to Search after Information of a Particular Offence

Section 93 of the Criminal Procedure Code]

(name and designation of the police officer or other person or persons who is
or are to execute the warrant).

information has been laid (or complaint has been made) before me of the
commission (or suspected commission) of the offence of (mention the offence
concisely), and it has been made to appear to me that the production of
(specify the thing clearly) is essential to the inquiry now being made (or
about to be made) into the said offence (or suspected offence);

is to authorise and require you to search for the said (the thing specified) in
the (describe the house or place or part thereof to which the search is to be
confined), and, if found, to produce the same forthwith before this Court,
returning this warrant, with an endorsement certifying what you have done under
it, immediately upon its execution.

this ……….day of……..19.

of the Court) (Signature)

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