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land property

You live in Telangana or you are in Telangana for any other purposes and if you are buying a new plot of land or a property then you must know that you need to register with Telangana Registration Department, Government of Telangana.

In this article, we will be discussing about Telangana Land Registration process and other details like stamp duties and other duties and why the land or property is required to be registered with the Telangana Registration Department. Apart from this there are other services also that are provided by the Department.

Registration services provided by the Telangana Registration Department are: –

  • Land/Property Registration
  • Marriage Registration
  • Firm Registration
  • Partnership Registration
  • Societies/Co-operative society Registration
  • Stamp Vending

In this article, we will be talking about only property/land registration and other procedure to follow. Apart from that, you will also get to know other intricacies about the environment around the Registration office.

Land Registration or Property Registration: –

Land registration or Property registration is very much required and necessary with the Registration and Stamps Department, Telangana. It must be done to avoid any legal dispute over the ownership of property and establish one’s legal right over the property or land.

Before proceeding towards procedure of land registration or property registration, let’s first know what documents are required for the registration.

Documents needed: –

  • The original document containing signatures of both or all the parties.
  • Challan or Demand Draft showing the payment of all fees such as stamp duty, transfer duty (if applicable), registration fees, user charges and other miscellaneous charges.
  • Section 32A Form bearing photo of executants or witnesses or claimants.
  • Two witnesses, who must be honest and credible and who can identify both the parties with their identity cards containing photos of them.
  • Photographs of property or land that is getting registered. (Photos should be in 8×6 inches format).
  • Address proof of both the parties i.e. executants and claimants.
  • Documents that can be submitted as address proof are –
    • Aadhar card
    • Residential certificate
    • Passport
    • Driving Licence
    • Voter ID card
    • Ration card
    • PAN Card
  • Original and photocopy of Special power of attorney and General power of attorney.
  • For agricultural properties, webland copy and copies of pattedar passbook, original title deeds.
  • Other documents and their copies.

Procedure: –

  • First visit the website of Stamps and Registration Department, Govt. of Telangana, here. All the necessary forms can be downloaded.
  • All the documents discussed above should be prepared carefully without any error and must be uploaded on the Land registration portal through Public Data Entry System that is available on the website, link for which is given above.
  • Once the upload of documents are successful, online payment, as required, should be made through the portal, links for which are given on the portal itself. E-challan can be generated by visiting the online portal of Registration and Stamps Department, Telangana. A link is given here.
  • On successful payment, a slip will b generated, which should be kept safely by the applicant.
  • After that applicant should seek an appropriate time for appointment with the sub-registrar office physically.
  • On the due date, applicant must visit the sub-registrar office with all the original documents that were earlier uploaded for verification.
  • Concerned official there will prepare a check slip in accordance with all the uploaded documents and that slip will contain all the necessary rectification that is required.
  • After that e-KYC is done. Fingerprint of the applicant is taken and the same is verified against the UIDAI database.
  • After e-KYC verification, all the online payments are cross verified with the provided challan.
  • Once that is done, endorsements are printed on the documents that is being registered.
  • Then, the Sub-Registrar register all the concerned documents and at the time of registering, the Sub-registrar issue a document number to the parties and also collect their thumb impression on the documents.
  • At the end of all these verification, these documents are uploaded in the portal by the Sub-Registrar.
  • Applicants can download these documents from the portal online.
  • And this way, your property registration or land registration gets done with Telangana Registration Department.
  • In case of any discrepancy in the documents, the applicants are required to make rectification and re-submit these documents for verification.
  • Once the procedure of Telangana land registration is done, applicants or buyer of the property must check and verify the details of registered property or land in online portal of “Maa Bhoomi Telangana Land Records”.
  •  “Maa Bhoomi” online portal is explained further in the article.

Fees applicable: –

Land registration or Property registration process also requires submission of different kind of fees before paying a visit to the Sub-Registrar’s office.

Mainly 3 kinds of duties or fees are applicable at the time of registering. They are –

  1. Stamp Duty
  2. Transfer Duty
  3. Registration Fee

For more details about the amount of duty or fee, please follow the table below –

Document (Sale of Immovable Property) Stamp Duty Transfer Duty Registration Fee
Apartments or Flats, including semi-furnished ones 4% 1.5% 0.5%
In Municipal Corporations: Special Grade and Selection Grade 4% 1.5% 0.5%
In Areas other than Municipalities 4% 1.5% 0.5%
Sale Agreement-cum-General Power of Attorney 5% (Out of 5%, 4% is adjustable in nature and 1% is not adjustable) 0% Rs 2000
Sale Agreement with Possession 4% (Adjustable) 0% 0.5%

(Subject to a min of Rs 1000 and a max of Rs 20,000)

Notes: – Stamp duty and Transfer duty on all documents shown in the above table are payable on either Market value or Consideration, whichever is higher.

Maa Bhoomi Telangana Land Records: –

It is an online portal of Government of Telangana, which keeps digital records of all land ownerships and other land or property related transfer or transactions.

Maintenance of physical land record documents and keeping them safe is a very costly practice and still vulnerable to destruction. To get rid of this problem, Telangana government launched this online portal “Maa Bhoomi” to digitize all the land records where property owner or land owner can see and verify the land records and it’s ownership.

Any person can check following information by visiting the online portal: –

  • Village Pahani or Adangal Details
  • Apply for Pahani or Adangal
  • Aadhar linking details
  • Telangana land records with survey number
  • Filing Online Complaints regarding Portal Services
  • View Record of Right Details (ROR1-B)

Important points to take note of: –

  • All the details in the documents that are to be uploaded and the sale deed must be correctly written or mentioned.
  • From the name of the title in sale deed to the witnesses’ name should be correctly written.
  • Any spelling mistake or any discrepancy in other details will only delay the registration process and waste much of your time.
  • Both the parties should furnish their PAN number in the deed details Telangana and also at the time of verification to the sub-registrar office.
  • In the Sale deed agreement, both the parties should mutually agree to set the terms and conditions so as not to cause further obstruction.
  • At the time of meeting physically in Telangana Registration Department, parties should possess an original copy of all the documents required and identity cards. Along with that presence of two witnesses at the time of registration is also very much necessary to complete the procedure.
  • Parties must verify their registration of land or property with the Maa Bhoomi Telangana Land Records.

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