Authorising an Attachment by the District Magistrate or Collector

Section 83 of the Criminal Procedure Code]

the District Magistrate / Collector of the District of ……………………

complaint has been made before me that (name, description and address) has
committed (or is suspected to have committed) the offence of, punishable under
section of the Indian Penal Code, and it has been returned to a warrant of
arrest thereupon issued that the said (name) cannot be found; and whereas it
has been shown to my satisfaction that the said (name) has absconded (or is
concealing himself to avoid the service of the said warrant) and thereupon a
Proclamation has been or is being duly issued and published requiring the said
(name) to appear to answer the said charge within days; and whereas the said is
possessed of certain land paying revenue to Government in the village (or town)
of in the District of

are hereby authorised and requested to cause the said land to be attached, in
the manner specified in clause (a), or clause (c), or both*, of sub-section (4)
of section 83, and to be held under attachment pending the further order of
this Court, and to certify without delay what you may have done in pursuance of
this order.

this ……….day of……….19.

of the Court) (Signature)

Strike out the one which is not desired.

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