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Saranya – Self Employment Scheme for Women | Company Vakil

Saranya – Self Employment Scheme for Women
Saranya is a self-employment scheme for female in Kerala. Saranya scheme with the aid of the Kerala Government ambitions at uplifting backward and segregated female like widows, divorced women, abandoned women, spinsters above the age of 30 and unwedded moms of Scheduled Tribe. Under the scheme Saranya, a bank loan that is completely interest free of up to Rs. 50,000 is furnished for starting off self-employment ventures.

50% of loans under Saranya scheme are reimbursed as Government subsidy up to a most of Rs. 25,000/- by means of the Employment Department. Repayment for a loan underneath Saranya self-employment scheme need to be made in 60 equal monthly installments.

If a venture needs an quantity above the restriction of Rs.50000/, the applicant should remit her beneficiary contribution which is 10%. Moreover, the beneficiary ought to remit 3% as activity at a flat rate for the quantity she avails in immoderate of Rs. 50000/.

Saranya scheme is applicable for person ventures, however, it is additionally accredited for a lady to start a joint undertaking with more than one entrepreneur. Each character of this joint task would then receive a maximum quantity of loan and its subsidy.

Eligibility for Saranya Scheme
All unemployed widows, divorced women, deserted women, spinsters above the age of 30 and unwedded mothers of Scheduled Tribe registered with the Kerala Employment Exchanges between the age restriction of 18 to fifty five except in the case of spinsters, are eligible.

Widows are ladies whose husbands are deceased and she has no longer remarried till the scheme is applied. A certificate must be got from the Village Officer/President of the Grama Panchayath or Chairman of the Municipal Corporation or the Mayor of the Corporation on a case to case basis.

Divorced Woman
Divorced female are the ladies who have been divorced by way of the courtroom of regulation or vis her non secular organizations. Certificate to the impact that she has not remarried till the utility of the scheme need to be acquired from the Village Officer.

Deserted Woman
Deserted women are female deserted by using her husband/ girl whose husband is missing which potential her husband is lacking for at least seven years. Such ladies should produce a certificates from the Tahsildar that she has now not remarried till the software of the scheme.

Spinsters are women who have carried out the age of 30 years as on 1st April of the 12 months of software and have no longer yet married. Certificate in accordance with this must be produced from the Village Officer.

Unmarried Mother
Unmarried mom girls belonging to Scheduled Tribe Category and have end up a mom except getting married. Certificate to this effect have to be received from the Village Officer stating surely that the women belong to a precise caste and neighborhood in the certificate. The annual household earnings should now not exceed Rs.1,00,000/-. Preference would be provided to these with professional or technical qualification.

Application for Loan underneath Saranya Scheme
Application types may want to be downloaded from the internet site or could be bought bodily from Employment Exchange where the candidate had registered and fill the details and submit along with the special task report and earnings certificates from the village officer. A replica of the application structure for Saranya scheme is also reproduced below:

Primary verification of the application would be carried out at the Employment Exchange the correctness of the data crammed in the application, profits certificate, community certificate, certificates related to their marital repute etc. If this is given to the Town Employment Exchange, it would be sent forward to the District Employment Exchange that is concerned in this case.

Processing of Application
Scrutinized applications are submitted with the aid of the District Employment Officer to the District Committee for sanctioning loans. Sanctioning authority is the District Committee for Saranya the place District Collector is the Chairman and District Employment Officer is the Convener. The Government of Kerala is the appellate authority.

On sanction of a mortgage below Saranya scheme, a demand draft for the mortgage quantity is directly sent to the financial institution account of the applicant from the Employment Department. The beneficiaries of Saranya Self Employment Scheme would be viewed for everyday vacancy solely and now not for a temporary vacancy.

The Director of Employment is the controlling officer of the scheme. The scheme is monitored through the District Employment Officers and Employment Officers of Town Employment Exchanges. If the beneficiary does no longer repay for three consecutive installments, two reminders would be sent.

If no response is received, income healing motion to recover the loan quantity with hobby would be initiated. Moreover, if it is determined later that the mortgage amount is utilized for different functions than the task sanctioned; the full amount together with the subsidy would be recovered through revenue recuperation procedures. The beneficiary would be exempted from offering any protection for the loan amount.


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