after Commutation of a Sentence

section 386 Criminal Procedure Code)

the Officer in charge of the Jail at…………

at a Session held on the day of, 19, (name of prisoner), the (1st, 2nd, 3rd, as
the case may be) prisoner in case No. of the Calendar for 19 at the said
Session, was convicted of the offence of, punishable under section of the
Indian Penal Code, and sentenced to, and was thereupon committed to your
custody; and whereas by the order of the……….Court of ( a duplicate of
which is hereunto annexed) the punishment adjudged by the said sentence has
been commuted to the punishment of imprisonment for life;

is to authorise and require you safely to keep the said (prisoner’s name) in
your custody in the said Jail, as by law is required, until he shall be
delivered over by you to the proper authority and custody for the purpose of
his undergoing the punishment of imprisonment for life under the said order,


the mitigated sentence is one of imprisonment, say, after the words
“custody in the said Jail”, “and there to carry into execution
the punishment of imprisonment under the said order according to law”.

this ………..day of………….19.

of the Court) (Signature)

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