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Sikkim needs to crosscheck domicile | Company Vakil

Sikkim is a pure natural Indian state. It firstly came in existence on the year 1942. That time Palden Thondup Namgyal was king of Sikkim. Namgyal was announced as king by three Buddha Vikshu.  Sikkim was a separate independent nation before 1974. In 1974, Indian Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi conducted a voting for residents to explain their opinion about India or China. There Indira Gandhi wanted to know, do they want to join India as country or China. Indian propaganda was created by Sardar Patel. He personally visited Sikkim many times to attract local residents. In that election, 97% population was elected India as their Nation. When Sikkim was making a part of Indian democracy & listed as 21 Indian State then huge population were shifted from Nepal. The Indian government didn’t raise restriction on Nepali person. As the conclusion, the Indian population is a few with a comparison to Nepali person.

Sikkim is a well-developed state in respect to hill stations. Here government launches many more schemes to develop the state. It has some best hill stations over there. Tourism plays an important role in state capital & revenue. Most of the population depends on agriculture. State government still working to produce employment for residents because at present scenario they relocate to metro cities for employment.

Domicile is a proof of residence. It explains where we are living and what our current living place is. The government had started domicile phenomena to find actual resident which came under their schemes, Policies, services etc. in 19’s century State Government had launched many schemes for their state members but Government found top cities have many residents as compare to expectation. Some state has found, the combination of the urban & rural population is much greater than the State population. They were trouble to capture all resident with their schemes & policies. The government didn’t find desertion ratio & speed. The main problem they were facing that, if Government launch any scheme then the budget amount is calculated from the state population but during service distribution number of the resident found greater then estimate. In this case, a lot of number resident didn’t aware with such schemes. Bombay, Kolkata, Delhi was some challenging cities for the government because a large number of the population were deserting from neighbor states. Now all state’s government had started to prepare any phenomena which will find the actual number of resident & service holder.



Now Government was developing a plan to identify the actual number of state resident. Government have started Domicile certificate. Domicile certificate was started to identify the actual location of the person. Residents were starting to make their domicile certificate from State District/Division Magistrate office. They were submitting Age proof and one address proof as a document. One more important document they need to submit that was the affidavit. That affidavit was a commitment letter which explains applicant has been living here for the last 15 years. Now the newly deserted person can’t apply for state domicile certificate. All states had started this domicile certificate phenomenon to use government schemes. They can easily find the actual number of the person to whom service will distribute. Local resident can also find the advantage of government schemes, policies & services. As we know the huge part of the population from Sikkim selects Delhi for their higher education & also for their professional carrier. In Higher education domicile certificate is most important documents because it explains your residents.


As we know corruption is a common factor for all government schemes, policies, certificate and departments. Now corruption also touches the domicile scheme. All officers are focusing to collect boodle from the applicant. Officer can make domicile certificate in absence of necessary documents. The applicant wants to use the advantage of government schemes either he is applicable or not. Government launch schemes for the deserving local candidate but due to this corruption deserving candidate remain very far from the advantage of service & schemes.


Sikkim is the best example of this loss. A large number of unauthorized Bangladeshi & Nepali Person join India without permission and search the low-cost job or start the business for their livelihoods. After some time they pay boodle to officer and officer don’t ask for proper documents. In this way they are also counted as the local resident even they came here just before months. We know a good part of Sikkim under poorest earning criteria. A large number of people are here who came below the poor line. They don’t have sufficient food to eat. They totally depend on agriculture, tourism. Agriculture is their life surviving product. To improve their financial situation the government launches many schemes & policies with expectation, “it will make the change in condition. They can easily get food. They will not aware of hunger death”. But in actually deserving person is in still poor condition. They are still waiting for single time food. They are still obliged by fake person & corrupt Officer to be in terrible higher education, some of the good organization had reserved seats for poor and special states students just because of their source unavailability. But with fake documents, undeserving candidate got admission on the institution where’s deserving still wait for next attempt and chance. Similarly, Indian army requites candidates as per their domicile and living places but unauthorized and fake candidates capture their seats and their chance too. The government should make focus towards these deserving person & corrupted officers. If the government make some attention towards documentation & verification process then deserving candidates will get relief from hunger death. Little attention can provide the best advantage of the government’s scheme, policies & services which only starts for the deserving local resident. It’s my appeal to the government that they pay some attention towards domicile issuing system. They should also focus to serve some employment for proper resident because unauthorized residents are having some source to survive there but genuine are still searching for the job outside of the state.

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