Codicil Substituting a

I, AB, etc., declare
this to be the first codicil to my will dated ______ the _______ day of

Whereas by the said
will I appointed CD as one of the executors and trustees and given him a legacy
of Rs. _________ if he acts.

And Whereas the said
CD has died on _________

NOW I hereby revoke
the appointment of the said CD as one of the executors and trustees of my will
and also revoke the legacy of Rs. _____ given to him as such executor and
trustee and I hereby appoint LN, etc., to be an executors and trustee of my
said will in place of the said CD and I declare that my said will and all the
provisions contained therein shall be construed and take effect in all respects
as if the name of the said LN had been originally mentioned therein lieu of the
name of the said CD of executor and trustee and I give a legacy of Rs. ________
to the said LN in case he proves my will and carries out the Trusts and
provisions thereof and in all other respects I confirm my said will.

have hereunto set my hand this day of _______

Signature of Testator

Signed by the said
testator as a codicil to his will dated _____ in the presence of us present at
the same time and who at his request have hereunto signed our names as witnesses
hereto in the presence of the said AB and in the presence of each other.

Witnesses :

1. ________________

2. _______________

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