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Sikkim’s step towards women empowerment | Company Vakil

According to the Indian republic constitution, women are legal citizens of the country and have equal rights with men. Because of a lack of acceptance from the male dominant society, Indian women suffer immensely. Women are responsible for bearing children, yet they are malnourished and in poor health. Women are also overworked in the field and complete all of the domestic work. Most Indian women are uneducated.  Although the country’s constitution says women have equal status to men, women are powerless and are mistreated inside and outside the home.

India is a society where the male is greatly revered. Therefore women, especially young girls, get very little respect and standing in this country even our culture teaches us to respect women and girls. Our traditional culture explains all women are our mother and young girls are worshiped as the goddess. The women of the household are required to prepare the meal for the men, who eat most of the food. Only after the males are finished eating, can the females eat. Typically the leftover food is meager, considering the families are poor and have little, to begin with. This creates a major problem with malnutrition, especially for pregnant or nursing women. Very few women seek medical care while pregnant because it is thought of as a temporary condition. This is one main reason why India’s maternal and infant mortality rates are so high. Starting from birth, girls do not receive as much care and commitment from their parents and society as a boy would. For example, a new baby girl would only be breastfed for a short period of time, barely supplying her with the nutrients she needs. This is so that the mother can get pregnant as soon as possible in hopes of a son the next time.

Even though the constitution guarantees free primary schooling to everyone up to 14 years of age, very few females attend school. Only about 39 per cent of all women in India actually attend primary schools. There are several reasons why families choose not to educate their daughters. One reason is that parents get nothing in return for educating their daughters. Another reason is that all the females in a household have the responsibility for the housework. So even though education does not financially burden the family, it costs them the time she spends at school when she could be doing chores. In addition, even if a woman is educated, especially in the poorer regions, there is no hope for a job. Most jobs women perform are agricultural or domestic which do not require a formal education. It is very shame full for us that during cultural activity we admit the girl is a part of the goddess but after completion worship, we consider her as the financial burden. In this 21st century, government & different social foundation teach us to “save daughter & teach daughter”.

A woman has a huge future expectation with her marriage. She collects many good dreams for her future husband. But this Indian society doesn’t take her dreams seriously. A man always learned the wife will be a servant. If she will not properly assist then we can quit her. Some points which played a crucial role in women life are as follows.

Dowry is an edition of Indian society which destroys women’s lives. More than 8,000 women die as a result of India’s dowry system each year. Sometimes a woman is murdered by her husband or in-laws when her family can’t raise the requested dowry gift. Other times, suicide after facing harassment and abuse for failing to meet the dowry price. Women who can’t pay an expected dowry price or who are unable to make additional payments in the future are often subject to harassment and abuse. Other times, husbands or in-laws throw acid on a woman or set her on fire.

When husband break relation or marriage then this divorce changes women’s lives. A woman may suffer financially after divorce, particularly if she is the primary caregiver to the children. Without her husband’s salary, she will have less money to cover bills and household expenses. Divorce may leave a woman feeling hurt, lonely and unhappy. Even if it was her choice to end the marriage, she may bear the scars of the broken relationship for a long time.

Child marriage is also burst edition for women. Each year, 12 million girls are married before the age of 18. That is 23 girls every minute married off too soon, their personal development and well-being put at risk. Child marriage is a human rights violation that we must end to achieve a better future for all. Child brides face huge challenges because they are married as children. Isolated and with limited freedom, married girls often feel dis empowered. They are deprived of their fundamental rights to health, education and safety. Child brides are neither physically nor emotionally ready to become wives and mothers. They face more risks of experiencing dangerous complications in pregnancy and childbirth, contracting HIV/AIDS and suffering domestic violence. With little access to education and economic opportunities, they and their families are more likely to live in poverty. Communities and nations feel the impact of child marriage. Systems that undervalue the contribution and participation of girls and women limit their own possibilities for growth, stability and transformation.

Sikkim government have made compulsory marriage certificate for all person. In this step, the government can get the proper detail of marriage, child marriage, divorce cases and assist women with the constitution. Now if any villagers try to attempt child marriage then the government will aware with the proper age of bride & groom. If any husband breaks unofficial marriage then the government can punish. In our Indian marriage, we are using the traditional method where we will complete rounds surrounding fire flame. With this marriage system, government don’t have official proof and count of married couples. Some of women’s didn’t find positive result just absence of marriage proof. But now the government will not depend on the victims. Government have their separate data & record. All states should set the milestone for women empowerment and step away with positive pace.

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