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How to open a Subway Franchise restaurant in India | Company Vakil

Company Vakil is today sharing detailed information about the application of subway franchise in India. The business entails fast foods. At the moment, the business is booming in India, and most traders in the business are earning decently. Go for subway franchise, if you intend investing in the food-related business. Subway falls among the best franchisee distribution companies in the world.

Presently, there are 353 subway franchise stores in India. Since establishment in India, the company has proved to be a powerful brand. Consequently, the number of people who want to be a franchisee of the brand has increased. Most Indian franchisee of the brand is earning handsomely.

History of Subway

  • Fred Delukea,17 years old, established the company in August 1965. The company provides franchisee in the entire world.
  • Initially, Fred had opened a sandwich shop, from a loan he had borrowed from a family friend, Dr. Peter Buck. Nonetheless, the sandwich shop grew to the present subway, throughout the world.
  • In 2012 global rankings, subway company got ranked as the second fastest franchise delivery. Besides, the subway had started approximately 45,000 shops in over 100 countries, in 2017.
  • Sandwiches are among the popular foods prepared by subway. In addition, the subway makes delicious pizza and salad, which are appreciated all over the world.

What is the Subway Franchise?

A company that provides franchisees of opening its branches worldwide. As a result, taking a subway’s franchisee means you have been authorized by the company to use its brand name. Apart from the permission, the subway provides you with a list of all menus you will be preparing. Additionally, the company sends you the methods of various foods. But, getting subway experts to help you seems more beneficial. Thus, the subway franchise shares the fees incurred in your work, as well as the recipes for your popular product.

Why subway is the best franchise option

  1. Global growth

By choosing the brand, you become the owner of a Subway restaurant. Also, you become part of the huge global restaurant chain. All subway franchise owners are a single functional unit.  As a result, your business will grow with ease, because franchisees from all over the world help you in solving problems.

2. Making delicious food

Making various kinds of delicious foods have made subway popular throughout the world. Thus, by joining the company, the fame benefits you. Customers who have been to subway restaurants are likely to visit your restaurant regularly. Reason being, apart from making delicious foods, the company varies the taste to suit the customers’ needs.

3. Large and supportive network

After joining the company, you will get world-class training and support from subway experts, prior to the making of your first sandwich. Furthermore, you always get guidance from entry level to every other little thing, hence enhancing your business growth.

4. Training and marketing

In order to understand the business structure of running subway, the company offers training after joining. Apart from learning how to pursue the business, you learn the various marketing methods. Thus, no need to worry, as you are equipped with skills that enhance your business. Additionally, the company promotes its own brand through advertisements and marketing via TV channels. Therefore, you restaurant gets marketed in the long run.

The process of opening a subway franchise

  1. Inquire for a franchise brochure

The first thing is requesting a brochure. The brochure contains all necessary information regarding the opening of subway franchise. To do so, you need to visit the link After opening the link, you must fill all details about your contact, name, and address, and then submit. After some time, the company will contact you, and share all the information regarding the franchise.

2. Filling the application form

  • Visit the link, in order to fill the application form. The application form comprises of nine parts. The first part covers personal information, which entails your name,tax number, and house number among others.
  • The second part covers all personal information of your spouse if any. Among the information to fill includes citizenship, address, and date of birth among relevant information.
  • Third part of the form requires you to provide your education information.
  • Fill information regarding your business at section four and five. In section four, give detailed information regarding your franchise business. The info includes where you intend to open it, and the amount you want to invest. The fifth section requires information regarding your income, and bank information.
  • After submitting the above information, you will receive the other parts, which comprises of signature, investor, disclaimer and restaurant operations information.

3. Meeting a local subway agent

In order to learn about the entire process, meet a subway agent. Also, you will get useful information about the business.

4. Carrying out local research

Having some knowledge regarding the kind of business you intend to open is vital. If you are planning to open a subway franchise, you must carry some research about what the locals want. Researching enables you to select the appropriate and favorable business. As a result, you will get a high market value.

5.  Sourcing secure financing

You should start the franchise as per your planned investment. The business involves high risk. Therefore, if you have some capital shortage, you should get a secure source to finance your business out of the situation.

6. Signing the franchise agreement

Now, its time to sign the agreement between you and subway on the Franchise Disclosure Document. Also, the document entails all the terms of the company. Additionally, the document contains all information regarding the duration of the agreement, and the amount of fee incurred by you and the company.

7. Attend the training

You must attend the training program at the subway headquarters, after signing the franchise agreement. Training guarantees the franchiser that you got all necessary information regarding the business, and that you can run the business smoothly. Web-based training takes approximately 53 hours, with an accuracy level of 83%. You only get the franchise after achieving the accuracy.

8. Get a good location and open your store

Look for a good place, where you can operate your franchise without interruptions. Besides, you should ensure the location of your franchise has a higher population, and that people oftenly eat fast foods. Best locations are either markets or malls.

9. Open and promote your franchise

Its time to open your franchise. However, consider having a mega opening party. The party will not only promote, but also create awareness about the existence of your franchise.

Investment amount and franchise fee

You must invest 50-65 lakh rupees, if you want to start a subway franchise in India. Also, you will incur 6 lakh rupees to subway company, which stands for the franchise fee.

Royalty and advertising fee of Subway franchise

After deducting the sales tax from the total sale of the week, all franchisees pays 12.5% to the company. 4.5% of the pay acts as advertising fee, while 8% acts as the royalty fee.

Profit margin in India

Despite the fact that you earn as much as you want in a food business, some factors determine the earnings. The factors rely solely on you, and they include the location of your restaurant, your marketing strategies, and the quality of your food. The average monthly earning of a subway franchise owner is 20lakhs. Nonetheless, some franchisees earns approximately 3 crore rupees in a year. Basically, the profit margihn of every business depends solely on your earnings.

Subway franchise contacts

Gurgaon is the location of the company in India. You can visit their offices in MGF Metropolitan, MG Road, sector 28 address on the third floor, unit no.20-24. Alternatively, you can call or email them on +91 1244188700 and respectively.

Licenses required by the government of India

You must have the FSSAI license, in order to operate any business related to food in India. Also, you must register with the Shop Establishment Act, and get NOC from your local municipality. Additionally, must get the GST number, by registering your franchise on the recent tax system in India. All these enables you to operate your business smoothly.


Your subway franchise business should earn you some good money. However, you must ensure the food is of high quality, and that customer services are satisfactory. Kindly feel free to help others by sharing the article. Company Vakil is here to help you in any legal query, feel free to reach us.






























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