for Giving Technical Advice


1.     “ABC
shall undertake through its staff all the duties normally undertaken by
technical advisers to a mining company with regard to the technical advice in
respect of the operation of the said undertaking and in particular but without
detracting from the general nature of the above provisions ABC shall-

a.     give
to the company all such technical advice including mechanical and electrical,
engineering matters incidental thereto as may from time to time be requested by
the company for the proper working of the said undertaking.

b.    once
in every year cause a member of its staff who shall be a mining or mechanical
or electrical engineering or metallurgist as agreed between the company and ABC
to visit the said property for the purpose of conferring with the general
manager or other proper officials of the company and inspecting the said
property where after ABC shall report to the company on such visits provides
always that if in addition of such annual visits provided always that if in
addition to such annual visits ABC shall at the request of the company send out
to the said property for any purposes either a member of its technical staff or
an independent consultant the company shall pay to ABC (in addition to the
remuneration payable under clause 6 hereof and any sums payable under clause 8
hereof) such sum as shall be agreed between Gold Fields and the company ;

c.     give
to the company’s general manager or other proper officials such advice and
assistance as may be reasonable or advisable for the purpose of implementing
any recommendations made by ABC and approved by the company………………..”

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