Requiring the Attendance of a Witness

Sections 82, 87 and 90 of Criminal Procedure Code]

complaint has been made before me that (name, description and address) has
committed (or is suspected to have committed) the offence of (mention the
offence concisely) and a warrant has been issued to compel the attendance of
(name, description and address of the witness) before this Court to be examined
touching the matter of the said complaint; and whereas it has been returned to
the said warrant that the said (name of witness) cannot be served, and it has
been shown to my satisfaction that he has absconded (or is concealing himself
to avoid the service of the said warrant);

is hereby made that the said (name) is required to appear at (place) before the
Court of on the day of next at o’clock, to be examined touching the offence
complained of.

this ……… of……..19.

of the Court) (Signature)

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