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Long Term Service Agreement in Bangalore


Most of our internet content or mobile apps ask certain permission before the installation or initiation on our devices. Similarly, along with it the conditions of service or terms of service or its most popular variant known as terms and conditions are also given out. This is basically a legal agreement which is accepted by the user to derive access to some form of data, website, app or page. It is most commonly known as the Terms of Use (ToU), Terms and Conditions (T&C) or Terms of Service agreement (ToS). Most users or individual ignore the terms of service or their privacy policy for a matter of fact as a normal layman does not understand the importance of the very insignificant looking ‘Agree’ button. Entrepreneurs however know the difference and its importance and look through it carefully. It must be noted that this is a form of contract and must be taken seriously by everyone. The terms of service clearly explains what the relationship between the website or app and the user and what kind of service is offered along with all dos and don’ts. Hence the terms of service or terms and condition agreement in Bangalore, is very important.

The terms of Service agreement is used now a days in most mobile applications or websites where it lays down the rules and guidelines that the visitor or user must follow. There is however no set terms and conditions format or draft that has been prescribed by law but like every other practice in law there may be certain standard forms that have been informally practiced over the years. The terms of service or terms and conditions include the very fine line aspects of the product, website or app which will enable you to completely understand the aspect of the website or app and understand the conditions that it works in.

Bangalore (aka Bengaluru) is the capital city of the Indian-State Karnataka. The city is adorned with many names. It is known as the ‘Garden City of India’ as it is full of greenery and public parks. Besides, it is also famous as the ‘Rock Capital of India’ as this city venues a huge number of national and international rock music concerts. In addition to this, the city is most popular as the ‘silicon valley of India’, the reason being the presence of numerous IT companies and institution.


Reasons to have a Long Term Service Agreement in Bangalore

There are multiple reasons as to why you need terms of service agreements in Bangalore or terms and conditions in a particular website or mobile application:

  • Every service provider must definitely make sure that their customers or user are aware and know of the services that they may avail by using the service provider.
  • The terms of service agreement sets a legal agreement between the service provider and the user by the mere accepting of the terms and conditions.
  • The most important aspect of the terms of service are that it is a contract formulated to place certain limitations on what can be done and what cannot be done with the content on the website or the mobile application
  • Although the terms of service or the terms and conditions are legally binding there are provisions wherein it can be changed from time to time without giving notice as well because it is important to update the terms of service repeatedly.
  • The terms of services make the user Aware of the content’s usage, disclosure and management of the services.
  • The terms of service is accompanied by the privacy policy which states the obligations of the user as well as certain benefits to users such as confidentiality and other rights along with the acceptance. This is extremely important considering the world of least digital barrier.
  • It is mandatory now- a- days for an e-commerce website to have terms and conditions agreement as well as privacy policy.


Why I need a Long Term Service Agreement in Bangalore 

Terms and condition agreement in Bangalore could come handy in many situations and it has been mentioned below:

  • To be aware of the company’s policy or the website’s policy as well as the fact that all the information is copyright protected.
  • The user is aware that the account or subscription to the service provider can be revoked or cancelled at any time and the procedure there of.
  • The service provider can set a community guideline which also acts as a check between the user and the service provider so as to ban or prevent users from uploading or creating content which either belongs to someone else or belongs to some part of unlawful practice.
  • A creator of the terms of service agreement may set out such terms and conditions which defines the method of the viewing their content on the website or determine how the usage of the content has been done and who may or may not view it or any other such reasonable restrictions may be made.


Process of Drafting a Long Term Service Agreement in Bangalore

It must be kept in mind at all times that the terms of service agreement in Bangalore is, at the end of the day, a legal contract once accepted by the user. This is very much legally enforceable and it must be drafted carefully. The first step invariable would be to determine the Website or Apps limitations, dos and don’ts, this will help in formulating the terms and conditions of the given content.

Once all data is accumulated then the terms can be set out making sure that all points are mentioned so benefits both the user as well as the service provider. In case there are certain limitations or terms which may seem complex when compiled together can be split up and mentioned separately during the access of the particular area. This is helpful for the layman understanding and needs.

Later any changes can be made and added on with full legal validity and acceptability. It would be advised to take the aid of an advocate to get the drafting done so that it will be detailed and legally valid.

Once the drafting and skeleton is prepared, the terms of agreement is inserted into the website by the technical persons.

Company Vakil offers various services for complete and well drafted terms and conditions from our expert lawyers who will look into your requirements and make drafting easier for you.


Minimum Requirements for Long Term service Agreement in Bangalore

There are very few requirements for the terms of services agreement in Bangalore or terms and conditions to be drafted, they are:

  • All the services that the website or application is giving out must be noted and understood.
  • The terms and conditions must be known and it must be determined as to what and how the limitation must be imposed.
  • The rights of user as well as service provider must be clearly mentioned.

Documents Required for Long Term service Agreement in Bangalore

The only document required is an information sheet filing out all the details of the terms and conditions and all necessary supporting format as to how and for what purpose the terms of services agreement in Bangalore shall be used.


Advantages & benefits of Long Term service agreement in Bangalore

The advantages and benefits of the terms and condition agreement in Bangalore are:

  • These rules or guidelines shall be accepted and followed once the user agrees to use or access the website or the mobile application
  • Most websites have disclaimers which are also terms of services agreements in its different form
  • Terms of services agreements are must useful in the corporate world than it is to a normal layman. Normally individuals would skip or ignore the terms of agreement even before they can read it.
  • Terms and conditions are legally binding and give legal protection to both the user as well as the service provider.
  • The terms of service agreements are put up in the most note-worthy area of the website or app so that the users may note and read it.
  • Restriction of data usage, privacy policy, legal protection and sensitive data are some of the many terms of service agreements in Bangalore that are popularly used and can be used.
  • This acts as a warning, awareness and knowledge about the service and its implications.

TIME TAKEN in registration process

2-3 working days

Terms of Services

Full Detail



1.   What is privacy policy?

A.   It is an internet document in a website or mobile application which states the information about what will be and will not be done with the customer’s data which has been acquired.


2.    Are disclaimers terms of service agreements?

A.    Yes, they are terms of service agreements in India


3.    Can terms of services agreement be changed or modified later after it has been published?

A.    Yes it can be, all terms and conditions can be changed or modified without notice.


4.     Should one register terms of services agreement?

A.      No, it is not at all necessary to register any document.


5.     Can one sue in court for breach of this legally enforceable agreement online?

A.      Yes, they can take legal action both ways. But well drafted terms of service agreement will avoid any litigation.


6.    Which area court will hear matters pertaining to this?

A.     The jurisdiction is usually written in the terms and conditions agreement and it is advisable to do so.


7.   Does giving warning for sensitive content also forms a part of terms of service agreement?

A.   Yes, it is in fact part of the main terms and conditions agreement in Bangalore.


8.  When should one opt for multiple terms of services agreement?

A.   It is most advisable to have multiple agreements if the service being used is complex and has multiple terms and conditions to it. In this case the service provider must make it easier for customer. And in case of multiple third party involvement.


9.   How long can the drafting of terms and conditions documents take?

A.    It would take about 2- 3 days, but depending of the extensive data, it could vary.


10.  How are Copyright laws incorporated into the terms and conditions?

A.    The copyright laws are clearly mentioned in the terms of service agreement and its   necessary information is given out.