Order Declaring Party Entitled to Retain Possession of Land, Etc., in Dispute

section 145 Criminal Procedure Code)

appears to me, on the grounds duly recorded, that a dispute, likely to induce a
breach of the peace, existed between (describe the parties by name and
residence, or residence only if the dispute be between bodies of villagers)
concerning certain (state concisely the subject of dispute), situate within my
local jurisdiction, all the said parties were called upon to give in a written
statement of their respective claims as to the fact of actual possession of the
said (the subject of dispute), and being satisfied by due inquiry had
thereupon, without reference to the merits of the claim of either of the said
parties to the legal right of possession, that the claim of actual possession
by the said (name or names or description) is true; I do decide and declare
that he is (or they are) in possession of the said (the subject of dispute) and
entitled to retain such possession until ousted by due course of law, and do
strictly forbid any disturbance of his (or their) possession in the meantime.

this day of,19.

of the Court) (Signature)

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