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Tamilnadu onllne registration

You see around yourselves, you would see that technology has sneaked into our lives very deeply and changing it for better, making it easy for us. The government of today is also not left untouched of it. TNREGINET is one example of this.

In India, particularly, government in every state is adopting technology to change and better the lives of it’s citizens. E-governance is part of that endeavor. Following the same footsteps, Government of Tamilnadu has also launched similar endeavor in the form of TNREGINET. In this article, we will be discussing TNREGINET and what it is and how it is helping people.

TNREGINET is an online portal launched by Tamilnadu Registration Department, Government of Tamilnadu to provide various online services to it’s people. In the process, the Tamilnadu govt has made it easy for the people to avail various services online without visiting the government offices physically such as the office of sub-registrar, etc, thereby making it easy for people to avail those services without following the earlier cumbersome procedure.

TNREGINET provides services for: –

  • Online application of a marriage certificate
  • Check land records or property status
  • Online application of encumbrance certificate.
  • Check EC status online
  • Verify and check certified documents online
  • Check Chit fund documents online
  • Society registration documents and it’s online application
  • Registration of Firms online

To avail all the above-mentioned services on the portal, the user first has to register on the portal as a citizen and then only he can avail those services.

Registration process is below: –

  • Visit the TNREGINET website .
  • On the home page itself, you will find “Apply Online” section beside the “Home” section.
  • Choose for services you want to avail.
  • On the next page, if you are not a registered user then there will be an option to register first.
  • Without registration, you won’t be able to avail any services on the portal.
  • Registration process is pretty easy.
  • A sample of registration page is given below for your reference –
  • On the registration page, just choose an username(you can include letters as well as number)
  • Then create a password (password should include one capital as well as one small letter atleast, one number and one alpha-numeric symbol). It’s for security purposes.
  • After that fill all the details asked on the registration page. Details that needs to be filled are –
    • First Name
    • Middle Name
    • Last Name
    • Father’s Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Permanent address
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Identification document type
    • Identification number given on the document
  • After that choose a security question and it’s answer. It’s for recovery of your login details and security in case you loose your login details.
  • Then fill the Captcha code in the given box and select “Submit” and now you are done.
  • Your registration is complete.
  • Now you can sign in on the login page and use all the services.

Note: – One thing to note here is that registration process is different for “User” and “Citizen”. So while registering select your type in box given on the registration page. (“User” are those who is applying online for availing services and “Citizen” are those who wants to just check online documents and other details such as land records).

Registration of Document Writer: –

Document writer are experts who prepare official legal documents. If a person is registration as document writer, additional details are sought from him at the time of registration. Additional details include –

  • His licence type
  • License number
  • Area where is licensed to practice
  • Business address along with permanent address

At the time of registration, he has to select “Document Writer” in user type box. Rest of the procedure is same as the citizen ones.

Advantages of TNREGINET: –

  • Hassle free registration process.
  • No requirement to visit sub-registrar’ office for availing services.
  • One can avail all these services just by sitting at home on a computer or phone.
  • Previous procedure was too cumbersome for the people. TNREGINET changed that.
  • This digitization introduced web camera based retinal and bio metric authentication of users which reduced the use of more paperwork.
  • Time required for the whole procedure drastically reduced i.e. less time consuming.
  • For the verification purposes at the sub-registrar’s office, online appointment can be booked.
  • Real-time market valuation of land or property.
  • Simplified land records for checking status, verification and registration purposes.
  • Tracking of status of application was made available.
  • Sms based services to track the status of every application on a real time basis.
  • Financial Management Information System and Reporting.
  • It has brought transparency in the system.
  • Now giving bribe at the Taluka division or sub registrar office has become almost impossible and needless.
  • The website of Tamilnadu Registration Department also appeals to the people to not give any bribe and report if demanded to the vigilance department.
  • The address of the vigilance department is given on the home page of the website itself.

How to check the status of application and registration?

It is explained below in steps –

  • Again visit the TNREGINET website here.
  • On the top itself beside “Guideline Value” section, there is a “Apply Online” section. Under that section, you will find a “Online EC Status” option. Select that one.
  • On the next page, select EC option.
  • A sample of the page can be seen below –
  • Then fill in details such as –
    • Zone
    • District
    • Sub Registrar Office
    • Village
    • EC start date
    • EC end date
  • Under “Survey Details” section, fill in details such as –
    • Survey Number
    • Sub Division Number
  • Put the captcha code given below the box.
  • Then select “Search” tab.
  • It will show the status of your application.

Digitization of Tamilnadu land records by the Tamilnadu Registration Department has brought a great relief for the common people. It has brought a kind of revolution in the field of governance there. An online portal like TNREGINET is the need of the hour to bring basic governance services at the doorstep of the citizens in all over India.

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