership Deed.


For any further queries or assistance, please contact Company Vakil to get Trademark registeration in Pune, Brand Registration in Pune , Trademark Filing in Pune ,TM Application in Pune.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

2 to 4 working hours


Full Detail

3 working days


Full Detail

12 to 24 month

TRADEMARK REGISTRATION – Indian Government Process ®

Full Detail

Frequently Asked Questions about Trademark Registration Pune:


1)      If someone has an almost identically worded trademark, could I obtain such a trademark of my own?

Answer- You can, if you choose to include your name in it. You need to go for the Logo Registration in Pune


2)      Under whose name shall I file a trademark?

Answer- It is advisable that the trademark is filed under the Owner/ Proprietor’s name but there is no regulation to this regard


3)      Can an international organisation hold the same trademark over multiple goods?

Answer- Since India recognises the multiple class application system, one trademark can be applied to multiple products and services.


4)      Is it a requirement to be engaged in Business before applying for Trademark Registration, especially for foreign organisations?

Answer- There is no requirement to do so, as a trademark’s objective is on an “intent to use” the particular mark basis. However, the use must be shown within 3 months of registration otherwise an invalidation or cancellation of that trademark Registration in India can take place.


5)      Who all can use the particular symbol?

Answer- Only the proprietor.


6)      When can TM  be used?

Answer- No prohibition on the use of TM.


7)      What is the penalty for infringement?

Answer- Infringement can attract criminal penalty ranging from a minimum sentence of 6 months to 3 years as well as a fine ranging from Rs.50,000 to Rs. 2,00,000.


8)      How do I make the process easier for TM Registration in Pune and Trademark Application in Pune?

Answer- Just contact Company Vakil for all your queries related to Trademark Registration in India


9)      How do I check for the TM application in Pune status?

Answer-By visiting- government portal


10)      What if I want to check if the trademark I am applying for is available?

Answer- It is advisable for your attorney or agent such as Company Vakil TM Experts to check the Trademark Registry or apply for a search through the Trademarks Office.