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OPC Registration in Pune Cost With Breakdown


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One Person Company Registration in Pune

PUNE : It is a metropolitan city located in Center of Maharashtra. It as earlier known to be Poona . It is second Largest city in Maharashtra. It is a place that attracts lots of students as it is the hub of big academics institutions like Savitri Bhai Phule University , it has many central government universities like The National Defence Academy , The Armed Forces Medical College and The film And Television Institute Of India. It is also one of the largest  center for learning Japanese. The ministry of defence in Pune also runs a number of defence related institutes and training institutes. It also attracts many tourist as it consist of various tourist places like  Aga Khan palace, Shaniwar Wada ,Raja Dinker Kelkar Museum, Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park etc.

The existence of One person Company Pune came about  with the Companies Act, 2013 when the need for a type of organisation for entrepreneurs running their businesses single handedly and legitimately was felt. It has all the benefits and features of a company such as Separate Legal Identity as well as the Limited Liability of the owner.

There are several differences between a Sole Proprietorship concern and an One Person Company :

  • A Sole Proprietorship is not a distinct legal entity but an OPC having features of any other company is.
  • A Sole Proprietorship’s Director is liable as his liability is unlimited, unlike an OPC.


OPC Registration in Pune : Why should I register ?

All the benefits can only be claimed legally once the OPC registration Pune is confirmed. The advantages are as follows:

  • It can be commenced, promoted and owned by a single person.
  • It has a perpetual existence as it can be transferred upon the disability of the sole Director.
  • It is much easier to transfer ownership ( only the sale of shares need to be done along with Director nominations etc. ) than any other type of company.
  • The company being operated and run by only one person can acquire its separate property.

To get all the above benefits by registering your start-up as an OPC registration Pune , you can contact Company Vakil They will help you in OPC registration in Pune.


Process for OPC Registration in Pune 

  • DSC: The very first step is to acquire the Digital Signature Certificate of the Director ( Passport, Aadhar Card, registered e-mail ID etc. needed)
  • DIN: It is now mandatory to apply for a Direct Identification Number of the Director of the Company. To do this you can visit for the Government Portal  and fill DIN-1 Form. An identity proof, as well as a address proof is required.
  • NAME APPROVAL: The name can be approved by the standard Form 1 requirement submission on the MCA website, or by submitting only 1 name with the specific significance of it to the OPC.
  • FILLING OF FORMS: After all the formalities such as the DSC of the Director, the MOA and AOA  are submitted to the MCA for approval, Form 49A and Form 49B ( For permanent account number -and temporary account number-TAN) will also be required to be filled along with the DSC of the proposed director.

After completing the above steps, the Certificate of Incorporation will be granted by the ROC for OPC Registration  Pune.

For the completion of all the above formalities, Company Vakil is your one stop destination for everything related to OPC Registration in Pune.

Documents needed for OPC Registration In Pune:

  • IDENTITY PROOF: PAN card is mandatory as an Identity Proof for the Director as well as the Nominee Director.
  • ADDRESS PROOF: An electricity bill or any other utility bill, or passport etc. of both the Director as well as the Nominee Director.
  • PROOF OF OFFICE: A Sale Deed or a Rent Agreement along with a NOC. Along with a utility bill of the office.
  • DIGITAL SIGNATURE CERTIFICATE: The DSC as well as signed copies of all other Incorporation Documents.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) About OPC Registration Pune


What if the sole Director of the company is disabled from running the One person company?

It is a requirement to mention the name of an alternate director in the Memorandum of Association or Article of Association.


Can an One Person Company stay like an One Person Company forever?

No, an it needs to transform into a Private Limited Company when it crosses the Rs. 2 Crore Turnover limit or paid up share capital of Rs. 50 Lakh.


Does a OPC need to be mandatorily registered considering that a Sole Proprietorship need not be?

Yes, unlike a Sole Proprietor concern an OPC needs to be registered with the Registrar of Companies.


Can a minor be a nominee for a OPC Registration Pune?

No, a minor cannot be a nominee.


Is it a requirement for an OPC to conduct an Annual General Meeting like the rest of the types of companies after OPC registration Pune ?

No, there is no such requirement.


Can an OPC carry on non-financial investment activities?



Can an One Person Company Pune issue different types of Equity?

No, because of the presence of a sole shareholder it can only be owned by 1 director/ promoter/ owner.


Can an it sue and be sued?

Yes, as represented by a natural person it can be sued and ha the capacity to sue as well.


Is a Sole Proprietorship easier to form or a OPC?

Even though it is easier to form a Sole Proprietorship, it is advised to form an OPC Registration in India instead because of all the legally enforceable benefits associated with it.


How to inform the Registrar of Companies as to crossing the threshold limit of an OPC?

Through the form INC-5.