Final Decree in an Administration Suit by a Legatee


1.     IT is ordered that
the defendant do, on or before the day of, pay into Court the sum of Rs., the
balance by the said certificate found to be due from the said defendant on
account of the estate of the testator, and also the sum of Rs. for interest. at
the rate of Rs. per cent. per annum, from the………. day of…… the
day of, amounting together to the sum of Rs………..

2.     Let the {Here insert
name of proper officer}of the said Court tax the costs of the plaintiff and
defendant in this suit, and let the amount of the said costs, when so taxed, be
paid out of the said sum of Rs. ordered to be paid into Court as aforesaid, as

a.     The costs of the
plaintiff to Mr., his attorney [or pleader] or and the costs of the defendant
to Mr., his attorney [or pleader].or and the cost of the defendant to Mr., his
attorney [ or pleader].

b.    And (if army debts
are due) with the residue of the said sum of Rs. after payment of the
plaintiff’s and defendant’s costs as aforesaid, let the sums, found to be owing
to the several creditors mentioned in the schedule to the certificate, of the
{Here insert name of proper officer}, together with subsequent interest on such
of the debts as bear interest, be paid; and, after making such payments, let
the amount coming to the several legatees mentioned in the schedule, together
with subsequent interest (to be verified as aforesaid), be paid to them.

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