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Value Certificate for Land

In Andhra Pradesh unit rates of land, the market value of land, are sometimes set by the State Government with charges for property registrations and stamp duty, allocated to the land unit rates, determined and controlled by Andhra Pradesh’s Government. To make sure all records, related to the market value land, are kept up to date with the current market values, and maintain fair values, periodic property assessments are carried out by the Government. With fairness in mind, and to prove fair value, the district issues certified Agricultural Land Value Certificates.’

The Agricultural Land Value Certification process, which will include how to acquire one of these documents, will be discussed in this article.

Note: For more details about Land Mutation


Four (4) reasons that explain the importance of acquiring an Andhra Pradesh Agricultural valuation, and the market value of land, certification:

• Current Land Values: It’s important to update the document on a regular basis to maintain the correct value.
• Property Description Details: The land value document is used to determine the exact property description that is verified by the official Registration of the Property.
• Loan Approval Process: When applications are made to banks for bank loans the land value certificate is an important part of the process and is part of the mandatory paperwork process.
• End of Year Assessment: The document is used at the end of the year to provide the relevant property value to all concerned parties.

Note: The official landowners’ guidelines suggest that all landowners update their land value certificates every three (3) to five (5) years to maintain accuracy in the market value of land records.


In Andhra Pradesh the valuation based fair agricultural land rate, the fair market value of land, is determined by the local authorities and they notify all concerned parties. The fair appraisal brings into play the flowing factors:

• The road access.
• The type of road.
• The nature of the land.

To check Andhra Pradesh land rates unit costs go to the Andhra Pradesh Government’s webpage: Registration and Stamp Department. Select the Agriculture Land Option and then click on the Mandal and Village link from the menu.

Image 1 Agricultural Land Value Certificate – Andhra Pradesh

Image 2 Agricultural Land Value Certificate Andhra Pradesh

Image 3 Andhra Pradesh Agricultural Land Value Certificate


The application procedure process, for acquiring the Andhra Pradesh agriculture land value certificate, is as follows:

• The Title Deed.
• The Application Form.
• The Pattadar Passbook.
• The dated sub registered Encumbrance certificate.
• The Registration Document.


• Application User Charge: Rs. thirty-five (35). Paid to the MeeSeva Franchise.
• Application Cost for Receiving the Certificate in the Post: Rs. thirty-three (33).
• Non Local Applicants: Rs. sixteen (16)
• Processing Time: Within 30 days from the application date the certificate will be issued.


The following steps need to be followed for applications for an Agriculture Land Value Certificate via the MeeSeva Franchise method:

• Step 1 MeeSeva Franchise: Go to the MeeSeva Franchise office that is nearest to your location.

• Step 2 Application Submission: Submit the completed Agriculture Land Value Certificate application, in the required format, to the MeeSeva Franchise. With this step, it is a requirement to also provide: 1. Farmer’s Address. 2. Land details which should include the Land Survey Number, Land Units and the Extent of the Land. 3. Details of Informants.

• Step 3 MeeSeva Centre Customer Services: All the supporting documents previously mentioned need to be submitted to MeeSeva customer services officer.

• Step 4 Fee Payment: At the MeeSeva location pay the customer services officer the applicable fee for the Agriculture Land Value application. When this task is completed the MeeSeva customer services officer will forward all details, online, to all concerned parties. This officer will also issue an official Agriculture Land Value certificate numbered receipt and this number will be automatically sent to the mobile phone number that is linked to the application.

• Step 5 Tahsildar: The authority with responsibility for the Agriculture Land Value certificate online process, will check all information and, if everything is in order, they will approve Agriculture Land Value application.

• Step 6 Application Status Update: SMS messages will be used to provide Agriculture Land Value status updates. Outside of the SMS process applicants can directly check the status of their applications on the MeeSeva website. Applicants just have to enter their application number and click on go. The status of the application will then be displayed.

• Step 7 Agriculture Land Value Certificate Verification: When the application for the Agriculture Land Value has completed the approval process and been approved, a text message will be sent to the mobile phone number associated with the application. Upon receipt of the Agriculture Land Value Certificate approval SMS message, this needs to be verified in the MeeSeva website. This can be accessed by using the receipt application number.


The MeeSeva Franchise operation will deal with the approved Agriculture Land Value Certificate when Tahasildar have completed all their application approval procedures. A MeeSeva Franchise courier will deliver the approved certificate to the applicant’s registered address on the application if the Speed Post local or non-local option has been requested.
If the manual option has been requested the approved Agriculture Land Value Certificate can be collected from the applicable MeeSeva franchise office where the application was made.

For further information refer Company Vakil.

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