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Field Measurement Book sketch refers to a whole compilation of map data. This data is stored at the respective Thasildar office, in volumes, by the Government. In the Field Measurement Books, there are individual survey number sketches, such sketches are maintained at a scale of 1:1000 or 1:2000. Each of these survey number can be further divided into a number of various sub categories. Each of these divided sub categories number is under the ownership of a property owner. Field Measurement Book are actually used to denote the precise and exact dimensions of the land. Therefore while being in a transaction, which involves the question of property transfer, the Field Measurement Book sketch can be used for the precise verification of the measurements of a particular land or property which may be involved in the transaction.

Like mentioned above, the respective and concerned Tahsildar office is responsible for storing and maintaining the Field Measurement Book sketch. In order to obtain a Field Measurement Book sketch, the process involves for filling a request with the concerned Tahsildar office, which, then, would survey the concerned property. The process specifies the manner in which the request should be submitted. The request must be submitted through the written medium, to the concerned Tahsildar.
For obtaining a Field Measurement Book sketch for a particular property, the concerned Tahsildar office must be approached by the land owner with a request. Currently, no online facility is provided for this filing or for viewing Field Measurement Book sketch in Tamil Nadu. In case, the Field Measurement Book sketch is outdated and/or unavailable, a request can be further filed for the surveying of the property.

A sample Field Measurement Book sketch is reproduced below for reference:

The Components of Field Measurement Book has various components which are:G-line
Subdivision lines
Extension lines
Neighbouring field survey numbers

These components are further described below in detail:


This is the outlines that makes the entire sketch. It can be described as an imaginary line that further converts the sketch into various sizes of triangles, only to fix the boundary lines and the various points in the sketch. Any errors made in this line would further have an effect on all of the pertinent calculations.


It specifies the importance of the actual field boundaries in the outer lines of the sketch. Its points are fixed with regard to the offset distance from the G-line to this one.

Subdivision Lines:

These lines actually denote within a survey number, a small portion of land. A sub divisional extent of any polygon would be directly correlated to the extent which is found for the particular sub-division. The sub division lines are usually described through the usage of a ladder, or anything similar. The exceptions would be the graphical representations of the Field Measurement Book.


The field line points can be defined by referring to an offset distance starting from the G-line. This offset distance may also be deviated to either the left or the right side of the G-line. This angle deviation to either sides is highlighted by the ladder. The outline of the Field Measurement Book sketch can be obtained by converting the ladder details into electronic data.

Extension Lines:

Each survey number field usually forms a crucial part of the maps of the villages. Producing an aftermath of it, in which, all the other fields surround each sketch. The most accurate directions where the subject field joins the neighbouring field can be depicted on the Field Measurement Book, as an extension line.

Neighbouring Field Survey Numbers:

Each and every survey sketch is surrounded by other fields. These fields which are surrounding the survey sketch numbers are marked around each Field Measurement Book. This further facilitates the conversion of Field Measurement Book’s into D-sketches, which can be carried forward.

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