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Tripura Domicile Certificate | Company Vakil

Tripura Domicile Certificate

The Government of Tripura issues habitation declaration otherwise called the changeless living arrangement testament, for people who have connected for it professing to be the inhabitant of the state or plans to make his/her lasting home in that State. The thought process of natives applying for a residence authentication is to guarantee their rights and profit the advantages of the state since the nearby inhabitants of the equivalent are usual favored. In this article, we take a gander at the strategy for acquiring Tripura residence authentication.

Qualification Criteria

The individual applying for the Tripura home authentication ought to conform to the accompanying qualification criteria:

Any individual who has been living in a town/town of Tripura for somewhere around 10 years is qualified to apply for a house authentication in that.

The candidate should deliver a duplicate of Record of Rights (RoR) of the private plot possessed by it is possible that him, his folks or progenitors.

Lady who does not have a place with Tripura but rather to some other State or Union Territory can apply for the living arrangement testament whenever wedded a changeless occupant of that State.

Posterity of a person who isn’t from Tripura yet living in the state filling in as an administration worker of Tripura is additionally qualified to ask for this declaration.

Documents Required

The candidate ought to encase the records referenced beneath while applying disconnected though online application requires filtered

Application form
Land Revenue Payment Receipt on applicant or his/her Parent’s name
Certified Copy of Electoral Roll depicting the applicant’s name
Residency Proof
If the parent of the applicant is a government employee of Tripura:

Residency Proof of the Guardian
Guardians Proof of Employment with Govt. of Tripura
Guardians Employer Certificate
If the applicant is married to a permanent resident of Tripura

Residency Proof of Applicants Spouse (Permanent Residence Tripura Certificate of spouse)
Applicants Birth Proof (Birth Registration Certificate or school leaving education certificate from recognized institute of the applicant)

Application Procedure

To get the residence testament, the candidate can make an application in two modes; disconnected and on the web.

Offline Process:

Stage 1: The applying individual can visit the e-suvidha focuses at the workplaces of Sub Divisional Magistrates situated in the zones where the candidate for all time lives and ought to get the frame. Something else, the frame can be downloaded from the duplicate given beneath.

Stage 2: On gathering the shape, the hopeful ought to appropriately fill the important subtle elements and ought to submit together with the recommended records.

Stage 3: The candidate can gather the affirmation slip in the wake of paying the application charge on any working day. The receipt contains a date printed whereupon is the conveyance date of the declaration.

Stage 4: The concerned expert starts an enquiry on the receipt of the application by the relevant Tehsildar/Revenue controller/Sub Magistrate.

Stage 5: After check, the Sub Divisional Magistrate will issue the Permanent Residence Tripura Certificate.

Online Process

The hopeful can apply online by visiting the official site of e-District Tripura from their particular spots, stands, or e-suvidha focuses where a web association is accessible.

e-District Tripura is an online entrance of Tripura government that provides food its residents with a scope of online administrations.

Stage 1: e-District Registration

Enrolling in e-District is an essential to profit the online administrations of Tripura government. To enlist, visit the official site and snap ‘Subject Registration’ under Citizen Section on the Home Page that coordinates to the enrollment page.

Stage 2: Fill-out the essential details that include the following.

Personal Details (name, address, mobile number)
e-KYC details (requires Aadahar number)
Login Details (username and password)

Stage 3: Enter the captcha and click ‘Submit’ after verifying.

Stage 4: Online Application login

With the login credential, sign in to the portal containing the application form.

Stage 5: Fill-in the shape, transfer the examined records and submit

Stage 6: The status of the application will be insinuated to the candidate through SMS.

Stage 7: On effective handling, candidate will be informed the conveyance date on which he/she should visit the workplace with the affirmation receipt.

Stage 8: The approved administrator will login the entry, recover the carefully marked declaration, print it and will concede to the individual.

Stage 9: The status will be refreshed as ‘Conveyed’. In the event of Rejection of the application, the candidate will be educated the explanation behind dismissal.

Administration Charge

Preparing of the application frame for Permanent Residence Tripura Certificate (PRTC) incorporates an administration charge of Rs.5 for Above Poverty Level (APL) and Rs.2 for Below Poverty Level (BPL).

Preparing Time

On accommodation of the application shape, the authentication will be conveyed to the candidate inside a time of 15 days that bars government occasions.

Equipped Authority

The Revenue Department is the concerned office for the issuance of authentication and the District Magistrate/Additional District Magistrate/Sub-Divisional Magistrate of the region where the applicant as well as his family for all time reside(s) is the skillful issuing expert.

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