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One Person Company (OPC) Registration in Kolkata - Cost with Breakdown


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What is a one-person company (OPC Registration Kolkata) ?

The implementation of the companies act gave the existence of an OPC form of Companies.

The main motive behind the introduction of a OPC Registration in India is it encourages the formation of micro business entities and also it helps and encourages the entrepreneurs who have great potential to start their own enterprise without any other person intervention and to avail some benefits of a company.

The One person company is a kind of company which has only one director and it is registered as a private company with one director and one shareholder. An OPC will have privileges like a corporate body, limited liability, and a separate body. Today there is a large boom and development in the registration of a one person company in Kolkata.

What is the difference between a sole proprietorship and an OPC in Kokata?

The basic difference between a sole proprietorship and an OPC is the liability and privileges. In sole proprietorship the liability is unlimited and in an OPC the liability is limited so in case of default of any payment the entire assets of sole proprietorship will be taken into consideration and the other difference is OPC has a corporate body and the separate entity which a sole proprietorship does not have.


Reasons One Person Company Registration in Kolkata

These are the main reasons behind to register as an OPC-

  1. Single person: This is a type of entity where one person is required to start an entity and it also had advantages of a company. If a single person wants to start a business with company advantages then he must choose an OPC form of entity.
  2. Perpetual succession: A registered OPC will have a perpetual succession means the company created once will never die. The death of the owner does not make the company dissolved because it is a separate legal entity in the eyes of law.
  3. Separate legal entity: A registered OPC will have the advantage of a separate legal entity means the person created the company is different from the company. The company will be treated as an artificial person and it can buy transfer the shares and also can sue and be sued by another person
  4. Easy formation: The one person company formation is easy when compared to other company formation as it requires only one person as a member.
  5. Limited liability: The other reason to choose an OPC is the owner's liability in case of any default/bankruptcy is limited and his personal properties will not be attached.
  6. Very less compliance
  7. Effective control by the owner
  8. No third party intervention


Minimum Requirements for an One person company Registration in Kolkata

These are the minimum requirements for an OPC-

  • shareholder
  • 1 nominee
  • 1 director

The shareholder and nominee must be Indian residents.

The process of an OPC Registration in Kolkata

These are the steps required for the OPC registration in Kolkata-

  1. Digital Signature Certificate: Firstly the person needs to apply for a digital signature certificate. A digital signature is must and should for the application of formation of an OPC. The DSC is mandatory for the subscriber of Memorandum of Association. The person must obtain a digital signature certificate from the recognized government certified agencies. Necessary documents to obtain DSC are addressed proof, PAN card, Aadhaar card, photo, mobile number, email id.
  2.  Director Identification Number(DIN): Once the person gets his DSC he can obtain a DIN. To be a director for any company a person requires DIN. One person gets only one DIN number and they can use the same DIN number for any number of companies.
  3. Name of an OPC: The next step for incorporating an OPC is deciding a name for that. A person needs to do a search in the ministry of corporate affairs to check whether the name is available or not. Note: the name should not violate any trademark / similar to an existing company/should not hurt any religion.
  4. Documents required: These are the documents required for the process of incorporating an OPC in Kolkata-
    • Memorandum of Association (MOA): MOA is necessary for an OPC. MOA is a document that contains and governs the rules relating to the objects of a company.
    • Articles of Association:(AOA): The article of association is a document which a company needs to follow for the internal management of company affairs and it lays down the bye-laws of the company.
    • An OPC has only one director so the director needs to mention a nominee for the company in case the director becomes incapable to perform duties/ dies
    • There must be a proof of registered office.
  5. Filling the details in MCA:

All the above-mentioned need to be uploaded in a form named SPICE in the portal of the ministry of corporate affairs.

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Documents Required for an OPC Registration in Kolkata

These are the documents required for an OPC registration in Kolkata-

  1. Identity proof director:  For identity proof, the director can submit the following
    • Aadhaar card
    • Pan card
    • Voter ID
  2. Identity proof of nominee: A nominee can submit the following details as identity proof.
    • Aadhaar card
    • Pan card
    • Voter ID
  3. Proof of registered office : As a proof of registered office, we need to submit the following rental agreement
    • electricity bill,
    • property of tax receipts,
    • Water bill.
  4. Signed incorporation documents: All the required documents need to be signed and uploaded to the portal of the ministry of corporate affairs.


Advantages and benefits of One Person Company registration in Kolkata:

  1. Only one person is required to start a company.
  2. Limited liability protection to the owner's personal property.
  3. The complete control of business will be under control of one head.
  4. There will be a better management if the control rests with one person.
  5. A one-person company can also be transferred to a private company.
  6. It is the best startup for individuals to test whether the company can survive in the present market or not.
  7. The formation of an OPC has very less compliance compared to another form of companies.
  8. It is very easy to sell an OPC or very easy to form.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

1 day


1 day


5 to 7 days


5 to 7 days


FAQ related to An OPC Registration in Kolkata


1.      How many people are required for the formation of an OPC?

For the formation of an OPC, there must be a director, a nominee and a shareholder. A director and shareholder can be the same person.


2.      When will an OPC be converted to a private company?

If the paid-up share capital exceeds Rs5000000 or if the turnover of preceding 3 consecutive years exceeds Rs.20000000 then it is compulsory for an OPC to become a private company.


3.      Who cannot form an OPC?

A minor, foreign citizen, non-resident or any person who became incapable of forming a contract, cannot form an OPC.


4.      Do I need to have an office for an OPC?

No commercial space is required for office. You can make your home /residential address as your office and need to mention to the registrar of companies if there is any change in office address.


5.      OPC registration needs to be renewed every year?

No, it is not necessary to renew every year. Once the company is registered it is valid until the winding up of the company.


6.      What is DIN?

DIN means director identification number. At present, to become a director of any company, the government made that a director must obtain DIN. Only 1 DIN number will be given to one person.


7.      Who is a nominee?

It is compulsory, for the formation of a company, there must be a nominee. A nominee will take care of the company if the owner dies/if he becomes incapable to perform the business.


8.      Whether the person must be present in form for the incorporation of an OPC?

No, the person is not required to present in form for the incorporation as the process is purely online.


9.      What is the compulsory compliance the OPC must follow?

There must be at least one board meeting in each half calendar year and the gap between two meetings should not be less than 90 days, they need to maintain proper books of accounts.


10.  What is the minimum capital required to start an OPC?

An OPC can be started with any minimum capital amount.