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West Bengal Online Land Record-Banglarbhumi | Company Vakil

West Bengal Online Land Record-Banglarbhumi


Banglarbhumi, the web gateway of the Department in charge of Land and its Reforms and immigrant aid and Rehabilitation is operated by the West Bengal Government. A number of vital information, such as, present owner, land area, plot number, property value and owner of Lands and properties can be retrieved from Banglarbhumi. All of these details are considered vital by both the owner of any required land and the general owner of any wb land.

West Bengal official website for online Land Records is Banglarbhumi. If anyone desires to purchase any wb land, the person is required to check all necessary details about the land, such as, the person whose name the land is registered under, or the name of the current owner of the land on Banglarbhumi land record database. Online land records west Bengal, Banglarbhumi helps all entrepreneurs who are interested in setting up industries ascertain the real available infrastructure the proposed site houses. On the web portal, these land users will have access to different features like important land details and maps. It is also easy for one to see all relevant data about his/her block by simply typing in his/her block and district name on the Banglarbhumi land record database .

Deeds Registration


The procedure for deeds registration can be accessed on this site One can conveniently book an online appointment for the Deeds Registration through the website. The E-payment becomes mandatory if the payable Registration Fee exceeds Rs. 5,000/-or the payable Stamp Duty exceeds Rs. 10,000/- or both,

The Deeds Registration has been incorporated in Income Tax for easy PAN verification of all parties involved as at the Deeds Registration time. The property’s registration is a complete and irrevocable agreement entered into and duly signed by two parties. Once the property becomes registered in the buyers’ name, the buyer automatically becomes the property’s lawful owner.

Application Process of Online Mutation


Mutation is said to occur when the title of any property is changed from one individual to another individual during the transfer or sale of the property in question. Follow the link to access the Land and its Reforms and immigrant aid and Rehabilitation Department home page of the Online land records west Bengal.



  • The online Banglarbhumi land record portal contains the application form used for mutation during property sale or transfer from one owner to another.
  • All vital details must be correctly filled by the user, failure to do so leads to outright rejection of the application.
  • On the submission of the application form containing all the vital details, an automatic application number is generated for every user with which a user can always check back to see the status of his/her mutation application form for any wb land.


Payment Method for The Fees

After the registration, go right to the Online Application menu on the Banglarbhumi land record site to pay the necessary service charge and click the “Fees Payment” icon. Then enter the “Request Type”, “Application number, submit and click “Next” for payment options.

  1. If the user made use of the “online mode” for the payment (Debit Card and Netbanking options of Grips) then the case number of the Mutation will register instantly on the online Banglarbhumi land record database.
  2. If the user paid the fees through the “Counter Payment” option of GRIPS the payment can be verified and case registered through the Application-GRN Search from the Online Application option.


Request for the Certified of Plot Map/Plot Information/Certified Copy of ROR


Every West Bengal citizen is expected to get Khatian Certified Copy of Banglarbhumi, Plot Information, Mutation, Mauza Maps, and ROR. One must follow the steps below to apply for these certified copies of the aforementioned documents for any wb land:

  • Find the Service Delivery menu and click on it, then click on the Plot Map Request/PI Request/ROR Request option.
  • Then put in all necessary details and click on the “calculate fee” option.
  • Finally, use the “online mode” payment option to make the payment.

Property Information

Please, take the steps below and adhere to the instructions to access the necessary information about Land records:

  • Step 1: You will find the Citizen Service option in the menu right under, you will find and select “Know your property”
  • Step 2: Now, provide the details of your mouza (village), district, and blocks/mandal.
  • Step 3: Then, search for the needed information using either the Khatian number or the plot number.
  • Step 4: Now put in the right numbers and click on the submit button, the details you need be made available by Banglarbhumi land record.


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