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Unnati Scheme – Karnataka | Company Vakil

Unnati Scheme – Karnataka

As so properly voiced by our Honorable Prime Minister, India’s advancement depends on business adventures. These endeavors must be built up and worked with adequate capital and administrative help. The Karnataka Government, with the protest of taking into account the adolescents driven towards business enterprise, thought of the possibility of a plan known as Unnati. Under the activity, the Chief Minister of Karnataka is set to fiscally help forthcoming proprietors of new companies. In this article, we take a gander at the different arrangements associated with Unnati conspire in Karnataka.


Founding Objective

Acquiring the expressions of Karnataka’s Social Welfare Minister, the plan is created with a recharged spotlight on business, manageable advancement, and social welfare by recognizing, coaching and elevating growing business visionaries having a place with the SC/ST people group.


All in all, the plan is gone for enhancing the welfare of the SC/ST people group, giving a solution for the issues concerning them, benefiting the administrations of the young for advancement of the country natural surroundings, and making occupation and independent work openings.

Salient Features of the Scheme

The plan is created for offering money related help to competitors with imaginative business thoughts. Supportability and country improvement are considered as key targets.


The items and arrangements offered by the associations are used towards the improvement of individuals dwelling in the rustic environments.


The State Government will give an entirety of Rs. 50 lakhs to the picked proprietors of undertakings.


The Government has stretched out the plan to Adivasi and Dalit people.


The Government will waitlist and sort the recipients, who thusly are required to make adventure arrangements with a long haul objective.


The tech-based thoughts will be gone for settling the issues saw in the rustic districts, which incorporates any semblance of waste transfer, wellbeing, training, among different areas.


Targeted Beneficiaries


The plan is intended to help start-up applicants’ having a place with the SC/ST and different networks. To make it more exact, the plan will fiscally bolster business visionaries who are mechanically headed to build up the items or arrangements intended to enhance the country living spaces.


Under the plan, the recipients are classed into the accompanying classifications:

First Category

The main classification includes SC/ST business visionaries with a spearheading figured, independent of the space they might be associated with.

Second Category

This classification incorporates new companies worked by any network with a remarkable creative thought. The possibility of the business visionaries’ for this situation, must be an answer for this present reality issues in zones relating to wellbeing; training; sanitation; squander isolation; and automated rummaging.

Quantum of Assistance

The Unnati scheme will furnish recipients with an entirety of Rs. 50 lakhs to help their undertakings. The present allotment for the plan is fastened at Rs. 20 crores, which might be improved to Rs. 100 crores dependent on the reaction. The Government will be capably helped by social welfare associations in financing the plan.



The plan is material to:

New companies worked by SC/ST occupants of Karnataka.


New companies involving business people from the SC/ST people group holding key administrative stakes.


New companies taking into account the zones of wellbeing, squander age, sanitation, training and motorized searching.


Associations of the State which are operational for under four years.


Documents Required for Registration

The following documents must be furnished by the concerned applicant:


SC/ST Certificate of the candidate (if the applicant claims to be so).

Start-up registration documents.

Proof of address.

Bank account details of the applicant.


Registration Procedure

The enlistment methodology to enlist into this plan has been determined herewith. It might be noticed that the course of events of documenting applications have been started from the tenth of October, 2018.


Stage 1: Official Website


All enlistment techniques are started and prepared through a site, as is the situation with Unnati. The candidate may start the procedure by visiting the site


Stage 2: Signup/Login


The procedure can be advanced by choosing the alternative ‘Information exchange/Login.’ The procedure of login can be finished by determining the versatile number and entering the OTP sent to it.


Stage 3: Completion of Profile


The candidate needs to outfit his/own points of interest in the profile section.


Stage 4: Choice of Assistance


The candidate may now decide on the choice “Startup financing” for SC/ST application shapes.


Stage 5: Form


The shape showed on the accompanying page must be finished.


Stage 6: Upload of Documents


Post filling the shape, the records must be transferred in the entrance.


Stage 7: Submission


The application would now be able to be submitted, which puts a conclusion to the application procedure.



Scrutinization of the Submitted Application


The reports and the applications put together by the candidates will be investigated by the determination advisory group. A three-part board of trustees will be assigned with the errand of screening and assessing every one of the proposition. The procedure of short-posting will be performed situated in the result of the procedure.





The Karnataka Government has distributed INR 20 lakhs for the plan, of which 50 lakhs will be given to picked business people to their undertakings. These business visionaries can continue with their administrations using the assets agreed to them, and run pilots for their items and arrangements. For the fruitful execution of errands, the anointed ones will be coached by the legislature and industry specialists.

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