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Shopclues Seller: Process of Registration and Basic Requirements | Company Vakil

A Shopclues seller belongs to the popular online-based market of India called the Shopclues that has been founded by Sanjay Sethi and Sandeep Agarwal in the year 2011. It is a large web based market place that has more than 12 thousand registered sellers who retail more than 2 million items to around 42 million customers who visit the website. The types of products that are sold in the website can vary in large degrees.


The following list gives an idea about the category of the items sold in the website.

  • Technology: computers, mobile phones, electronic products etc.
  • Home: appliances for the kitchen, home appliances, home furnishings, daily needs, sports equipment and so on.
  • Children: Toys, clothing etc.
  • Fashion: clothing, accessories, travel items, footwear, health and beauty products etc.
  • Automotive accessories


This article will detail the process of registering into the Shopclues website as a seller and the basic requirements of eligibility to do so.


Registration as a Shopclues Seller

The step by step procedure given below will help the applicant if he or she want to be a seller for the Shopclues website.


Step 1: Firstly, the applicant has to visit the website of the Shopclues and go to their “Shopclues Seller Platform”


Step 2: A registration form will pop up where the applicant has to provide the following information.

  • Name of the applicant
  • Name of the store or the shop
  • Phone number of the applicant
  • Email of the applicant and password of the account


Step 3: After all these information are entered, a pin code will be sent to the registered mobile number. Type that into the form and select the type of the business. Finally, you are done with the registration form.


Step 4: After the registration form is complete and submitted to the website, the applicant will be sent to the seller dashboard of the Shopclues website where the final touch will be given to the process of the registration and the information will be updated.


Step 5: In the dashboard of the Shopclues seller, the following information are to be submitted.

  • Name of the company of the applicant
  • Method of contacting the seller
  • Address of the pickup and the dispatch of the products
  • Working hours of the company


Step 6: For the process of the payment made to the seller, the account type and the IFSC code are to be obtained by providing the following details about the applicant.

  • Details about the business
  • Type of the business
  • Details about the bank of the seller, such as, the PAN
  • Number of the bank account
  • Date of birth
  • The turnover made per year


Step 7: After getting all the details of the seller, the followings are shown to the seller for approval.

  • Service charge to sell via Shopclues
  • Service charge for the fulfillments
  • Memorandum of understanding


Step 8: Once the applicant has approved and accepted all these information and provided the charges, he or she is done with the full process of registration.


Charges for the Seller at Shopclues

Two types of charges are made on the seller who use the Shopclues platform. These are:

  1. Service fee of selling
  2. Fulfillment service fee made after every transaction

The service charge of selling an item is made after a successful sale of the product and the amount usually varies between categories. The standardized service fee is added to the service fee of selling a product. Moreover, the seller has to pay the fulfillment service charge along with the standardized service tax for each of the packages that has been handled by the company of the Shopclues.


Basic Requirements of the Registration of the Shopclues Seller

In order to finish the process mentioned earlier and to begin the business at Shopclues, the licenses and the registration procedures given below are recommended to be followed.


Business Registration

There are no specific guideline stating that only certain business categories can register into the website and become a merchant. That being said, if the company of the seller is registered as a Private Limited Company or an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), then that will certainly benefit the seller and protect them from unwanted liabilities and they can have access to a better credit system. Furthermore, if the business is registered as some corporate entity, it will definitely make the company transferable and more scalable.


Registration of the Service Tax or VAT

The TIN or the VAT registration is to be submitted by the seller to run their business on Shopclues. It is compulsory for the sellers to register their VAT especially on the E-commerce platform where they sell their products and services. Therefore, VAT registration is very important for the merchants.


Bank Account

It is mandatory for the seller to provide his or her PAN along with the details of the bank account. The following information are collected by Shopclues for processing the regulations regarding payment on Shopclues.

  • Name of the Account Holder
  • PAN
  • Number of the Account
  • IFSC code
  • Other Bank details


Registration of the Trademark

When products are sold on the E-commerce sites, chances are that the business may get quite an exposure and popularity. So, in order to avoid issues related to product safety and copyrights, it is very important for the seller to register their trademark of the company. This will help to protect the goods from being counterfeit and lesser competition for the same formula in the market in the long run.


If you want to know more about the Trademark registration procedure and want to know which trademark category your items fall under, visit this page.


How to Become an Online Businessperson

The process of registration on the E-commerce platforms are quite similar. Using the process mentioned earlier, you can apply to become a seller on other sites like Voonik, Snapdeal or Flipkart and so on.


The following articles may help you learn more about the specific websites and their policy regarding registration and becoming a member.

  • How to become a seller on Amazon India
  • How to become a seller on Flipkart
  • How to become a seller on PayTM
  • How to become a seller on Snapdeal
  • How to become a seller on Voonik


Being a Shopclues seller is sincerely beneficial for anyone who wants to start a business but do not know how to properly promote their products. Using the Shopclues website as a starting point is very beneficial not only for the small companies but the larger ones as well since with the spread of internet, people are getting more interested in online shopping than actually going to the market place.

For more informaion refer Company Vakil experts.

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