Will by a Disabled
Person in Favour of wife and Daughter

Now i am about 70
years old and i am in a sound disposing state of mind. But as my legs and hands
are shaking due to some heart problem, i have made the following arrangement
with regard to my immovable and movable properties so that there may not be any
objections by my heir and others after my lifetime.

I have a wife named
xy. A son and a daughter by the name bp and ps, respectively. I got my son
married with a girl by name rr.

about two years after
the marriage, my son by name bp died. After the death of the said son of mine i
gave to my daughter in law rr, all the stridhan properties that were given to
her at the time of her marriage and i gave also a cash amount of rs.1,00,000
(rupees one lac only) towards her live long maintenance also .

I got also the
marriage of my daughter ps performed with gs’s son cb, resident of

Now my wife xy and my
daughter ps are alive. After my life time my wife xy should take possession of
my immovable properties belonging to me, that is, the plots which are in my
possession and enjoyment and which are situated at __________________________
and the house in ____________________ and the entire movable and immovable
properties remaining after my life time and she shall enjoy all the said
properties without alienating them in any manner.

After her life time,
my daughter ps wife of cb, shall enjoy (the said property) with powers of gift,
sale, etc. But neither my heirs nor other shall have any manner of right or
interest. This will shall come into effect after my lifetime. I shall have the
power to cancel this will whenever i please. To this effect this will is
executed by me out of free will.

In witness whereof i
the said ab have signed this will here under the day and year first written

(sd.) …………………


Signed by the above
named ab in our presence at the same time and each of us has in the presence of
the testator signed his name hereunder as an attesting witness.

1. ……………………….


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