Will in Favour of
Minor Son

I, AB, etc. execute
this my last will this the ____ day of ___________ in the city of
_________voluntarily out of my own free will without any compulsion or pressure
from any person and having a second disposing mind.

Whereas I had made a
will dated ________ in favour of my wife CD bequeathing all my properties to
her ;

And Whereas the said
wife died ON _________ leaving EF, aged 12 years as our only son.

hereby revoke the will made in favour of my wife CD on ____________.

hereby declare and bequeath all my properties, movable and immovable, belonging
to me or which may belong to me and remain indisposed of during my life-time
unto EF, my son aforesaid.

case I should die before the said son EF attains majority, I appoint GH, etc.,
as an executor under this will, who shall realise all my to outstanding and
administer the estate left by me for the benefit of EF, of the said legatee
after defraying all expenses of such administration. The said executor shall be
entitled during such administration to charge Rs. ______ per month as
remuneration for his service till the aforesaid EF attains majority. When the
said EF attains majority, the said GH shall handover all the estate then in
existence unto the said EF. During the minority of the said EF, the executor
shall act as guardian of the said EF and shall look after his education and
training in a be fitting and useful manner so as to earn a decent living either
as an engineer or as a member of some other noble profession. However, if the
said EF attains majority during my life-time and survives me, this provision
relating to appointment of the executor shall not be operative and the said EF
shall be entitled to receive and appropriate as owner all and every part of the
estate left

have signed this will in the presence of witnesses hereunder who have attested
the same in my presence.

Sd. _________



Signed by the
abovenamed AB in our presence at the same time and each of us has in the
presence of the testator signed his name hereunder as an attesting witness.

Witnesses :

1. ________________

2. ________________

I have examined the
testator and found him in sound disposing mind and as having fully understood
the contents of this will.

Sd. _______

Dr. _________

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