Investing the time and money to create a specific brand and seeing another using the same brand name is not a fun state of affairs to deprive you of your hard-earned brand reputation. Trademark (TM) holders sometimes end up in protracted litigation because their brand name was not licensed in India. Brand name trademark registration process is not a challenging task. A few easy steps, as explained below, and your brand name registration in India will have the much-needed legal protection.

Trademark Search

   Most businessmen do not understand the importance of looking for a trademark. It is not good enough to avoid a trademark quest to have a unique brand name in mind. Thus, mark quest allows you to know whether similar marks are available and it gives you a fair picture of where your mark is, sometimes it also gives you an advance warning of the likelihood of a mark litigation.

Filing Trademark Application 

        in India You can opt to register the same after you are certain that your preferred brand name or logo is not specified in the Indian Trademark Registry. The first step is to apply to the Trademark Office, India, a trademark application form. Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta are based in the Indian trademark offices. Most filing is done online nowadays. Once the request has been submitted, an official certificate for future reference will be given automatically. You can also see the application’s trademark status automatically online.

TM Review 

      The inspector can investigate any inconsistencies after a trademark application has been submitted. The review may take between 12-18 months. The inspector may fully, conditionally or objectly approve the trademark. The mark will be published in the Trademark Journal ,if it is approved unconditionally. The conditions to be met or the objections would be specified in the review document if not agreed unconditionally and a month would be given to satisfy the conditions or respond to the objections. The trademark will be published in the Trademark Journal once such a response is approved. If the answer is not accepted, a hearing may be requested.

 TM Publication

           The publication step is introduced into the trademark registration system so that anyone who objects to the trademark registration has the opportunity to object to it. When no opposition arises within 3-4 months of publishing, the trademark shall proceed for registration. In case of opposition; the Registrar must give a fair hearing and a decision.

Registration Certificate.                                                    

Once the application for registration of a trademark has been made public in the Trademark Journal, a registration certificate shall be issued under the seal of the Trademark Office.

Trademark Renewal

After every 10 years, the trademark may be regularly renewed. Your registration of your logo and brand name can be secured on an ongoing basis.

The process of registration of trademarks, as seen above, does not require much effort. It is an easy but nonetheless very necessary process for registering a brand name.

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