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Telangana Commercial Tax | Company Vakil

In India, Commercial Tax is an assessment imposed by the separate state’s legislature on people utilized in government and non-government divisions, or by and by of any calling, for example, Chartered Accounts, Lawyers, Doctors, and so forth or playing out some type of business. The expense forced contrasts from state to state because of various assessment rates dependent on the pay chunk rate set by the specific state government. Proficient assessment gathered from the pay of a salaried worker is considered as a finding under the Income Tax Act. In this article, we take a gander at the different parts of Telangana Commercial Tax in detail.
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Telangana Commercial Tax, 1987

The Commercial Taxes Department controlled under the Telangana Government is in charge of the accumulation of Profession Tax levy from experts in the state. According to the arrangements of Telangana Professional Tax Act, 1987, the individual is demanded to make good on a Profession Regulatory obligation of most extreme Rs.2500 and a base chunk as low as Rs.110 per annum.

Arrangements for Filing a Monthly Return

All people enrolled under the Professional Tax Act needs to present an arrival (Form V) consistently to the evaluating specialist delineating the pay rates paid and the measure of assessment deducted from the wages.

The arrival can be made by a treasury challan/DD/Check/e-installment on everything of expense due at the very latest the tenth day of consistently for which the arrival ought to be recorded and should be possible online too.

Individual Responsible for making good on to Professional Government obligation

On account of workers, a business is a man in charge of deducting and settling proficient regulatory obligation to the State Government under the predefined law.

In the event that the business is a corporate organization, association firm, sole proprietorship, and so on. it is required to enroll and get the expert assessment enlistment declaration to make good on expert government expense on the business or calling.

On account of people who continue outsourcing organizations with no representatives are additionally required to enlist themselves under the individual state’s enactment.

Absolved from Payment of Professional Tax

Any person whose compensation does not appear to surpass Rs.1000/ – every month, people in callings whose yearly salary does not surpass Rs.12000/ – and dealers whose yearly turnover does not surpass Rs.1,00,000 are absolved from the installment of Profession Tax.

Telangana Professional Tax Slab

Proficient Tax pieces in Telangana on compensation or wages on gaining people are as per the following:

S.No    Monthly Salary      Tax Payable every Month

1.          Up to Rs.15, 000/ –              Nil

2.    From Rs.15, 000/ – to Rs.20, 000/ –      Rs 150/ –

3.            Above Rs.20, 000/ –                           Rs.200/ –

Records required

The required records are to be outfitted alongside the application frame.

• Memorandum of Association
• Articles of Association
• PAN Card.
• Aadahar card
• Lease Agreement
• Employer Address Proof and ID Proof with photos.
• Board resolution for authorized signatory
• The number of directors and the photos and proof of residence of the Proprietor, Managing Partner, Managing Director.
• The number of employees and their details.
• Bank details with a cancelled cheque
• Sale deed / Rental agreement / Lease deed / No objection certificate in the case of rent-free places of business.

Online Application Procedure

For online registration of Commercial tax, steps mentioned below are to be followed:

Step 1: The applicant has to visit the official website of the Commercial tax department Telangana government.

Professional Tax Registration

Step 2: Click on “E-Registration” which is visible on the homepage of the portal.

Step 3: Select “PT (Professional Tax) Registration” from the dropdown list.

User Registration

Step 4: On the next page, the user has to sign in at the login screen, entering a valid email ID and enter the verification code sent on it.

Step 5: After entering the details, click on the “Submit” icon.

Step 6: If already registered with any other activities like VAT/CST/LT/ET with Commercial Taxes Department Telangana, enter the respective TINs, and the system will populate your user data. The user can edit the data if required and submit the application.

Provide Organization Details

Step 7: For a new user, the user needs to enter the organization details and other required details, click on the “Submit” icon.

Step 8: After verifying all entered information, click on “Next” icon.

Step 9: The system will generate a reference number for further use.

Step 10: On the next screen, enter the Owner/ Managing Director/ Managing Partner details.

Step 11: Select the “No” icon, if you have not nominated anyone as an authorized person.

Step 12: Select the “Yes” icon if you have nominated an individual as an authorized person and enter the relevant details of the licensed person.

Step 13: Enter all details of the authorized person and click on the “Next” icon.
Provide Bank Account Details
Step 14: Enter the bank account details and click on the “Add” icon.

Step 15: The user can enter more than one or two bank account details.

Step 16: After entering bank details, click on “Next” icon.

Step 17: Enter the details of additional places of business and click on the “Next” icon.

Step 18: After verifying the filled details, click on the “Finish” icon for a successful registration.

Track Registration Status

The applicant can verify the status of the registration by following the steps below:

Step 1: The applicant has to revisit the portal of Telangana Commercial Tax Department.

Step 2: Click on Track Registration Status option from the new dealer menu.

Step 3: Select the category of professional tax and enter the reference number.

Handling Time

The Professional Tax enlistment application will be prepared inside one working day from the date of receipt alongside the supporting archives.

Concerned Authority

The Deputy Commercial Tax Officer is the applicable expert in charge of issuing the guaranteed duplicate of Professional Tax Registered.

Issuance of Registered Certificate

When your enlistment application is endorsed; the registered authentication of Professional duty will be filtered and transferred to the merchant login. The merchant can start all his business exercises on receipt of the filtered authentication and after that, the first record will be couriered or sent by RPAD to the premises of the merchant.

Punishment for Not Filing Professional Tax Return

On the off chance that a citizen neglects to satisfy any measure of expense inside the predefined time limit, the surveying specialist may force a punishment which will be not over 50% of the assessment sum payable.

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